Aux Sable Cemetery A – F Surnames

Aux Sable Cemetery is located on Brown Road in Aux Sable Township, Morris, Grundy County, Illinois.

[Brackets indicate additional information obtained from burial records located at the Morris Library]

Aux Sable Cemetery Sign

Aux Sable Cemetery Sign. Notice the misspelling of the word cemetery as cemetary.

Surnames: A – F * G – P * R – Y

SurnameFirst NameDOBDODInscriptionPhotoSectionAdd'l
AchtienEthel MApr 15, 1885June 11, 1909niece of WC & Hattie DeanGrave of Ethel M. Achtien
AndertonJohnJan 26, 1834______fatherGrave of John Anderton
AndertonMary Emotherphoto
AndertonMary FMay 4, 1860Jan 31, 1873Grave of Mary F. Anderton
AndrewsEliza Janewife of George W Andrews; dau of J & MA VanZantGrave of Eliza Jane Andrews
AndrewsGeorge M18231885fatherGrave of George M. Andrews
AndrewsHenryDec 21, 1865April 11, 1866son of GM & SA AndrewsGrave of Henry Andrews
AndrewsSarah A18301868wife of George M AndrewsGrave of Sarah A. Andrews
BaileyBarbaraMay 19, 1960photo
BakerEthel FMarch 22, 1887Sept 8, 1946photo; photo
BakerLydiaNov 19, 1866aged 3 yrs 2 ms; dau of H & S Bakerphoto
BakerSarah J18521921photo
BakerWilliam18581935photo; photo
BarnetJesse Hague18821931photo
BartlettAmanda Cryder1834Dec 16, 1855wife of Jonas Bartlett; dau of Elizabeth Cryderphoto
BeaneArthur L18651924photo
BeaneElizabeth GJan 14, 1874aged 33 ys 9 ms 9 ds; wife of FJ Beane; dau of Z & C Walleyphoto
BeaneFrederick JohnMch 23, 1826 Norfolk, EnglandNov 20, 1895 Los Angeles, Calphoto; photo
BeaneIda B18741945motherphoto
BeaneIrvin Horacephoto
BeaneWalley C18671934fatherphoto
BeaneWilliam F/Willie FMay 14, 1864aged 1 yr 6 ms 14 dsphoto; photo
BedfordClaire V18821969wifephoto
BedfordFrank C18651958fatherphoto; photo
BedfordGertrude M18711912motherphoto
BedfordWilliam H18611940fatherphoto; photo
Bedford-RushtonElma M MantheiJune 15, 1910May 25, 1995photo
BellmHerman A19101998photo
BellmNell V19141988photo
BinkeleJanette A10-14-146-3-99photo
BinkeleOtto R2-24-1011-4-93photo
BlaineNettie M18781972photo
BlyAdelaide Hampsonaged 37 yrsphoto
BlyClaude Oaged 2 yrsphoto
BlyFrances A HuntJune 4, 1846April 4, 1909wife of Wm L Blyphoto
BlyJohn W18661930photo
BlyLibby May18691966photo
BlyMartha McCloud19051937photo
BlyOrin Kaged 77 yrsphoto
BlyWilliam LSep 9, 1846Mar 21, 1899Private Co I 2nd Reg ILL Light Art'yphoto
BlyWilliam L19072000photo
BoyerAlmira18381926wife of Joseph A Boyerphoto
BoyerJoseph A18301886photo
BoyleEmma R ProhaskaApr 1, 1921Dec 5 2005photo
BoyleLawrence AOct 4, 1924____married Oct 26, 1946photo
BradshawElizabethJune 28, 1858aged 11 ms 5 ds; dau of H & H Bradshawphoto
BradshawWilliamSept 7, 1858aged 1 year 1 mo 14 ds; son of H & H Bradshawphoto
BraytonWhipplelot 76 East
BrownAlmiraOct 31, 1861Nov 28, 1893wife of SA Brown; dau of EB & J Tablerphoto
BrownBeulaApr 23, 1883aged 3 yrs 10 ms 11 dsphoto
BrownEtta S18791914photo
BrownMabel CAug 26, 1885Jan 6, 1984photo
BrownPaul T18811963photo
BrownRaymond CAug 11, 1911Feb 21, 1917son of Raymond & Mabel Brownphoto
BrownRaymond S, MDFeb 12, 1879Apr 18, 1956photo
BrownSarah A18241909photo
