Sample Cemetery, Wauponsee Illinois

Sample Cemetery is located on the north side of Southmor Road Section 14, Wauponsee Township, Grundy County, Illinois.

Burials in Sample Cemetery

SurnameFirst NameBornDiedAge at DeathNotesPhotoPhotoSubmitted by
AkerlyFrankieJune 28, 188915 yrsson1010108.JPG1010109.JPGMark Hahn
AndersonAnders183219111010075.JPGMark Hahn
AndersonAnders18321911andersonaam.jpgLea Sharp
AndersonAnders G186119451000599.JPGMark Hahn
AndersonAnders G18611945andersonag.jpgLea Sharp
AndersonAnna M183719031010075.JPGMark Hahn
AndersonAnna M18371903andersonaam.jpgLea Sharp
AndersonAxel A186719401000455.JPGMark Hahn
AndersonCharles TApr 11, 1912Jul 27, 1987PVT US Army1009789.JPG1009790.JPGMark Hahn
AndersonDonald RJan 19, 1916Mar 16, 1995Uncle Don1010183.JPGMark Hahn
AndersonEmma M186319451000455.JPGMark Hahn
AndersonEmma R189019761000600.JPGMark Hahn
AndersonEmma R18901976andersoner.jpgLea Sharp
AndersonEsterFeb 13, 1909infant dau of TF & LB?1009944.JPG1009943.JPGMark Hahn
AndersonEvelyn MOct 20, 1916Jan 25, 2009Aunt Evie; married Dec 31, 19471010183.JPGMark Hahn
AndersonHerman V188619761000571.JPGMark Hahn
AndersonHope H191120081000601.JPGMark Hahn
AndersonIda Belle187319511000439.JPGMark Hahn
AndersonL Velma190019691000571.JPGMark Hahn
AndersonLewis C195119971009788.JPGMark Hahn
AndersonMargery V1914____1009789.JPGMark Hahn
AndersonPaul A1919____1009822.JPGMark Hahn
AndersonRuth DMar 1904Apr 19041000456.JPGMark Hahn
AndersonSeverne I1921____married Jan 4, 19471009822.JPGMark Hahn
AndersonThomas F187119571000439.JPGMark Hahn
AndersonVictor E1892?1010077.JPG1010076.JPGMark Hahn
AndreasenGenevieve MAug 27, 1931Jan 7, 2003wife, mother1000370.JPGMark Hahn
AndreasenJames HSept 22, 1929_____husband, father1000370.JPGMark Hahn
AndrewsMargaret M189219181000374.JPGMark Hahn
ArnoldGeorgeMay 1, 1929May 31, 1991married May 17, 19521000656.JPGMark Hahn
ArnoldJeraldeneMay 10, 1935Dec 10, 20081000656.JPGMark Hahn
BannonDorothy "Granny B"19262002married Sept 28, 19421010227.JPGMark Hahn
BannonKenneth E Jr "Butch"Nov 18, 1946Dec 17, 1988SP4 US Army Vietnam1010229.JPG1010230.JPGMark Hahn
BannonKenneth Earl Sr "Turtle"Aug 26, 1924Apr 23, 1984PFC US Army WWII1010227.JPG1010228.JPGMark Hahn
BargoJoseph PMay 15, 1914July 28, 19981009923.JPGMark Hahn
BargoViolet EJune 13, 1918Mar 11, 20041009923.JPGMark Hahn
BartlettEdee E10 ys 5 ms 10 dsdau of Jonas & Luna1010131.JPGMark Hahn
BartlettEmilyOct 11, 1834June 7, 1903wife of Nathaniel1010159.JPGMark Hahn
BartlettJonasSep 4, 1832Oct 9, 1912bio
BartlettMinnie8 ys 4 ms 20 dsdau of Jonas & Luna1010132.JPGMark Hahn
BartlettJune 9, 1876dau of Jonas & Luna1010129.JPG1010130.JPGMark Hahn
BeckettAmbrose M190519391000359.JPGMark Hahn
BeckettEmma L18711929mother1000362.JPGMark Hahn
BeckettHelen L189819941000358.JPGMark Hahn
BeckettWilliam J18641942father1000360.JPGMark Hahn
BellMary186619471000440.JPGMark Hahn
BellRonald WayneDec 16, 1936May 26, 19911010265.JPGMark Hahn
BellWilliam185419401000440.JPGMark Hahn
BensonAnnie F187519621000467.JPGMark Hahn
BensonBenjamin J187019611000467.JPGMark Hahn
BensonClarence E19001962husband of Dorothy1000428.JPGMark Hahn
BensonClintonJune 2, 1926son of JR & EA1000471.JPGMark Hahn
BensonDorothy Williams19041999wife of Clarence E1000427.JPGMark Hahn
BensonFred E190719961000462.JPG1000461.JPGMark Hahn
BensonJohn MJuly 15, 1849June 11, 19181000465.JPG1000461.JPGMark Hahn
BensonKenneth R194420091000658.JPGMark Hahn
BensonLinda197419961000463.JPG1000461.JPGMark Hahn
BensonMarian S1921____1000591.JPGMark Hahn
BensonOlivia RAug 7, 1863Jan 26, 1933wife of John M1000464.JPG1000461.JPGMark Hahn
BensonRaymondOct 23, 1893Sep 9, 1906son of BJ & AF1000468.JPGMark Hahn
BensonRodney KAug 22, 1919Jul 27, 1980son of BJ & AF; TSGT US Army WWII1000469.JPG1000470.JPGMark Hahn
BensonRussell I191619831000591.JPGMark Hahn
BensonScott A197320031009832.JPGMark Hahn
BensonStella E191019961000462.JPG1000461.JPGMark Hahn
BerryElla M187219251000481.JPGMark Hahn
BezelyAlvin L1933____1000567.JPGMark Hahn
BezelyLeta A193620001000567.JPGMark Hahn
BinionAnna190419611010257.JPGMark Hahn
BinionTheodore190719961010258.JPGMark Hahn
BittleGeorge ANov 18, 1915Dec 3, 1994S2 US Navy1010242.JPGMark Hahn
BittleMarjorie IAug 2, 1916_____1010242.JPGMark Hahn
BlackAddie H188119441000500.JPGMark Hahn
BlackCharles H187019521000500.JPGMark Hahn
BlackLaVerne G1915____married Nov 23, 19351000328.JPGMark Hahn
BlackRobert H191419981000328.JPGMark Hahn
BlakeMargaret187119411000597.JPGMark Hahn
BlakeWilliam186219451000597.JPGMark Hahn
BolsenRobert LOct 6, 1935May 12, 1999A1C US Air Force Korea1000653.JPGMark Hahn
BottomleyBernice EAug 27, 1915Feb 12, 20031000484.JPGMark Hahn
BottomleyClaude LMay 29, 1914June 5, 1993married Aug 10, 19351000484.JPGMark Hahn
BottomleyInfant SonDec 5, 1935son of Claude & Bernice1000489.JPGMark Hahn
BowdenRobert HAug 28, 1947Nov 14, 1996SA US Navy Vietnam1009828.JPGMark Hahn
BowerAlmira S18441923mother1009924.JPGMark Hahn
BowerE Albert18431877father1009922.JPGMark Hahn
BowerEugene A18751957father1000330.JPG1000329.JPGMark Hahn
BowerFrieda E18741953mother1000331.JPG1000329.JPGMark Hahn
BowerJessie M18721873daughter1009926.JPGMark Hahn
BowerMarjorie19082000daughter1000332.JPG1000329.JPGMark Hahn
BowerMary S18741919daughter1009925.JPGMark Hahn
BradtBenjamin1857Sep 29, 18741010031.JPG1010037.JPGMark Hahn
BradtClarissa LinnDec 13, 1866Feb 15, 19251010051.JPGMark Hahn
BradtFred185119301010031.JPG1010035.JPGMark Hahn
BradtJeromeFeb 2, 1869Mar 28, 19001010028.JPG1010030.JPGMark Hahn
BradtPeterMar 7, 1830Dec 15, 18731010028.JPG1010034.JPGMark Hahn
BridelWilliam GJan 10, 1898Feb 9, 1899son of RS & M1010073.JPG1010074.JPGMark Hahn
BriggsCarl186919511000611.JPGMark Hahn
BriggsCarl18691951briggsec.jpgLea Sharp
BriggsEsther187719641000611.JPGMark Hahn
BriggsEsther18771964briggsec.jpgLea Sharp
BrileyJustin D WAug 26, 1986Sept 4, 2002son, brother1009841.JPG1009843.JPGMark Hahn
BrileySandra LJuly 14, 1948_____mother1009841.JPGMark Hahn
BroderickMyrtle Lucas193020061009844.JPGMark Hahn
BroderickWilliam M1934____married Apr 21, 19571009844.JPGMark Hahn
BrooksAnna M189619751000377.JPGMark Hahn
BrooksBernard Le RoyDec 17, 1922Oct 6, 2001TEC5 US Army WWII1009866.JPG1009867.JPGMark Hahn
BrooksCharles F189519691000377.JPGMark Hahn
BrooksCharles FredJul 20, 1925Jun 29, 1995CPL US Army Korea1000430.JPGMark Hahn
BrooksJuanita PorthApr 18, 1921Oct 10, 20051009865.JPGMark Hahn
BrooksMarian CMay 4, 1930Nov 4, 20011000378.JPGMark Hahn
BrooksNancy LApril 26, 1937_____1009864.JPGMark Hahn
BrooksRalph BJuly 29, 1907June 29, 1962IL TEC5 A 146 Engineers WWII1000625.JPG1000626.JPGMark Hahn
BrooksRichard AJuly 12, 1935_____1009864.JPGMark Hahn
BrooksWilliam Harry18891951father1000560.JPGMark Hahn
