1863 Grundy County Tornado

Chicago, April 23.

A terrific tornado occurred in the vicinity of Grundy county on Saturday last. It first visited the town of Norman, where the fences were prostrated. From there its course was plainly traced to the town of Mazon. Houses were torn from their foundations and dashed to pieces, the largest trees were torn to fragments and, with the horses and cattle, were scattered through the fields. Household furniture was carried a distance of half a mile. Other evidences of the strength of the storm were given near Mazon. Forty acres of timber were blown down. The storm appeared at this point to have spent its fury. But one person, named VINE, a resident of Mazon, was killed, and others injured, none, so far as learned, seriously.

Source: The Philadelphia Inquirer, April 24, 1863
Contributor: Deb Haines


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