Cinotto Family

Derickson & Doram Family

Gould Family

Kingsbury & Peterson Family

Palmer Family Photos (offsite link)

Verino-Vasek Wedding ca 1942

Weldon, Harpham & Smith Family

Unknown photos purchased at an antique store in Coal City. If you can identify any of these people, please contact Deb Haines (email at the bottom of the page). Thanks!

Unknown Baby, photo taken in Chicago

Unknown Baby, photo taken Brooklyn NY

Unknown Baby

Unknown Boy, 1916, photo taken in Joliet

Unknown Family

Unknown Girl

Unknown Girl, photo taken Foley's Art Studio, Joliet IL

Unknown Girl

Unknown Girl

Unknown Girl, postcard addressed to Mrs Cora Osman, Morris IL: My dear Cora, How are you I am planning on visiting you this fall will write you with particulars later on. This is my baby's picture not very good. Elizabeth

Unknown Girls, photo taken Elerding, Morris IL

Unknown Group

Unknown Man, photo taken in Joliet

Unknown Man

Unknown Men

Unknown School Photo, 1929, taken in Chicago

Unknown Woman, photo taken by Lee Bros., Minneapolis

Unknown Woman

Unknown Woman

Unknown Man, photo taken in Chicago

Unknown Woman, photo taken in Chicago

Unknown Wedding Couple, photo taken in Chicago

Photos purchased at an antique store in Coal City. Please contact Deb Haines for more information.

Anderson, August, photo taken in Joliet

Anderson, Freda, taken in LeSueur MN

Anderson, Harry; Harry Anderson2

Anderson, Hilda, photo taken in Princeton MN

Anderson, Hilda, Hilda's grad., Mr & Mrs Aug. Anderson, photo taken in Princeton MN

Carlson, Edvira, Mpls MN

Hilda & Dorothy, 1918

Peterson baby, photo taken McPherson, Joliet IL

Prahl, Mr & Mrs Charlie, LeSueur MN

Weimer, Ruth Elaine, 4 1/2 mos old, Martin Studio, Detroit MI

Wenczel es Toska Hanus, 1926, photo taken in Chicago

Winsor, Jay, photo taken Princeton MN

Carlson, Walden - This photo was identified by Lisa McClean.�Merlin Carlson is her great-uncle who lived in Minneapolis MN with his wife and son.�He was born in 1898 and died in 1972.�This photo has been returned to Merlin�s family.�Please contact Lisa McClean for more information regarding the Carlson family.

Unknown Grundy County Man

Courtesy of Rodney Gould

This photo was found by a Molk family relative in my grandpa, William Gould's, house on Goold Street in Braceville after he died and my grandma moved to WI. We think it may be a Schofield photo. The Schofield family moved to Gardner, Grundy County from Mossley, Lancashire, England early in the 1800's. My great-aunt Annie Gould married Willis Schofield and we think this may be him.�It's been a mystery to our family for some time. If your can identify this photo, please contact me.

Unknown Man

Courtesy of Linda Bossow

He may be a relative of the Baker, Cockeram, or Wilson families of Morris, IL.

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