BrownA Marion190119651000549.JPGMark Hahn
BrownCharles ASept 30, 1891June 18, 19701000507.JPGMark Hahn
BrownEvelyn191519291000493.JPGMark Hahn
BrownJennie BFeb 21, 1895Sept 1, 19861000506.JPGMark Hahn
BrownJoan MMar 18, 1927Nov 1, 2001married May 20, 19491009838.JPG1009839.JPGMark Hahn
BrownLeroy E189819131000549.JPGMark Hahn
BrownMother1000568.JPGMark Hahn
BrownThomasNov 27, 1919_____1009838.JPG1009840.JPGMark Hahn
Brown or ButtonMargaret192719271000492.JPGMark Hahn
Brown or ButtonRosella193019411000494.JPGMark Hahn
BunchTerrell186719521000602.JPGMark Hahn
ButlerMary M192620041009851.JPGMark Hahn
ButtonAlice M187019541000431.JPGMark Hahn
ButtonArdale1009999.JPG1010005.JPGMark Hahn
ButtonCharles Earl190919791010210.JPGMark Hahn
ButtonDeLafayetteDec 22, 1825May 10, 1865PVT CO C 76 ILL INF1009998.JPGMark Hahn
ButtonDorothy M191320001010210.JPGMark Hahn
ButtonFloyd A18891956father1000490.JPGMark Hahn
ButtonGeorge A185819351000431.JPGMark Hahn
ButtonIda MJan 9, 1873Dec 27, 1924mother1009999.JPGMark Hahn
ButtonIrvin MAug 25, 1918May 10, 20011009805.JPGMark Hahn
ButtonJennie N1866____mother1010110.JPGMark Hahn
ButtonLaverne MDec 19, 1922Dec 22, 1999married July 4, 19431009805.JPGMark Hahn
ButtonLucindaOct 21, 1831May 25, 18761010003.JPGMark Hahn
ButtonMartha A18881951mother1000490.JPGMark Hahn
ButtonMilton Z18601931father1010110.JPGMark Hahn
ButtonMorganNov 25, 1822Apr 18, 19091010003.JPGMark Hahn
ButtonPearl Ruth18961896baby1010112.JPGMark Hahn
ButtonRuth M19141934daughter1010110.JPGMark Hahn
ButtonStanley19151928son of FA & MA1000491.JPGMark Hahn
ButtonWilliam E18921943son1010110.JPG1010113.JPGMark Hahn
ButtryAlbert "Butch"May 12, 1940_____1010238.JPGMark Hahn
ButtryJudith CarlsonJuly 27, 1940_____married May 2, 19641010238.JPGMark Hahn
CarkhuffAmy AAug 13, 1831Mar 21, 1924wife of HB1000544.JPGMark Hahn
CarkhuffBerniece C19191997married Feb 15, 19441010185.JPGMark Hahn
CarkhuffH BFeb 2, 1827July 20, 19021000544.JPGMark Hahn
CarkhuffHilda D191120061010260.JPGMark Hahn
CarkhuffL James190319681010260.JPGMark Hahn
CarkhuffLester EDec 11, 1916Jul 16, 1987CEM US Navy WWII1010185.JPG1010186.JPGMark Hahn
CarkhuffOrando186119371000572.JPGMark Hahn
CarkhuffS Ella186719411000572.JPGMark Hahn
CarnegieJohn MJune 25, 1873May 23, 19541010039.JPGMark Hahn
CarnegieWilliam E1010045.JPGMark Hahn
CarpenterInfant SonAug 22, 187_son of R & M1009933.JPG1009934.JPGMark Hahn
CarpenterInfant SonMar 2, 1876son of R & M1009935.JPG1009936.JPGMark Hahn
CarpenterMatildaOct 7, 188827 years1009901.JPGMark Hahn
CarpenterReason1009932.JPGMark Hahn
CarrJeffrey CJune 20, 1960_____married July 15, 19951009811.JPGMark Hahn
CarrKimberly LNov 15, 1959_____1009811.JPGMark Hahn
CarrMichaela HJuly 2, 1997July 9, 2000dau of Jeffrey C & Kimberly L1009811.JPG1009812.JPGMark Hahn
CarrollCharles R193919911000641.JPG1000642.JPGMark Hahn
CarrollJames L1962____son of Mary E & Charles R1000641.JPGMark Hahn
CarrollMary E1935____married Oct 9, 19591000641.JPG1000642.JPGMark Hahn
CaseltonBarneyJuly 20, 186445 ys 3 ms 4 ds1009899.JPG1009900.JPGMark Hahn
CaseltonClaraMar 7, 18652 ys 2 mo 10 ddau of Barney & Mary1009897.JPG1009898.JPGMark Hahn
ChristensenKatherine191820061009845.JPGMark Hahn
ClarkArthur LoisMay 3, 1995May 16, 1966IL PVT CO I 102 INF WWI1010286.JPGMark Hahn
ClarkBetty JDec 11, 1936Mar 25, 19941010288.JPGMark Hahn
ClarkJennie HenryFeb 12, 1900May 17, 1991wife1010285.JPGMark Hahn
ClarkWilbur LeeApr 13, 1938Mar 30, 1993SGT US Army1010287.JPGMark Hahn
ClaypoolChesterMay 24, 1920May 1, 2001married Aug 11, 19451009819.JPGMark Hahn
ClaypoolClarence EApril 30, 1912July 15, 1956IL TEC5 41 Quartermaster Co WWII1000555.JPGMark Hahn
ClaypoolDaniel E18931966married Nov 2, 19111000486.JPGMark Hahn
ClaypoolDennis D196719881010261.JPGMark Hahn
ClaypoolEarl F193219961010224.JPGMark Hahn
ClaypoolGary RichardAug 16, 1984Oct 24, 1984son1010225.JPGMark Hahn
ClaypoolGoldie MJan 15, 1927June 12, 1927daughter1000488.JPGMark Hahn
ClaypoolJulia E HineyJan 24, 1926_____1000615.JPGMark Hahn
ClaypoolLester DMay 24, 1920May 25, 1980PFC US Army WWII1000615.JPG1000616.JPGMark Hahn
ClaypoolLillian ESept 15, 1928Sept 28, 1928daughter1000487.JPGMark Hahn
ClaypoolLyle FApr 3, 1914July 9, 20021010259.JPGMark Hahn
ClaypoolMabelDec 24, 1922_____1009819.JPGMark Hahn
ClaypoolMargaret AJan 1, 1916Apr 4, 19951010259.JPGMark Hahn
ClaypoolMarlene A1936____1010224.JPGMark Hahn
ClaypoolPearl I189219641000486.JPGMark Hahn
ClaypoolSusan LFeb 18, 1959Apr 18, 2008mother1010226.JPGMark Hahn
ClaytonAnna E188419581000480.JPGMark Hahn
ClaytonJoseph188419661000483.JPGMark Hahn
ClaytonRuth192019211000485.JPGMark Hahn
CloonenAudrey LDec 20, 1931May 28, 1987married May 27, 19721010202.JPGMark Hahn
CloonenBarney PSept 3, 1925Mar 23, 1997CPL US Marine Corps WWII1010202.JPG1010203.JPGMark Hahn
ClubbCatherine SOct 3, 1946Nov 18, 1994married Oct 10, 19641010271.JPGMark Hahn
ClubbCharles E JrSept 14, 1937Nov 29, 2003SP4 US Army1010271.JPG1010272.JPGMark Hahn
ClubbJessica JoJune 21, 19741010273.JPGMark Hahn
ColwellAlvie187419611000315.JPGMark Hahn
ColwellVenus188119501000315.JPGMark Hahn
ConeryHenrietta185619451010158.JPGMark Hahn
ConeryJoseph184319371010158.JPGMark Hahn
ConneryDolly J187919571000365.JPG1000364.JPGMark Hahn
ConneryGerald B190319261000367.JPG1000364.JPGMark Hahn
ConneryHannahJuly 26, 189382 years1009967.JPGMark Hahn
ConneryR Elmer187519511000366.JPG1000364.JPGMark Hahn
ConneryWilliamOct 19, 187055 years1009967.JPGMark Hahn
ConnorLouiseAug 6, 1925June 29, 1997married Nov 18, 19451009846.JPGMark Hahn
ConnorThomas EJuly 23, 1920Oct 26, 19971009846.JPGMark Hahn
ConvyJnoCo C 4th ILL CAV1009965.JPG1009966.JPGMark Hahn
CorlewChester LMay 7, 1920Mar 29, 1990TEC5 US Army WWII1009793.JPG1009794.JPGMark Hahn
CorlewEverett ESept 19, 1923Sept 19, 2008married Aug 18, 19451009791.JPG1009792.JPGMark Hahn
CorlewGeorgia JJuly 14, 1925Apr 2, 20081009791.JPG1009792.JPGMark Hahn
CorlewLola D19151985married June 10, 19501009793.JPGMark Hahn
CraggHelen NJuly 5, 1842Nov 26, 19151010106.JPG1010107.JPGMark Hahn
CraggMartinJan 21, 1886Mar 27, 18951010106.JPG1010107.JPGMark Hahn
CrellinAngelia W184218981010152.JPG1010149.JPGMark Hahn
CrellinThomas AMay 29, 189026 years1010151.JPG1010149.JPGMark Hahn
CrellinThomas H183519151010153.JPG1010149.JPGMark Hahn
CrellinWalter B186819511000312.JPGMark Hahn
CrellinWillis EJuly 7, 189028 years1010150.JPG1010149.JPGMark Hahn
CrossleySarah184018981000450.JPGMark Hahn
CrullMarvel AJan 29, 1909Sept 28, 1979mother1000394.JPGMark Hahn
CryerDaniel J188019601000313.JPGMark Hahn
CryerEmma E187719541000313.JPGMark Hahn
DalyM M1010089.JPGMark Hahn
DanielsBettina I192619931010204.JPGMark Hahn
DanielsJack LyleOct 8, 1921Jan 14, 1979S1 US Navy WWII1010204.JPG1010205.JPGMark Hahn