BurklowThelma IJune 26, 1910Sept 29, 2004photo
CalvinAlice Tabler18711957photo
CalvinCharles Henry18621936photo
CalvinGlenJuly 9, 1905infant son of C & A Calvinphoto
CarlsonGertrude M18831965photo
CarrAustin L18951984photo
CarrElva L18971962motherphoto
CarrFrank L18621935photo
CarrFrank WFeb 21, 1887Apr 2, 1960photo
CarrJ Craig18921959fatherphoto
CarrJoseph CarlJan 19, 1949Dec 13, 1971photo
CarrJoseph CraigJune 6, 1920Jan 5, 1959IL S SGT CO B 143 INF REGT WWII BSMphoto
CarrKathryn H18921955photo
CarrMary C18631943photo
CarrPhamie BOct 1, 1891Dec 23, 1949photo
CarterJoseph FSept 12, 1849aged 41 yrs 6 msphoto
CharltonGeorgeaged 2 yrs 2 ms; child of Martin & Isabella Charltonphoto
CharltonMartinDec 15, 1860Dec 15, 1860child of Martin & Isabella Charltonphoto
ChurchillEdna E18781954photo
ChurchillMarsha E1922____photo
ChurchillRalph WAug 8, 1905July 28, 1976photo
ChurchillRufus J18731957photo; photo
ChurchillWinston J19201984photo
ColeJanice Susanne19421971photo
CollinsAnnFeb 20, 1825June 5, 1912photo; photosubmitted by Lea Sharp
CollinsAnna HApr 3, 1855Jan 4, 1942photo
CollinsClifford Gordon18891951photo
CollinsCryderNov 13, 1923aged 68 yrs 7 msphoto; photo
CollinsEdwardApril 30, 1829Sept 27, 1839son of Joshua & Margaret R Collins Senphotosubmitted by Lea Sharp
CollinsEmma18731959wife of Cryder Collinsphoto; photosubmitted by Lea Sharp
CollinsEmma ENov 20, 1864Aug 10, 1892age 27 yrs 8 mo 20 daphoto; photosubmitted by Lea Sharp
CollinsEunice Hoge18931971photo
CollinsFranklinJan 30, 1835Mar 22, 1845photo
CollinsGordon Hoge19162000photo
CollinsHannah Mary CryderDec 30, 1824Aug 5, 1845wife of Jeremiah Collinsphoto
CollinsHarriet4th Aug 182218th Jan 1903wife of Joshuaphoto; photo
CollinsHeber H18921953photo
CollinsInfantdau of Oscar & Alicephoto
CollinsIrma J19101989photo
CollinsJanice Sachse19181996photo
CollinsJeremiahSep 19, 1820Feb 12, 1910photo; photo
CollinsJoshua19th Sept 182014th June 1879photo; photo
CollinsJoshua EOct 7, 1859Oct 26, 1891age 32 yrs 19 daphoto: photoobit; submitted by Lea Sharp
CollinsJoshua RNov 13, 1854May 15, 1921photo; photosubmitted by Lea Sharp
CollinsJoshua SrSept 4, 1779Aug 27, 1841photosubmitted by Lea Sharp
CollinsLillySept 8, 1893wife of Cryder Collins; aged 36 yrs 3 ms 23 dsphoto; photosubmitted by Lea Sharp
CollinsLois A18941956photo
CollinsMargaret RoweOct 27, 1790Sept 3, 1839photosubmitted by Lea Sharp
CollinsMargaret WApr 28, 1833Mar 22, 1914photo; photosubmitted by Lea Sharp
CollinsMary H15th May 185713th May 1881only dau of Jeremiah & Margaret W Collinsphotosubmitted by Lea Sharp
CollinsMary M9th Aug 184913th Mar 1851dau of Joshua & Harriet Collinsphoto; photo
CollinsOscar E18601947photo
CollinsOur Little InfantJan 10, 1857son of John & Cecelia Collinsphotosubmitted by Lea Sharp
CollinsOur Little InfantApr 10, 1858son of John & Cecelia Collinsphotosubmitted by Lea Sharp
CollinsPearl H18951989photo
CollinsPhilipJuly 31, 1812July 31, 1895photo; photosubmitted by Lea Sharp
CollinsPhilip C19101970photo
CollinsPhilip Henryinfant son of Hannah Mary Cryder Collinsphotosubmitted by Lea Sharp
