Braceville-Gardner Cemetery

Braceville-Gardner Cemetery (aka Augustine or Braceville Grove Cemetery) was established in 1882. It’s located on 7295 East Braceville Road, Section 26, Braceville Township, Grundy County, Illinois, 60407.

Sexton: 311 E. Division St., Braceville, IL 60407 (815)237-8696

Brackets indicate additional information obtained from burial records located at the Morris Library or name of submitter.

Braceville-Gardner Cemetery Sign

Braceville-Gardner Cemetery Sign

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Braceville-Gardner Cemetery Map

Braceville-Gardner Cemetery Map; submitted by Dawn McCluckie


  1. Al Wege

    Is there a Revolutionary war veteran buried at your cemetery?

  2. Curtis Letch

    I have a grandfather buried in the cemetery. He abandoned the family and I only recently found that he was buried there. I will be driving through the area and plan on stopping. Is there an office that would have information?

  3. Cindy L. Darling

    My husband’s great grandparents are buried In Braceville- Gardner Cemetery. John Harris and Alice Harris. (photo 6562 section 19) There is a photo of their headstone. It is a long one, and includes another three names- Kenneth Grude, and John W and Mary Hurst. They are all on one long headstone. Can you tell me what this indicates? I cannot find any family relation, and even so, why one long headstone for 5 different people?

    • Carol Peck

      Check to see if married related as brother sister cousins check to see if any graves were mass graves check your census too. My Great Great Aunt And Uncle buried in this cemetary too

    • Cindy L. Darling

      thanks. so far I have not found any relationship between the young boy and the married couple with our grandparents. Its just such a weird headstone, to have all five names close on one stones.. not even room for graves in between. I have never encountered something like that before. Plus they all died at different times, some many years apart.

    • Janice

      Hi Cindy,

      Kenneth Hurst Grude was born 3/25/1929 in Joliet, Will County, IL and died 4/24/1932 in Chicago, Cook County, IL. His parents were Ingmar Grude and Lucille Hurst. Lucille is the daughter of John Hurst and Mary Harris. Kenneth is the grandson of John and Mary Hurst. They’re all related.

      I hope that helps.

  4. Carol Peck

    My gguncle and aunt are buried here in section 20 is this cemetary near a place called good farm and the mazon creek or river does anyone know ..

    • Carol Peck

      Its ok I found where it is its in the Braceville Cemetary thanks for fast reply

    • Alan Olson

      Goodfarm is a township near this cemetery.

  5. David Thames

    It does not appear that “Sections” listed in the listings on these pages match the “Block” or “Lot” numbers listed on the cemetery maps. Can someone please post how to locate individual graves listed using what is listed on this website?

    Thank you

  6. Diane Parkinson

    Find A Grave Index lists “Thomas Spiers Grandfather” in Braceville-Gardner Cemetery
    however he does not appear in your alphabetical index online. Is this a misprint or do you have any information on Thomas? Thank you

    • GrundyILGW

      Dianne, we have nothing indicating Thomas Spiers grandfather as being buried in the cemetery. Remember that anybody can add information into FindAGrave’s listings. Unless you see a source, or an actual photograph of the gravestone, then the information is highly suspect.

    • James Craver

      Can you tell us where Marie A. Craver and Charles Craver are buried? I was here today and never found them. Also looked for Tommy and Sara Craver
      I never found them either.

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