DarinLois M1934____1010240.JPGMark Hahn
DarinWillis J192619891010240.JPGMark Hahn
DarlingMary J185019271000421.JPGMark Hahn
DarlingTruman184419281000421.JPGMark Hahn
DavidsonTruman K188819501000424.JPGMark Hahn
DavidsonViolet S189119751000424.JPGMark Hahn
DavyGeraldineJan 28, 1929May 8, 1994married July 4, 19461009890.JPGMark Hahn
DavyThomas JSept 13, 1926Apr 13, 20051009890.JPGMark Hahn
DelaneyM Kathleen1946____1009801.JPGMark Hahn
DelaneyMichael W1946____1009801.JPGMark Hahn
DennisonDelores LMar 20, 1925Sept 9, 19911000311.JPGMark Hahn
DennisonLloyd MDec 1, 1922_____married Dec 23, 19471000311.JPGMark Hahn
DevanAndrew182919031000530.JPGMark Hahn
DevanAnn183519041000530.JPGMark Hahn
DevanDaniel VJan 11, 1865June 5, 18931010018.JPGMark Hahn
DeVanHattie186218941010169.JPGMark Hahn
DevanInfant1010017.JPG1010016.JPGMark Hahn
DeweyJosephMar 3, 18921010009.JPG1010008.JPGMark Hahn
DickmanCharles WMar 26, 1922Oct 22, 1992TEC5 US Army WWII1000517.JPGMark Hahn
DickmanChris188019251000514.JPGMark Hahn
DickmanClara189019851000515.JPGMark Hahn
DickmanHerman1010104.JPG1010105.JPGMark Hahn
DickmanJohn H183519101000479.JPGMark Hahn
DickmanRaymond TJan 10, 1913Jan 7, 1954IL TEC4 CO B 3198 SIG SVC BN WWII1000516.JPGMark Hahn
DickmanSofea184719321000479.JPGMark Hahn
DingmanAmos183319131009915.JPG1009912.JPGMark Hahn
DingmanAnna R18691942DAR1009917.JPG1009912.JPGMark Hahn
DingmanAnna R18691942dingmanar.jpgLea Sharp
DingmanElmer P186519551009913.JPG1009912.JPGMark Hahn
DingmanJohn S187218751009914.JPG1009912.JPGMark Hahn
DingmanMary A183919351009916.JPG1009912.JPGMark Hahn
DionneAddison A190919871000610.JPGMark Hahn
DionneCleo A190819911000610.JPGMark Hahn
DotyHarry1000587.JPGMark Hahn
DotyLyman1000587.JPGMark Hahn
DotyRose1000587.JPGMark Hahn
DuboisGittyOct 29, 189384 yrs1010171.JPG1010170.JPGMark Hahn
EhrmanFredJan 20, 1905May 11, 19651000622.JPGMark Hahn
EhrmanFrederick EarlMay 27, 1941Mar 14, 2002SP4 US Army1009855.JPG1009856.JPGMark Hahn
EhrmanPaul WDec 24, 1943Feb 5, 1988QM3 US Navy Vietnam1000624.JPGMark Hahn
EhrmanPaulineMay 28, 1917Jan 29, 19691000623.JPGMark Hahn
ElamAlverne190119881000316.JPGMark Hahn
ElamDavid C194219431000318.JPGMark Hahn
ElamElbert190219971000316.JPGMark Hahn
ElamRichard S193919711000317.JPGMark Hahn
ElliottG Edward JrMar 21, 1944Aug 21, 1998husband, dad1000638.JPGMark Hahn
ElyeaJane DSept 17, 1831July 23, 189058 y 10 m 6 d1010167.JPG1010168.JPGMark Hahn
EnersonCharlesAug 28, 1933_____married June 5, 19541009857.JPGMark Hahn
EnersonMarthaNov 9, 1937Dec 6, 20071009857.JPGMark Hahn
EvansJohn A19182001TEC4 US Army WWII; father1010187.JPGMark Hahn
EvansMattie188619821010184.JPGMark Hahn
FanninGerald FSept 14, 1938_____married Sept 28, 19631000319.JPGMark Hahn
FanninLillie ENov 1, 1942Nov 20, 19901000319.JPGMark Hahn
FaussFred192820021010219.JPGMark Hahn
FaussMary Jane192119831010219.JPGMark Hahn
FaustMarlene JoyApr 12, 1936Aug 5, 19771010234.JPGMark Hahn
FightMabel EMay 6, 1931Nov 28, 20001009852.JPGMark Hahn
FightMelvin GJan 30, 1940_____married Aug 10, 19741009852.JPGMark Hahn
FisherMary F186719561010019.JPGMark Hahn
FleetwoodOraSept 6, 1927Oct 7, 20001009800.JPGMark Hahn
FleetwoodShirleyAug 20, 1931_____1009800.JPGMark Hahn
ForemanDavid AApr 29, 1827June 2, 19091000528.JPGMark Hahn
ForemanFrank LNov 25, 1856Apr 15, 1905son of David A & Lydia Ann1000526.JPGMark Hahn
ForemanLydia AnnMar 22, 1830Feb 12, 19211000528.JPGMark Hahn
FosterAlfredFeb 18, 185119 yrs 11 ms 10 dsson of E & C1009997.JPGMark Hahn
FosterAustin W189219701010277.JPGMark Hahn
FosterCharles A185919491010010.JPGMark Hahn
FosterEliJan 23, 187474 ys 5 ms 3 ds1009996.JPGMark Hahn
FosterFrankieJune 7, 1887Nov 24, 18947 ys 5 ms 17 ds1010011.JPG1010012.JPGMark Hahn
FosterHannah R186119491010010.JPGMark Hahn
FosterJulanaOct 8, 1851?dau of E & M1009997.JPGMark Hahn
FosterRuby M189219701010277.JPGMark Hahn
FriantShirley M RyderAug 25, 1936Feb 24, 19991000347.JPGMark Hahn
FrickElla White189019471000387.JPGMark Hahn
FritzEdmund190319791010254.JPG1010256.JPGMark Hahn
FritzMartha1919____1010254.JPG1010256.JPGMark Hahn
GangGene FJan 14, 1932_____married Aug 12, 19521009826.JPGMark Hahn
GangMildred BNov 13, 1933Dec 6, 20001009826.JPGMark Hahn
GibsonAbigail1782April 5, 1826wife of Silas1009992.JPGMark Hahn
GibsonDammaris3 mos1009990.JPGMark Hahn
GibsonElizabethOctober 14, 1821March 22, 1868?wife of Robert1009994.JPGMark Hahn
GibsonJohnMarch 2, 1851April 21, 18681009989.JPGMark Hahn
GibsonPioneer18391009987.JPGMark Hahn
GibsonRobertMay 4, 1811May 4, 18811009993.JPGMark Hahn
GibsonSilasMarch 25, 1878October 9, 18611009991.JPGMark Hahn
GiesholtCaroline A190719671010245.JPGMark Hahn
GiesholtRichard A190619911010245.JPGMark Hahn
GlennMarjorie Blake1000662.JPG1000660.JPGMark Hahn
GlennMyrtle A19202009married 9-22-401009798.JPGMark Hahn
GlennOlga R1945____1009799.JPGMark Hahn
GlennRobert G1942____1009799.JPGMark Hahn
GlennRobert W192119851009798.JPGMark Hahn
GlennWalter EFeb 24, 1932May 25, 1998SGT US Army Korea1000661.JPG1000663.JPGMark Hahn
GoodeBetty R19251993wife1010249.JPGMark Hahn
GoodeEarl E190019661000603.JPGMark Hahn
GoodeEdith M192820071000375.JPGMark Hahn
GoodeElmer189119041009910.JPGMark Hahn
GoodeHarriet D189019481000614.JPGMark Hahn
GoodeJohnMar 1, 1867June 23, 19011009906.JPGMark Hahn
GoodeLida M19041967wife1010249.JPGMark Hahn
GoodeRaymond E18981973husband1010249.JPGMark Hahn
GoodeTheodore187719491000614.JPGMark Hahn
GoodeUnknown1009911.JPGMark Hahn
GoodeWilbert L18951935father1009908.JPGMark Hahn
GoodeWilfred K1925____married Feb 22, 19471000375.JPGMark Hahn
Goode1009909.JPGMark Hahn
GordonDiane M194119921010207.JPGMark Hahn
GordonThomas G1940____1010207.JPGMark Hahn
GreveHerman HAug 5, 1918Oct 4, 2006vet of WWII; born in Holland1009850.JPGMark Hahn
GreveRuth AApr 2, 1924Apr 24, 2009married Apr 7, 19511009850.JPGMark Hahn
GrossiBernice BrooksJan 15, 1911July 10, 20021010078.JPGMark Hahn
GuardLeslie EMay 22, 1917April 20, 1951IL TEC5 Trans Corp WWII1000563.JPGMark Hahn
GuardLorraine EFeb 22, 1920Apr 20, 19511000562.JPGMark Hahn
GuardPearl S189119471000564.JPGMark Hahn
GuardRandall N188419471000564.JPGMark Hahn
GuehlerHarold WMar 8, 1927July 30, 20021009862.JPG1009863.JPGMark Hahn
GuehlerShirley ANov 13, 1930_____married May 19, 19511009862.JPGMark Hahn
HallMatthew WayneApril 11, 2000Oct 21, 20021000309.JPGMark Hahn
HallRicky WApr 30, 1969Aug 28, 2004son, brother1009868.JPG1009869.JPGMark Hahn
Hall/LewisLeona J Adkins192720051010292.JPGMark Hahn
HansenCharles E JrMay 26, 1925June 17, 1992TSGT US Army WWII1000639.JPG1000640.JPGMark Hahn
HansenElinore JOct 28, 1925_____married July 31, 19481000639.JPGMark Hahn
HardinEdith Pearl19051974married May 14, 19221010177.JPGMark Hahn
HardinWilliam D190019891010177.JPGMark Hahn