CollinsPhillip C Jr19461979sonphotosubmitted by Lea Sharp
CollinsSamuel LowellOct 6, 1915Jun 13, 1943SSGT US Army WWII 94th Bomb GP 410th Bomb SQphoto
CollinsSarah EApr 27, 1863dau of GW & MJ Collins; aged 16 dsphotosubmitted by Lea Sharp
CoopAlma M19021982photo
CoopCharles H19261976photo
CoopEstella I18801923photo
CoopFrank18811957photo; photo
CoopGlenn C18971980photo
CoopJamesJune 24, 1870aged 77 ys [stone is located with Mary Coop]photo
CoopJohn H1896son of Jeffrey & Carrie Coopphoto
CoopSarah F18521920photo
CoopWilbur R18781951photo; photo
CryderAlex MAug 24, 1991photo
CryderAlvin B18871932sonphoto
CryderArthur F18951961sonphoto
CryderBrent AndrewMay 11, 1969Nov 15, 1974photo
CryderCatherine Jeane19291939photo
CryderCharles B19011977fatherphoto
CryderDana HApr 13, 1953Aug 18, 2003photo
CryderDavid WilliamApr 13, 1953infant son of Hartford & Ceceliaphoto
CryderDema L18831953daughterphoto
CryderDorothy M19232000photo
CryderE LarryNov 8, 1941Aug 23, 1996PFC US Armyphoto; photo
CryderEdwin C18911954sonphoto
CryderEdwin T18551921fatherphoto; photo
CryderEliza18481854photo; photo
CryderElizabethJan 15, 1807Sept 13, 1879photo
CryderElizabeth A18601938motherphoto
CryderElva L19131933daughterphoto
CryderEugene G18601945photo; photo
CryderFlorence M18881936daughterphoto
CryderFrancis M18491854photo; photo
CryderFrancis WOct 17, 1914Dec 12, 2000photo
CryderFrank A18581934fatherphoto; photo
CryderHartford DAug 17, 1927Jan 31, 1993TEC 4 US Armyphoto
CryderHelen BarnesJan 3, 1896Jan 21, 1986wife of John H Cryderphoto
CryderHenryDec 19, 1847aged 67 yrsphotosubmitted by Lea Sharp
CryderHenryJan 10, 1831Nov 17, 1870fatherphoto; photo; photo
CryderHenryAug 5, 1894aged 19 yrs 11 ms; only son of I & M Cryderphoto; photo
CryderHenry B18841928fatherphoto
CryderIda SherrillNov 4, 1863Nov 6, 1950wife of Israel Vancleve Cryderphoto
CryderIsraelMar 11, 1835Apr 22, 1925photo; photo
CryderIsrael HAug 4, 1827Jan 14, 1857photo
CryderIsrael VancleveMay 8, 1864June 19, 1928photo; photo
CryderJennie E18631953photo
CryderJessieApril 5, 1888aged 10 yrs; dau of I & M Cryderphoto; photoobit
CryderJohn H1920____photo
CryderJohn HenrySept 19, 1895Feb 3, 1956son of Wm & Lucena Cryderphoto
CryderLewis H18531854photo; photo
CryderLewis SherrillNov 19, 1889May 21, 1983photo
CryderLida M18851887photo
CryderMargaret McKanna18601933motherphoto; photo
CryderMary Ann HessSept 27, 1857aged 72 yrs; wife of Henry Cryder; DAR plaque: Mary Ann Hess Cryder Dau of a Rev Soldier placed by Alida Bliss Chapter DARphoto; plaque; 2006 photosubmitted by Lea Sharp
CryderMary EJan 8, 1805Apr 16, 1851wife of Michael S Cryderphoto
CryderMary E VanCleaveDec 15, 1833Nov 19, 1903wife of Henry Cryder; motherphoto; photoobit
CryderMary HampsonJune 7, 1839July 3, 1917wife of Israel Cryderphoto; photo
CryderMaureen EJan 20, 1920Dec 28, 2004photo
CryderMaybelle ElySept 2, 1902Oct 18, 1987photo
CryderMH18201908photo; photo; photo
CryderMildred H18921906photo
CryderPearl M19061956motherphoto
CryderRachel18171894wife of MH Cryderphoto; photo; photo
CryderRay EugeneNov 18, 1897May 23, 1989
