Cemeteries by Township within Grundy County Illinois

Cemeteries by Township within Grundy County Illinois

Aux Sable Township

Braceville Township

Erienna Township

  • Hatcher Cemetery, Section 5
  • Hoge Cemetery, behind Mt Carmel Cemetery, N side of Old Stage Rd, Morris, Section 7
  • Mt Carmel Cemetery, N side of Old Stage Rd, Morris, Section 7

Garfield Township

Goodfarm Township

Goose Lake Township

Highland Township

  • Lamb Property (name unknown; from an 1892 map), S of Goodfarm Rd, on private property, Section 21

Maine Township

  • “Unknown/Unnamed” Cemetery, Section 20

Mazon Township

Morris Township

  • Evergreen (Morris) Cemetery, 2 miles E of Court House, N side of Cemetery Rd, Morris, Section 2
  • St. George Cemetery, is a section within the Evergreen Cemetery, N side of Cemetery Rd, Morris, organized by St. George Society in the 1860s, Section 2

Nettle Creek Township

Norman Township

  • Bunch? Cemetery, Section 22
  • Hollenbeck Cemetery, E of Hog Run; S of ComEd Right of way, Section 33
  • Norman Cemetery, S of DuPont Rd on W side of Gorham Rd, creek side, Section 25
  • Reniff Cemetery, W of Buffalo Rd, on private property, Section 22
  • Woodbury Cemetery, W of Hog Run, N of Com Ed right of way, on private property, Section 28

Saratoga Township

Vienna Township

  • Anderson/Bishop/Barber Cemetery, S of Waupecon Rd; private property; Section 13
  • Barner Cemetery, E of Buffalo Rd, E bank of Waupecan Creek; private property; Section 23
  • Harford Cemetery, N of Grand Ridge Rd; private property; Waupecan Creek bank, Section 14
  • Weldon Cemetery, Section 33

Wauponsee Township


  1. John Stone

    I am looking for the grave of Susanne Lohmar (Steffens) Her husband was Adolf Lohmar died 1919. Susanne died in about 1900. He is buried in Braceville Gardner cemetery. His name is the only name on the side shown of tombstone. They were my great Grandparents. Would just like to kmow where she is.

  2. Charles Bleifeld

    Why is Felix Township left off the list

    • Michele Micetich

      Charles, I think the compiler used Goose Lake Township, which was originally Felix Twp until 1897 when there was a partitioning off. The cemetery in Felix Twp was the Short cemetery which with the partition became the southern border of Goose Lake Twp. The Short cemetery is still there intact as a state prairie preserve.

  3. Cheryl Midnight

    Were the bodies from the original St. George Cemetery removed and placed in Evergreen Cemetery? If so, are there records of that removal and reburial?

  4. Dawn Jaminet

    I am looking for the graves of Thomas Ryan 1839-1919. There is quite the nice story of him in your archives. I thought it would be easier to find him. Any info on the Ryans of Dennis and Jane would be greatly appreciated.


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