HarringtonC Fred19171977married April 7, 19611010189.JPG1010191.JPGMark Hahn
HarringtonDorothy E1928____1010189.JPG1010192.JPGMark Hahn
HarrisonJ KCO C 76th ILL INF1010096.JPGMark Hahn
HaugeMarjorie1917____sister1000630.JPGMark Hahn
HaugeTruman B191219931000630.JPG1000633.JPGMark Hahn
HawnBeulah M190419771010193.JPGMark Hahn
HawnFloyd S190819931010193.JPGMark Hahn
HeathAlma L189519691000333.JPGMark Hahn
HeathDonald MJune 19, 1927Dec 10, 2004PVT US Army WWII1000335.JPG1000336.JPGMark Hahn
HeathGeorge188119701000333.JPGMark Hahn
HeathMark W184919341000334.JPGMark Hahn
HellandDouglas E19561972son1010248.JPGMark Hahn
HellandElsie A19311995mother1010247.JPGMark Hahn
HellandLena18851973mother1000570.JPGMark Hahn
HellandMarguerite190719771000569.JPGMark Hahn
HellandMarshall ENov 26, 1930Dec 15, 2004father1010246.JPGMark Hahn
HellandThomas O18821956father1000570.JPGMark Hahn
HigginsEvelyn M19061985married April 12, 19301000478.JPG1000476.JPGMark Hahn
HigginsGeorge D190619861000478.JPG1000476.JPGMark Hahn
HigginsNancy M193619921000477.JPG1000476.JPGMark Hahn
HildyChester AMar 19, 1887Feb 11, 19731000380.JPGMark Hahn
HildyEthel MaeJan 18, 1891Dec 5, 19721000380.JPGMark Hahn
HildySarah AnnJuly 30, 1857Nov 20, 19121000381.JPGMark Hahn
HilesA JFeb 2, 1955Jan 12, 19881000385.JPGMark Hahn
HillJ DAug 22, 1822March 28, 18951010044.JPGMark Hahn
HillMargaretta GlenSept 26, 18271917obitMelinda Gutzman
HillsJudith CDec 23, 1940Feb 26, 19911009884.JPGMark Hahn
HillsKenneth EMay 30, 1942_____married July 23, 19611009884.JPGMark Hahn
HollenbeckBert A187919591000508.JPGMark Hahn
HollenbeckCharlott M18881936wife1000509.JPGMark Hahn
HollenbeckFrances MMar 3, 1856Aug 5, 1946mother1009892.JPG1009893.JPGMark Hahn
HollenbeckFrank188318961009894.JPG1009893.JPGMark Hahn
HollenbeckJulius187518961009895.JPG1009893.JPGMark Hahn
HollenbeckJulius FJune 11, 1852Mar 14, 1931father1009891.JPG1009893.JPGMark Hahn
HollenbeckLillie M18811928wife1000510.JPGMark Hahn
HollenbeckLola Daily189219621000508.JPGMark Hahn
HouserClifford BNov 15, 1913Aug 21, 19741000566.JPGMark Hahn
HouserNadine MApr 2, 1914Jan 12, 19961000566.JPGMark Hahn
HuffEliza AFeb 24, 1824Feb 28, 18961010174.JPG1010172.JPGMark Hahn
HuffJohn GJan 5, 1819Sept 14, 1889?1010173.JPG1010172.JPGMark Hahn
HughesAlfred189519181000416.JPG1000417.JPGMark Hahn
HughesDaniel184919121009948.JPGMark Hahn
HughesEmma Elizabeth187619111009948.JPGMark Hahn
HumeArthur W187019381000325.JPG1000324.JPGMark Hahn
HumeFloyd M190119721000327.JPG1000324.JPGMark Hahn
HumeMinnie M187719531000326.JPG1000324.JPGMark Hahn
HumphreyElsie FMay 24, 1914May 14, 19301000512.JPGMark Hahn
HuntAroxyApr 11, 1822Sep 14, 1887wife of Harvey1010140.JPGMark Hahn
HuntCatherine18501933wife of Shelden H1010137.JPGMark Hahn
HuntCora IDec 10, 1872Dec 3, 18941010137.JPG1010138.JPGMark Hahn
HuntGeorge EOct 3, 1849Oct 12, 19091000446.JPGMark Hahn
HuntHarveyJuly 27, 1811Apr 22, 18951010140.JPGMark Hahn
HuntLaura MDec 7, 1855May 25, 19451000446.JPGMark Hahn
HuntShelden H184319121010137.JPGMark Hahn
HussArmindaJuly 27, 1842Sept 29, 19311000446.JPGMark Hahn
IshamCatherine18731896mother1010043.JPGMark Hahn
JacksonBeulah190919981010222.JPGMark Hahn
JacksonFredieApril 20, 1908August 29, 1908bio
JacksonJohn W190519981010222.JPGMark Hahn
JahnAmandaJuly 15, 1981Nov 6, 20081009873.JPG1009875.JPGMark Hahn
JahnJoshuaFeb 25, 1978_____1009873.JPG1009879.JPGMark Hahn
JahnKaitlynNov 15, 2007Nov 6, 20081009873.JPG1009878.JPGMark Hahn
JahnRyanDec 29, 2004Nov 6, 20081009873.JPG1009877.JPGMark Hahn
JensenAlfred190119681000422.JPGMark Hahn
JensenBertene1000423.JPGMark Hahn
JensenKrist1000423.JPGMark Hahn
JohnsonElric D186119351000511.JPGMark Hahn
JohnsonEmma L185919031010164.JPGMark Hahn
JohnsonEthel R19041990mother1000434.JPGMark Hahn
JohnsonHarrietwife of WK1010165.JPGMark Hahn
JohnsonMelvin19271927son1000435.JPGMark Hahn
JohnsonScott H185719361010164.JPGMark Hahn
JohnsonW KJan 24, 191184 yrs1010165.JPGMark Hahn
JohnsonWilbur W189419371000505.JPGMark Hahn
JolleyBurton MeeksDec 5, 1919Oct 20, 2000CPL US Army1000657.JPGMark Hahn
JolleyRichard JSept 18, 1947_____1000652.JPGMark Hahn
JonesAnna C1010047.JPGMark Hahn
JonesBarbara AMay 22, 1942_____married Dec 2, 19611009835.JPG1009836.JPGMark Hahn
JonesBelmore S191319841010196.JPGMark Hahn
JonesBrandon RaySept 5, 1982May 18, 20071009871.JPG1009872.JPGMark Hahn
JonesCleo C191520001009796.JPGMark Hahn
JonesCoreta Sue19501982daughter1009797.JPGMark Hahn
JonesFloyd ThomasAug 7, 1913Dec 11, 1993TEC4 US Army WWII1009795.JPGMark Hahn
JonesIrene H191619941010196.JPGMark Hahn
JonesRichard AllenJuly 17, 1935Feb 3, 2000A1C US Air Force1009835.JPG1009837.JPGMark Hahn
JonesWilliam1010046.JPGMark Hahn
KarpenGladys Lyons191319571000413.JPGMark Hahn
KelleyLarry JNov 21, 1942Dec 3, 19951000310.JPGMark Hahn
KelleyMary LFeb 7, 1936Apr 8, 20031000310.JPGMark Hahn
KellyMae L Benson191219821000590.JPGMark Hahn
KentFrank E185519391000592.JPGMark Hahn
KenworthyThomasEnglandJan 21, 189465 yrs 2 ms 21 ds1010117.JPG1010118.JPGMark Hahn
KerrMichael KMay 31, 1955Aug 1, 1989husband, father1009778.JPGMark Hahn
KilgoreWilliam EJan 13, 1914Oct 31, 1991TSGT US Army WWII; husband of Olis Knapp1010281.JPG1010282.JPGMark Hahn
KischMerle W190819561000548.JPGMark Hahn
KnappOlis H192220071010279.JPGMark Hahn
KnappRoss JSep 19, 1915Jan 28, 1975PVT US Army1010279.JPG1010280.JPGMark Hahn
KrapfBeverly L1939____1000372.JPGMark Hahn
KrapfEugene FNov 16, 1933Jan 1, 1985SA US Navy Korea1000371.JPGMark Hahn
KrapfEugene F193319851000372.JPGMark Hahn
KrapfGeorge F18951981father1000379.JPGMark Hahn
KrapfGladys M19021970mother1000379.JPGMark Hahn
KucabaHelen E191319921010213.JPGMark Hahn
KucabaJames R191319841010213.JPGMark Hahn
La LlemandKirk A189219671000363.JPGMark Hahn
La LlemandVera B189419661000363.JPGMark Hahn
LaingWilliam H JrJune 26, 1949April 19, 2001son, brother, husband, father1009829.JPG1009830.JPGMark Hahn
LavarierHarry M191319861000561.JPGMark Hahn
LavarierHazel L192520051000561.JPGMark Hahn
LavarierMae B188219491000559.JPGMark Hahn
LavarierWilliam H187919631000559.JPGMark Hahn
LawsonEdward A19571976son1010180.JPGMark Hahn
LawsonEdward RFeb 9, 1932Sep 15, 1986GM3 US Navy Korea1010181.JPGMark Hahn
LearEliza18991009902.JPGMark Hahn
LearSarah18841009904.JPGMark Hahn
LearTom184219141009903.JPGMark Hahn
LearWilliamJune 10, 186_7 ys 3 mo 10 ds1009929.JPG1009930.JPGMark Hahn
Lear?Oct 20, 18__1009931.JPGMark Hahn
LewisHarry T EJune 7, 1875July 22, 19401010004.JPGMark Hahn
LewisLevi H, ISep 19, 1929Jul 20, 1998PFC US Marine Corps Korea1010289.JPG1010290.JPGMark Hahn
LewisLevi H, II195519661010291.JPGMark Hahn
LiningtonEmily188819501000617.JPGMark Hahn
LiningtonWilliam187819__1000617.JPGMark Hahn
LinkeDelores KSept 28, 1932_____married Apr 4, 19591009806.JPG1009807.JPGMark Hahn