CryderSusanJuly 15, 1838aged 13 yrs; dau of Henry & Mary Ann Cryderphoto; photo; 2006 photosubmitted by Lea Sharp
CryderWilliam H18601932fatherphoto
CryerJohn HDec 6, 1875Mar 17, 1954photo; photo
CryerMargueriteMay 31, 1908Nov 6, 1925photo
CryerMayMay 24, 1879Dec 28, 1916photo
CurtisCharles J18961959photo
CurtisEvelyn T19071985photo
DarlingGeorge Andrew1888April 1, 1929IL Sergt 341 Battn Tank Corps, fatherphoto; photo
DarlingTheodore GFeb 25, 1914Oct 30, 1967son; IL PFC HQ CO 331 INFphoto; photo
DavisClarence CJuly 4, 1882Jan 15, 1956photo
DavisClarence C19231983photo
DavisEva Mae19251986photo
DavisFlorence B19132005photo
DavisFloyd EMar 12, 1888Dec 16, 1918photo
DavisMaria WalleyMar 20, 1845June 30, 1917photo
DavisPeter HJune 18, 1840Dec 17, 1917photo; photo
DavisRussell H19121996photo
DavisSigne OOct 6, 1888Feb 4, 1980photo
DeanAlbert H18571925photo
DeanAnna Mae18951983motherphoto
DeanArthur L Sr18901934fatherphoto
DeanFannie H18641948photo; photo
DeanGeorge18631922photo; photo
DeanHattieJune 9, 1853_____wife of WC Deanphoto
DeanLloyd O19172000sonphoto
DeanWCDec 21, 1848Aug 5, 1912husbandphoto; photo
DevickDoris MFeb 6, 1919Mar 27, 1990photo
DevickLyle JJune 22, 1918Feb 25, 1983photo
DirstLaraAug 4, 1971great-granddaughterphoto
EdmondsonE Ray18911967photo
EdmondsonEarl19191928son of R & M Edmondsonphoto
EdmondsonEdward18481933fatherphoto; photo
EdmondsonMartin J18821957fatherphoto
EdmondsonMildred C18921975photo
EdmondsonN Mae18851967motherphoto
EdmondsonTheresa Phillips18571929motherphoto
EdwardsS/Sgt Thomas Robert19141944US Army Medical Corp; husbandphoto
ElkinsCharles I18841939fatherphoto
EllisMartha Ann18831918motherphoto
EricsonFrances E19091993photo
EricsonLloyd V19011959photo
FalkenbergHuldah V18571915wife of Hphoto
FalkenbergM Martin18461914photo
FalkenbergMary A18531924wife of M Martinphoto
FancherNellie M18961935photo
FancherPurlMay 4, 1934IL Seaman 1CLphoto
FancherWilliam RFeb 16, 1924July 5, 1993brother, unclephoto
FergusonAlmyra Lamb Williams18261916photo; photoobit
FergusonClark L18351916LIEUT Regt Coms'y 4 US Cavphoto; military
FergusonEdna B18611938motherphoto
FergusonGardner D18061885photo; photo
FergusonJohn18371852photo; photo
FergusonJuliet Ann Boss18111852photo; photo
FergusonLouisa18511852photo; photo
FergusonSamuel A18551931fatherphoto
FerryHazel A19001981photo
FerryJohn PJune 13, 1894July 2, 1961IL PFC CO C 129 INF WWIphoto
FlorHayden C19172002photo
FlorMary Fay Shufelt19191999photo
FosterAgnes L18991977photo
FosterEdward W18981956photo
FosterMattie M18771956motherphoto
FosterWilliam A18731942fatherphoto
FowlerCharles Hson of LD & MA Fowlerphoto
FowlerMary A LordMar 19, 1850Dec 16, 1881wife of LD Fowler; dau of Robert & Alice Lordphoto; photo
FullerCol Harry FAug 8, 1918Apr 22, 1996US Army Ret, husband, fatherphoto
FullerJane CMar 28, 1920Jan 18, 1991wife & motherphoto
Built By Aux Sable Cemetery Assn 1913 Margaret Collins, Pres Louisa Walley, Sec Emily Widney, Treas

Building built By Aux Sable Cemetery Assn 1913 Margaret Collins, Pres Louisa Walley, Sec Emily Widney, Treas

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