LinkeEdwin WOct 14, 1934Feb 16, 19951009808.JPGMark Hahn
LinnAlexanderson1010051.JPGMark Hahn
LinnAlexander SAug 7, 1823Sept 15, 18811010051.JPGMark Hahn
LittleCharles W19261995US Navy WWII1010267.JPGMark Hahn
LittleJeffrey Scott196019611010270.JPGMark Hahn
LittleNancy Sue195319711010269.JPGMark Hahn
LittleWilma JSept 30, 1929June 11, 1998granny1010268.JPGMark Hahn
LittralEllen A189419451000565.JPGMark Hahn
LongMarie T191319911010206.JPGMark Hahn
LongWilliam "Bus"190819961010206.JPGMark Hahn
LoveGranville AApr 29, 1916Sep 5, 1992Y1 US Navy1009814.JPG1009815.JPGMark Hahn
LoveMarjorie E1926____married Oct 6, 19451009814.JPGMark Hahn
LucasFrank186119471000441.JPGMark Hahn
LucasFronie186319381000441.JPGMark Hahn
LynchAnna H189619711000418.JPGMark Hahn
LyonsGeorge187419361000412.JPGMark Hahn
LyonsSelina187719371000412.JPGMark Hahn
MahonElizabethJuly 20, 1841June 12, 1910wife of William1010054.JPGMark Hahn
MahonElnor AMar 18, 1870Oct 7, 1875dau of Wm & E1010054.JPGMark Hahn
MahonWilliamJune 4, 1836Apr 8, 19151010054.JPGMark Hahn
MarshallCaroline SarahSept 5, 1843Jan 8, 19031000531.JPG1000532.JPGMark Hahn
MarshallWilliamOct 25, 1836_____1000531.JPGMark Hahn
MartinAgnes SOct 14, 1869Jan 6, 19651010093.JPGMark Hahn
MartinDavid ADec 23, 1864April 23, 19401010094.JPGMark Hahn
MartinRobert TApril 20, 1822May 5, 19151010095.JPGMark Hahn
MatneyEster190720041010295.JPGMark Hahn
MatneyKenneth L190719891010295.JPGMark Hahn
MattesonElsie HAug 24, 1900July 10, 20021000368.JPGMark Hahn
MattesonEugene BlairNov 26, 1921Aug 28, 2007AS US Navy WWII1000654.JPG1000655.JPGMark Hahn
MattesonFrances RDec 27, 1920June 14, 2005married Aug 20, 19411000654.JPGMark Hahn
MattesonGerald JFeb 14, 1926Jul 6, 1990PFC US Army WWII1010175.JPGMark Hahn
MattesonLee Roy190920011010297.JPGMark Hahn
MattesonMadalyn LMar 8, 1928Mar 14, 2001wife, mother1010176.JPGMark Hahn
MattesonPaulAug 5, 1888Oct 25, 1965IL PVT CO G 358 INF WWI PH1000369.JPGMark Hahn
MattesonRuth E190819901010297.JPGMark Hahn
McArdleBarbara MNov 6, 1921_____1009886.JPGMark Hahn
McArdleBernardAug 1, 1822Apr 10, 18981010122.JPGMark Hahn
McArdleDoris192120031009882.JPGMark Hahn
McArdleEllen189619181000539.JPGMark Hahn
McArdleEllenSep 15, 1827Aug 15, 1869wife of Bernard1010122.JPGMark Hahn
McArdleFrank184519241000540.JPGMark Hahn
McArdleFrank19191982married July 23, 19761009882.JPGMark Hahn
McArdleGeorge186119211000542.JPGMark Hahn
McArdleJames185819171000543.JPGMark Hahn
McArdleKate185419461000541.JPGMark Hahn
McArdleLinda D1950____1009888.JPGMark Hahn
McArdleNora A18931970mother1010116.JPGMark Hahn
McArdlePhillip G18861966father1010115.JPGMark Hahn
McArdleRichard W194619811009888.JPGMark Hahn
McArdleWilliam JNov 22, 1917Aug 13, 19891009886.JPGMark Hahn
McCraryJoseph AAug 23, 1889Nov 24, 1948IOWA Cook 58 ART CAC WWI1000504.JPGMark Hahn
McKayDonna OdomMay 13, 1943June 18, 20061000634.JPGMark Hahn
McLaughlinFrances MettilleMar 16, 1892Aug 7, 19771000647.JPGMark Hahn
McLaughlinFrank EAug 28, 1889March 13, 1963IL PFC 2 CO Discharge DET WWI1000554.JPGMark Hahn
McLaughlinGeorgeJuly 31, 1897Nov 28, 19711000647.JPGMark Hahn
McLaughlinM Mae188919301000550.JPGMark Hahn
McLaughlinMark LaVerneJan 27, 19671000551.JPGMark Hahn
McLaughlinRoy AMar 23, 1923May 23, 1991CBM US Navy WWII Korea1000553.JPGMark Hahn
McLaughlinRoy T18911963father1000552.JPGMark Hahn
McNealBarbara AFeb 28, 1937Mar 7, 2008wife, mother, grandmother1009802.JPGMark Hahn
McTagueGerald FFeb 5, 1932May 17, 1998FN US Navy Korea1009858.JPG1009859.JPGMark Hahn
McTagueGeraldine JApr 27, 1932_____married June 28, 19551009858.JPGMark Hahn
MelbournAnna18481929wife of Singleton; mother1000419.JPGMark Hahn
MelbournBlanche188719411000426.JPGMark Hahn
MelbournJennie MaeMar 5, 1886Dec 21, 1889dau of S & A1009945.JPGMark Hahn
MelbournSingleton18491927father1000419.JPGMark Hahn
MelbournWilliam LJune 13, 1881Sept 17, 1947IL PVT 10 REGT USMC WWI1000425.JPGMark Hahn
MickelsonAgnes J191319901010197.JPGMark Hahn
MickelsonLudwig190419771010197.JPGMark Hahn
MillerAbigal18391917wife of Terry W1010162.JPGMark Hahn
MillerEarlyOct 13, 1871son of TW & AA1010163.JPGMark Hahn
MillerHarmon RJany 7, 188176 yrs 6 mo 16 ds1010142.JPG1010141.JPGMark Hahn
MillerLucretia FSept 5, 188072 yrs 4 mo 11 dswife of HR1010143.JPGMark Hahn
MillerMay LMay 1, 1852Sept 6, 19291010144.JPGMark Hahn
MillerMyrtle LucasMar 12, 1890Nov 8, 1909wife of Hugh; mother1000442.JPG1000444.JPGMark Hahn
MillerTerry W183919151010162.JPGMark Hahn
MillsErnest LeeAug 24, 1947_____1009824.JPGMark Hahn
MillsRosemarie LNov 13, 1948Mar 15, 20001009824.JPGMark Hahn
MitchellDennis195119701000648.JPGMark Hahn
MonroeHelen M AndersonDec 27, 1901Mar 28, 19931000619.JPGMark Hahn
MonroeThomasMarch 15, 1890Nov 23, 1948IL CPL 335 BN Tank Corps WWI1000620.JPGMark Hahn
MontanusMarina NMar 15, 1964Oct 29, 2008wife, mother1000618.JPGMark Hahn
MooreClary D18501922wife of Thomas1000575.JPGMark Hahn
MooreEarl T18861901son of T & C1000573.JPG1000574.JPGMark Hahn
MooreEdward L187219491000605.JPGMark Hahn
MooreLyle E190619861000605.JPGMark Hahn
MooreThomas1847____47th ILL INF CO B; father1000575.JPGMark Hahn
MorrisAlfred E19091975son1000558.JPGMark Hahn
MorrisMary A18951968daughter1000556.JPGMark Hahn
MorrisMary J18721954mother1000557.JPGMark Hahn
MorrisWilliam H18651941father1000558.JPGMark Hahn
MorrisWilliam M18931981son1000556.JPGMark Hahn
MosierClinton191219711010274.JPGMark Hahn
MosierLois L192020051010274.JPGMark Hahn
MosierWalter L18901964uncle1000355.JPGMark Hahn
MunnellCharlesFeb 15, 1872son of C & M1010052.JPG1010053.JPGMark Hahn
MunsonAugusta S187219281000496.JPGMark Hahn
MunsonCharles Edward187019281000497.JPGMark Hahn
Munson-Schmidt1000495.JPGMark Hahn
MyersE LynnFeb 14, 1904Sept 29, 19891010208.JPGMark Hahn
MyersMarjie MJuly 28, 1904Aug 15, 1993married Oct 29, 19241010208.JPGMark Hahn
NelsonAlice G Benson190619341000466.JPGMark Hahn
NessBarbara JJan 19, 1950_____married Dec 10, 19711010232.JPGMark Hahn
NessBrenda JJan 9, 1978Sept 25, 2008mother1010231.JPGMark Hahn
NessRobert AAug 12, 1948_____1010232.JPGMark Hahn
NicholsFredobitMelinda Gutzman
NinkAlice G190819791010305.JPGMark Hahn
NinkCarl W190519931010305.JPGMark Hahn
NinkJames WillisNov 23, 1930Sept 16, 1967IL SGT 1955 AACS SQ AF Korea1010304.JPGMark Hahn
NoiceLemuel187019561000393.JPG1000389.JPGMark Hahn
NoiceMarjorie May190519071000391.JPG1000389.JPGMark Hahn
NoiceOra Ellan190019121000390.JPG1000389.JPGMark Hahn
NoiceRubie187719711000393.JPG1000389.JPGMark Hahn
NoiceSon190319041000392.JPG1000389.JPGMark Hahn
NorthAbrahamMar 15, 1835Jan 25, 19131000545.JPGMark Hahn
NorthJaneNov 25, 1942_____wife of Abraham1000545.JPGMark Hahn
OdomGlenn Sr191820041000630.JPGMark Hahn
OdomMyrtle19191999sister1000630.JPGMark Hahn
OlsonClifford J189219851000613.JPGMark Hahn
OlsonMamie F189819851000613.JPGMark Hahn
PacyWilliamMay 22, 18611009969.JPG1009970.JPGMark Hahn
PalmateerChildrenchildren of M & HE1010154.JPG1010155.JPGMark Hahn
PalmateerChildrenchildren of M & HE1010156.JPG1010157.JPGMark Hahn
PalmateerEllen184719361000520.JPGMark Hahn
PalmateerWilliam187319411000521.JPGMark Hahn
PalmateerWmCO G 44 NY INF1000519.JPGMark Hahn
PangburnCatharine SMar 3, 1805Mar 19, 1865wife of Moses1010026.JPG1010027.JPGMark Hahn
PangburnMosesNov 30, 1803Jan 7, 18841010024.JPGMark Hahn
ParkerLissa JuneOct 14, 1972Oct 14, 1972died at birth1010244.JPGMark Hahn
ParrAndy186819561000403.JPGMark Hahn
ParrHettie187219351000403.JPGMark Hahn
ParrInf Son1903infant son of AA & HM1000406.JPGMark Hahn
ParrJ D184719261000404.JPGMark Hahn
PattersonAmpheon A18931963father1010266.JPGMark Hahn
PattersonClarinda S18931966mother1010266.JPGMark Hahn
PattisonAlansonApril 11, 1845Mar 3, 18651009982.JPGMark Hahn
PattisonBenjaminAug 22, 1840Feb 2, 18421009982.JPGMark Hahn
PattisonCharity HApr 21, 1846Mar 18, 18701009981.JPGMark Hahn
PattisonCharles EMar 19, 1858Sept 8, 18581009981.JPGMark Hahn
PattisonEliphaletJune 15, 1861Aug 17, 18611009980.JPGMark Hahn
PattisonEnochOct 15, 1859Oct 17, 18591009981.JPGMark Hahn
PattisonFrancisFeb 5, 1870Mar 19, 18701009980.JPGMark Hahn
PattisonGeorge185919281010070.JPG1010069.JPGMark Hahn
PattisonJaneJune 27, 1830Feb 6, 18701009977.JPGMark Hahn
PattisonJerushaJune 15, 1861Oct 31, 18671009980.JPGMark Hahn
PattisonMarthaDec 28, 1813Feb 7, 18501009977.JPG1009979.JPGMark Hahn
PattisonMartha JFeb 20, 1842Feb 17, 18701009982.JPGMark Hahn
PattisonMary AMar 22, 18593 mo 9 daysdau of WP & B1009983.JPG1009984.JPGMark Hahn
PattisonSchoyler CDec 19, 1867July 12, 19031000401.JPG1000402.JPGMark Hahn
PattisonWilliamMar 7, 188276 years1009977.JPG1009978.JPGMark Hahn
PattisonWilliam ANov 9, 18633 yrs 5 mo 21 dsson of WP & B1009985.JPG1009986.JPGMark Hahn
Pattison1000535.JPG1000533.JPGMark Hahn
Pattison1000536.JPG1000533.JPGMark Hahn
Pattison188919001000537.JPG1000533.JPGMark Hahn
Pattison1000538.JPG1000533.JPGMark Hahn
PaytonLawrence E "Larry"Mar 18, 1915Aug 22, 19921009885.JPGMark Hahn
PaytonVallena B "Mickey"Feb 16, 1917_____1009885.JPGMark Hahn
PeacockChester DMar 16, 1919Dec 1, 1992TEC5 US Army WWII1009820.JPG1009821.JPGMark Hahn
PeacockMignon K19211996married July 27, 19411009820.JPGMark Hahn
PetersonAlice EDec 1, 1862?1009946.JPG1009947.JPGMark Hahn
PetersonEngerOct 15, 1852June 12, 1943mother1000589.JPGMark Hahn
PetersonHarriet J1009946.JPGMark Hahn
PetersonThomasMar 11, 1855Apr 1, 1915father1000589.JPGMark Hahn
PhillipsAgnes18811911wife of George1000584.JPGMark Hahn
PhillipsAnna18821911wife of Otis1000582.JPGMark Hahn
PhillipsArthur Albin190219041000580.JPGMark Hahn
PhillipsBertha Mae18791923mother1000579.JPGMark Hahn
PhillipsCarl E191219621000588.JPGMark Hahn
PhillipsCarl E191219621000598.JPGMark Hahn
PhillipsCarl Otis18841953father1000437.JPG1000436.JPGMark Hahn
PhillipsCharles187819611000581.JPGMark Hahn
PhillipsChristine188819371000608.JPGMark Hahn
PhillipsClarence L1913____1000586.JPGMark Hahn
PhillipsDorthy I192419421000607.JPGMark Hahn
PhillipsEan WayneOct 9, 2004Aug 24, 20051009847.JPG1009848.JPGMark Hahn
PhillipsEdith C188019411000518.JPGMark Hahn
PhillipsGeorge187419531000518.JPGMark Hahn
PhillipsHelen L1922____married Jan 4, 19411000659.JPGMark Hahn
PhillipsJasper188219631000609.JPGMark Hahn
PhillipsJosephine18921924mother1000438.JPG1000436.JPGMark Hahn
PhillipsLena G189019711000588.JPGMark Hahn
PhillipsLena G189019__1000598.JPGMark Hahn
PhillipsMardel B192119971010263.JPG1010262.JPGMark Hahn
PhillipsMarvin L "Jack"191719941000659.JPGMark Hahn
PhillipsOtis J191819671010264.JPG1010262.JPGMark Hahn
PhillipsRussel A1920____1010194.JPGMark Hahn
PhillipsSarah J18521941mother1010086.JPG1010084.JPGMark Hahn
PhillipsSusan188619601000581.JPGMark Hahn
PhillipsThomas LJan 28, 1952May 18, 19871010195.JPGMark Hahn
PhillipsVirginia A192119891010194.JPGMark Hahn
PhillipsVivian L191919671000586.JPGMark Hahn
PhillipsWalter J18471927father1010085.JPG1010084.JPGMark Hahn
PhillipsWilliam188619651000588.JPGMark Hahn
PhillipsWilliam188619651000598.JPGMark Hahn
PierceArlene MAug 1, 1941_____married Nov 17, 19621010235.JPGMark Hahn
PierceDonald E19641981son1010236.JPGMark Hahn
PierceJohn RNov 2, 1936Sept 24, 19961010235.JPGMark Hahn
PohlHerman191019721010254.JPG1010255.JPGMark Hahn
PohlIda192219941010254.JPG1010256.JPGMark Hahn
PummillJohn F18401918brother1009927.JPGMark Hahn
RakesWilliam MMarch 7, 1928March 5, 1980husband, father1010221.JPGMark Hahn
RandalBabyMar 26, 1864?son of A & E1009920.JPG1009921.JPGMark Hahn
ReadMartha M Krapf192319941000373.JPGMark Hahn
ReedRalph NApr 7, 1935Mar 26, 19941009827.JPGMark Hahn
ReedSandra LJune 5, 1944_____married Nov 27, 19651009827.JPGMark Hahn
ReinholdHerman188419491000604.JPGMark Hahn
ReinholdNaomi Adams1900____1000604.JPGMark Hahn
ReynoldsGrace LSept 16, 1920_____married Nov 26, 19431009825.JPGMark Hahn
ReynoldsLeslie LMay 21, 1920Apr 1, 20011009825.JPGMark Hahn
RidingsMargaret SNov 22, 1862_____wife of William A1000472.JPGMark Hahn
RidingsMary Margaret186319391000474.JPGMark Hahn
RidingsWilliam ASept 26, 1856_____1000472.JPGMark Hahn
RidingsWilliam A185619441000474.JPGMark Hahn
RileyCurtis1922____married April 17, 19491000650.JPGMark Hahn
RileyHilda192720081000650.JPGMark Hahn
RipschEarl EJuly 30, 1923Apr 22, 19981009860.JPG1009861.JPGMark Hahn
RipschMindy SAug 7, 1953_____married Mar 24, 19791009853.JPG1009854.JPGMark Hahn
RipschStan DApr 6, 1950Dec 19, 20051009853.JPGMark Hahn
RipschVerna MFeb 27, 1927_____1009860.JPGMark Hahn
RobinsonCharlesApr 12, 1835May 8, 19081010103.JPG1010099.JPGMark Hahn
RobinsonElizabethFeb 22, 1843Oct 11, 19271010102.JPG1010099.JPGMark Hahn
RobinsonEugeneFeb 15, 1872Jan 29, 1880son1010100.JPG1010099.JPGMark Hahn
RobinsonJohnLT CO M 2 MICH CAV1000376.JPGMark Hahn
RobinsonNellie MayNov 11, 1865Dec 3, 1866dau1010101.JPG1010099.JPGMark Hahn
RobisonHenry FSept 16, 189268 yrs 4 mos 23 ds1010013.JPG1010014.JPGMark Hahn
RoeMargaret LOct 23, 1951Aug 17, 2002daughter1000637.JPGMark Hahn
RoeMary SFeb 1, 1917Apr 29, 19961000636.JPG1000635.JPGMark Hahn
RoeRoy RichardApril 5, 1953April 5, 19531000388.JPGMark Hahn
RogersClara H185519341000400.JPGMark Hahn
RogersClaude188519761000382.JPGMark Hahn
RogersFrank?Jan 18, 1882Sept 14, 1889son of WS & CH1000398.JPG1000399.JPGMark Hahn
RogersGeorge B188319581000384.JPGMark Hahn
RogersGeraldine C11-29-17____1000383.JPGMark Hahn
RogersGlenn M9-11-11____1000383.JPGMark Hahn
RogersHannah188819671000382.JPGMark Hahn
RogersLinnie B188719741000384.JPGMark Hahn
RogersWinfield S185319191000400.JPGMark Hahn
RoseGary WAug 2, 1952Mar 26, 19901010214.JPGMark Hahn
RoseHesterApr 21, 1867July 16, 19081009896.JPGMark Hahn
RoseMaryMar 28, 1931____1010214.JPGMark Hahn
RoseNettie Belleinfant dau of Solomon F & Hester1009896.JPGMark Hahn
RoseSolomon MFeb 18, 1860Feb 18, 19101009896.JPGMark Hahn
RoseWayne HDec 7, 1926Feb 10, 2005PFC US Army WWII1010214.JPG1010215.JPGMark Hahn
RowdenJames P195619911000649.JPGMark Hahn
RushPhyllis E192319831010218.JPG1010216.JPGMark Hahn
RushRobert L192419901010217.JPG1010216.JPGMark Hahn
RybakNathan AndrewMar 26, 2009son1000475.JPGMark Hahn
RyderBen183919131010062.JPGMark Hahn
RyderBruce A19651983son1009781.JPGMark Hahn
RyderCamilla M191620031000320.JPG1000321.JPGMark Hahn
RyderCharles F18651931father1000352.JPG1000349.JPGMark Hahn
RyderDavid E1941____married Aug 13, 19601009780.JPGMark Hahn
RyderEarl V191219801010178.JPGMark Hahn
RyderEdward J191119791000320.JPG1000321.JPGMark Hahn
RyderFrank18741942father1000350.JPG1000349.JPGMark Hahn
RyderGeorge186918841010066.JPGMark Hahn
RyderGideon E184119251000396.JPG1000395.JPGMark Hahn
RyderHarry K191019641000348.JPG1000349.JPGMark Hahn
RyderJames S18711941father1000322.JPG1000321.JPGMark Hahn
RyderJeanette N191320081010178.JPGMark Hahn
RyderJulia M18711945mother1000351.JPG1000349.JPGMark Hahn
RyderLillie L18701939mother1000322.JPG1000321.JPGMark Hahn
RyderLotte18861010064.JPGMark Hahn
RyderMabel E191120001000348.JPG1000349.JPGMark Hahn
RyderMalinda183618861010088.JPGMark Hahn
RyderMarie E191519951010179.JPGMark Hahn
RyderMary180319041010087.JPGMark Hahn
RyderMelvin A190819871010179.JPGMark Hahn
RyderSandra L1942____1009780.JPGMark Hahn
RyderSarah E184419171000397.JPG1000395.JPGMark Hahn
SampleBenjaminFeb 25, 1825Apr 11, 18981010022.JPGMark Hahn
SampleEmeline PDec 23, 1841June 29, 1866wife of Benjamin1010022.JPGMark Hahn
SampleJaneSept 11, 189976 yearsdau of J & M1009940.JPGMark Hahn
SampleJohnAug 19, 186475 yrs 5 mos 7 ds1009939.JPGsamplej160.jpgMark Hahn; Lea Sharp
SampleJohnAug 19, 186475 yrs 5 mos 7 ds1009951.JPG1009952.JPGMark Hahn
SampleMaryJuly 21, 188388 yrs 7 moswife of John Sample1009939.JPGsamplem.jpgMark Hahn; Lea Sharp
SampleMaryMay 29, 185823 yearsdau of J & M1009940.JPGMark Hahn
SampleMary LDec 16, 1864Aug 29, 1865dau of Benjamin & Emeline P1010022.JPGMark Hahn
SampleMatildaMar 27, 1836Oct 11, 1908wife of William1000458.JPG1000460.JPGMark Hahn
SampleNarcissaMay 26, 190676 years1009941.JPGMark Hahn
SampleRuthJune 8, 191877 years1009941.JPGMark Hahn
SampleWilliamOct 5, 1828Feb 3, 19081000458.JPG1000460.JPGMark Hahn
SandersAllie187219531000629.JPGMark Hahn
SandersAnna LJuly 10, 1934April 10, 1989mother, grandmother1010209.JPGMark Hahn
SandersWilliam187919561000628.JPGMark Hahn
SatterlyHermanSept 14, 186_9 mo 14 dsinfant son of John? & Malinda1010041.JPG1010042.JPGMark Hahn
SchaefferChristopher JApr 25, 1982Sept 15, 2007son1010237.JPGMark Hahn
SchmidtSophia18511918mother1000498.JPGMark Hahn
SchmidtWilliam A18461914father1000499.JPGMark Hahn
SchultzMartin FredOct 5, 1893Jan 21, 1967IL SGT 186 Admin SVC CO ASC WWI1010021.JPGMark Hahn
SchulzDorothy J19272007married Dec 30, 19481010293.JPGMark Hahn
SchulzEdna190719891010020.JPGMark Hahn
SchulzRboert M Jr195719591010294.JPGMark Hahn
SchulzRobert M193019871010293.JPGMark Hahn
SeibertMary R18931982mother1010188.JPGMark Hahn
SevernsJamesCO H 138th ILL INF1010146.JPG1010147.JPGMark Hahn
SevernsWm ECo G 36 ILL INF1010148.JPGMark Hahn
ShafferMary HAug 13, 1857Sep 21, 19091000457.JPGMark Hahn
SheaffGary Robert1975twin1000648.JPGMark Hahn
SheaffJennifer Lyn1975twin1000648.JPGMark Hahn
SmithEvelyn A19161990married Dec 3, 19501010182.JPGMark Hahn
SmithJerry W1948____1010239.JPGMark Hahn
SmithLemuel A191119911010182.JPGMark Hahn
SmithMarthalyn D1951____married Apr 8, 19671010239.JPGMark Hahn
SparrowAlma M19252003married July 12, 19451000337.JPGMark Hahn
SparrowWalker JJul 13, 1924Jan 27, 1999PFC US Army Air Forces WWII1000337.JPG1000338.JPGMark Hahn
SpencerDavid ECO M 1 ILL L A1010015.JPGMark Hahn
StanfelMichael JDec 28, 1954Apr 28, 20071000651.JPGMark Hahn
StanfelSue EMar 25, 1957Oct 18, 20051000651.JPGMark Hahn
StarksCharline LJan 30, 1930Sept 22, 20021009779.JPGMark Hahn
StarksJohn LAug 7, 1928June 11, 20001009779.JPGMark Hahn
SteyerHartwell W "Bud"191119841000621.JPGMark Hahn
SteyerMyrtle E19111983married Dec 20, 19461000621.JPGMark Hahn
StoneEllen185719251000525.JPGMark Hahn
StoneJames1856____1000525.JPGMark Hahn
StonebackCharles MiloOct 30, 1888Apr 26, 1902son of JM & Mary1000453.JPGMark Hahn
StonebackCharles W185819331000407.JPG1000410.JPGMark Hahn
StonebackE Hobert18961923son of Charles W & Jennie1000407.JPG1000408.JPGMark Hahn
StonebackElizabethSep 21, 1818___ 19, 18911009972.JPG1009971.JPGMark Hahn
StonebackEllsworth JApr 15, 18621 mochild of Jacob & Elizabeth1009973.JPGMark Hahn
StonebackHarry187218981000450.JPGMark Hahn
StonebackJ MOct 4, 1843Mar 9, 1922CORPL CO E 23 ILL INF1000453.JPG1000454.JPGMark Hahn
StonebackJacobAug 2_, 1811Mar _, 1882?1009975.JPG1009976.JPGMark Hahn
StonebackJennie18651947wife of Charles W1000407.JPG1000409.JPGMark Hahn
StonebackMarySep 3, 1851Aug 26, 1911wife of JM1000453.JPGMark Hahn
StonebackNorsisse EFeb 27, 18666 ys 2 m 16 dchild of Jacob & Elizabeth1009974.JPGMark Hahn
StonebackS K185019161000450.JPGMark Hahn
StrattonJames JJan 16, 1878Dec 4, 1952CPL CO A 2 REGT ILL INF SP AM1000345.JPGMark Hahn
StrattonMargaret G187719431000344.JPGMark Hahn
SuperBruce W19401996husband, father1000643.JPGMark Hahn
SuperClaudia A1953____married Oct 18, 19751000643.JPGMark Hahn
SuperStella D187419351000482.JPGMark Hahn
SutherlandIsabelNov 2, 190786 yrswife of James1009957.JPG1009958.JPGMark Hahn
SutherlandIsabelNov 2, 190786 yrswife of James1009961.JPGMark Hahn
SutherlandJohn SampleDec 9, 18__7 yrsson of J & I1009953.JPG1009954.JPGMark Hahn
SutherlandJohn SampleDec 9, 18__son of J & I1009957.JPG1009959.JPGMark Hahn
SutherlandMaryMar 2_, 187834 yrs?dau of J & M1009960.JPGMark Hahn
TerryIrina E Sharp193519961000646.JPGMark Hahn
TeterSarah EJan 28, 1850Oct 11, 1881dau of David A & Lydia Ann1000526.JPGMark Hahn
ThomasGeorge1929____1000645.JPGMark Hahn
ThomasJean193420081000645.JPGMark Hahn
ThompsonCecil193019591009880.JPG1009881.JPGMark Hahn
ThompsonCharles WJan 22, 1923Sept 6, 1999S1 US Navy WWII1000432.JPG1000433.JPGMark Hahn
ThompsonFrankMar 27, 1904Nov 9, 19741000314.JPGMark Hahn
ThompsonJohn RMarch 1963Aug 19631010278.JPGMark Hahn
ThompsonJulia EJuly 22, 1926_____married Feb 7, 19581000432.JPGMark Hahn
ThompsonLavern FDec 3, 1925Mar 29, 19971009804.JPGMark Hahn
ThompsonLillian L192519591009880.JPGMark Hahn
ThompsonMyrtleJuly 29, 1906Aug 24, 20061000314.JPGMark Hahn
ThompsonNorma JSept 10, 1932_____1009804.JPGMark Hahn
ThompsonPeter JJun 4, 1914Jan 15, 1997CPL US Army WWII1010283.JPGMark Hahn
ThompsonWanda M192219891010284.JPGMark Hahn
TingleyEthel G19082003mother, grandmother1009810.JPGMark Hahn
TurnerDonald J193319861009816.JPG1009817.JPGMark Hahn
TurnerJune A1936____1009816.JPGMark Hahn
UllrichHelen S190019941009889.JPGMark Hahn
UllrichJohn H189719811009889.JPGMark Hahn
Unknown1000411.JPGMark Hahn
Unknown1009918.JPG1009919.JPGMark Hahn
Unknown1009928.JPGMark Hahn
Unknown1009937.JPGMark Hahn
Unknown1009938.JPGMark Hahn
Unknown1009942.JPGMark Hahn
Unknown1009949.JPG1009950.JPGMark Hahn
Unknown1009955.JPGMark Hahn
Unknown1009956.JPGMark Hahn
Unknown1009962.JPGMark Hahn
Unknown1009963.JPGMark Hahn
Unknown1009964.JPGMark Hahn
Unknown1009995.JPGMark Hahn
Unknown1010032.JPGMark Hahn
Unknown1010038.JPGMark Hahn
Unknown1010040.JPGMark Hahn
Unknown1010049.JPG1010048.JPGMark Hahn
Unknown1010050.JPGMark Hahn
Unknown1010056.JPGMark Hahn
UnknownSep 23, 1850?1010058.JPG1010057.JPGMark Hahn
UnknownFeb 13, 18__84 y 1 mo 5 d1010060.JPG1010059.JPGMark Hahn
UnknownJuly 31, 1898Oct 27, 18981010071.JPGMark Hahn
Unknown1010080.JPGMark Hahn
Unknown1010097.JPGMark Hahn
Unknown1010098.JPGMark Hahn
Unknown1010111.JPGMark Hahn
Unknown1010114.JPGMark Hahn
UnknownMay 31, 1868Dec 29, 18731010119.JPGMark Hahn
UnknownMay 15, 1836Aug 10, 18861010120.JPGMark Hahn
Unknown1010145.JPGMark Hahn
Unknown1010166.JPGMark Hahn
ValerioCharles S19081992dad1010220.JPGMark Hahn
ValerioEdna M19152004mom1010220.JPGMark Hahn
WJ CMay 2, 1823June 19, 190_1010121.JPGMark Hahn
WakemanLeslie W190419611000606.JPGMark Hahn
WakemanMinetta L190319931000606.JPGMark Hahn
WalkerAlbert182118961010160.JPG1010161.JPGMark Hahn
WalkerAlex190319841010198.JPGMark Hahn
WalkerDiantha1824?wife of Albert1010160.JPGMark Hahn
WalkerDonald RobertDec 9, 1933Feb 25, 2002son of Alex & Ethel; PFC US Army1010199.JPG1010201.JPGMark Hahn
WalkerEdward R191019871000502.JPGMark Hahn
WalkerEthel19092001married Sept 11, 19291010198.JPGMark Hahn
WalkerHalver R187019391000501.JPGMark Hahn
WalkerInfant Sonson of Mr & Mrs Edward Walker1000503.JPGMark Hahn
WalkerLeRoy189819661010250.JPGMark Hahn
WalkerLouise B1912____1000502.JPGMark Hahn
WalkerNellie M187019311000501.JPGMark Hahn
WalkerNorma1941____1010252.JPGMark Hahn
WalkerViola M191019941010251.JPGMark Hahn
WallenLillian E188119541000356.JPGMark Hahn
WanmerEllen185019271000449.JPGMark Hahn
WanmerUriah18381915Co F1000447.JPG1000448.JPGMark Hahn
WatkinsEdna M19052001wife1000524.JPGMark Hahn
WatkinsMamie187519481000523.JPGMark Hahn
WatkinsRaymond19011971husband; married Aug 28, 19241000524.JPGMark Hahn
WatkinsWilliam186719251000522.JPGMark Hahn
WatsonMartin GJan 24, 1932Nov 1, 20021009833.JPGMark Hahn
WatsonRobin LeeAug 29, 1965Jan 14, 2000daughter1009834.JPGMark Hahn
WatsonShirley MJuly 15, 1934_____1009833.JPGMark Hahn
WawczakEdward AJul 27, 1921Nov 5, 1988TEC5 US Army WWII1009785.JPG1009786.JPGMark Hahn
WawczakEvan ThomasAug 16, 1996Aug 27, 19961009782.JPGMark Hahn
WawczakJoan L1931____1009785.JPGMark Hahn
WawczakLisa AnnOct 29, 1964_____1009784.JPGMark Hahn
WawczakThomas EdwardMay 15, 1964_____1009783.JPGMark Hahn
WawczakWalter AJul 27, 1921Mar 12, 2001SSGT US Army WWII1009787.JPGMark Hahn
WeberCaleb E?188619021000577.JPG1000576.JPGMark Hahn
WeberEdward1000577.JPG1000578.JPGMark Hahn
WebsterAnna Mae Osmonson192920071010275.JPGMark Hahn
WebsterHarold F189119701000414.JPGMark Hahn
WebsterMyrtle O189419661000414.JPGMark Hahn
WebsterRoger DJul 16, 1926Oct 30, 1988PFC US Army WWII1010275.JPG1010276.JPGMark Hahn
WebsterWayne EdmondApr 20, 1919Mar 14, 2002US Army Air Forces WWII1000415.JPGMark Hahn
WehrHenryApr 25, 189280 yrs 1 mo 5 ds1010090.JPG1010091.JPGMark Hahn
WeltonA V182819051010083.JPGMark Hahn
WeltonByron185419161010079.JPGMark Hahn
WeltonLaura182919081010082.JPGMark Hahn
WeltonMinnie186619361010079.JPGMark Hahn
Welton1010081.JPGMark Hahn
WendellEvelyn BrooksApr 30, 1918Sept 21, 2001mother1000627.JPGMark Hahn
WheatleyElizaSept 2, 188_wife of John1010068.JPGMark Hahn
WheatleyJohn NApril 29, 188365 years 1 mo1010067.JPGMark Hahn
WhiteAbrahamMar 7, 1825Mar 21, 18981010139.JPGMark Hahn
WhiteBarton WJuly 8, 1850Feb 28, 19181000386.JPGMark Hahn
WhiteLena MApr 21, 1860Aug 23, 19101000386.JPGMark Hahn
WhiteRachelSep 16, 1828Nov 28, 1893wife of Abraham1010139.JPGMark Hahn
WhiteRuth E19041957wife1010243.JPGMark Hahn
WiekertJ Harold191119911009816.JPG1009818.JPGMark Hahn
WiekertMarjorie L191220001009816.JPGMark Hahn
WilliamsAlice K185219311010123.JPGMark Hahn
WilliamsAlice N186119171010134.JPG1010133.JPGMark Hahn
WilliamsAlma F191419691010296.JPGMark Hahn
WilliamsDaniel T184619231010123.JPGMark Hahn
WilliamsDonald Raymond PH DAug 20, 1918_____son1000343.JPG1000339.JPGMark Hahn
WilliamsEdith M186419291010135.JPG1010133.JPGMark Hahn
WilliamsEdward H187619611000357.JPGMark Hahn
WilliamsElmer E190519831010296.JPGMark Hahn
WilliamsGeo W187119401000547.JPGMark Hahn
WilliamsGeorge D18851922father1000420.JPGMark Hahn
WilliamsJacob F188319351000353.JPGMark Hahn
WilliamsJessie E188419621000354.JPGMark Hahn
WilliamsJune Evelyn DowningJun 22, 1917Aug 2, 1967daughter1000342.JPG1000339.JPGMark Hahn
WilliamsLaura M188319541000357.JPGMark Hahn
WilliamsMargaret E187319521000429.JPGMark Hahn
WilliamsMaron O187719841010136.JPG1010133.JPGMark Hahn
WilliamsMaryMar 23, 188473 yrs 2 mo 7 dswife of William1010126.JPG1010127.JPGMark Hahn
WilliamsMyrtle Frances WassmanJul 20, 1893Sep 18, 1992mother1000341.JPG1000339.JPGMark Hahn
WilliamsRoland G190719941010298.JPGMark Hahn
WilliamsStanley FletcherJul 14, 1888Feb 29, 1976father1000340.JPG1000339.JPGMark Hahn
WilliamsVilla187619171000546.JPGMark Hahn
WilliamsVilla M191219881010298.JPGMark Hahn
WilliamsWilliamJan 10, 18671010128.JPGMark Hahn
WilliamsWilliam T187419621000429.JPGMark Hahn
WorkmanRichard J Jr "Ricky"Aug 16, 1961July 11, 19981009803.JPGMark Hahn
WorthleyLloyd F188219391000323.JPGMark Hahn
WrenEdward18861958father1000594.JPGMark Hahn
WrenEdward BJuly 19, 1911Feb 8, 1974PVT US Army WWII1010301.JPG1010303.JPGMark Hahn
WrenEdward L "Sonny"June 18, 1938Dec 4, 1957son of Edward & Pearl1000595.JPG1000596.JPGMark Hahn
WrenIrene1916____married May 28, 19341010233.JPGMark Hahn
WrenMaria Elizabeth18931941mother1000593.JPGMark Hahn
WrenPearl B RoseJuly 6, 1917July 14, 19651010300.JPG1010299.JPGMark Hahn
WrenWilson191320031010233.JPGMark Hahn
WrightSarah Dewey183519181010006.JPG1010007.JPGMark Hahn
YoungMargery EJuly 22, 1830Nov 19, 18981010092.JPGMark Hahn
YounkerElizabeth RidgeDec 5, 1856May 1, 1920wife of John1000513.JPGMark Hahn
YounkerJohn185519411000513.JPGMark Hahn
YutaniE Kay McArdleAug 30, 1940Mar 25, 19951009887.JPGMark Hahn
YutaniWilliam YMay 12, 1940July 14, 19971009887.JPGMark Hahn
ZinkAnna C191719891010223.JPGMark Hahn
ZinkRobert M190419791010223.JPGMark Hahn

Sample Cemetery Views

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