History of St. Angela’s Academy Morris

1874 Map St. Angela's Academy

Cutout from Warner & Beers 1874 Atlas of Grundy County & State of Illinois showing the location of St. Angela’s Academy

Located cor. North and Spruce streets. Two terms per year, beginning the first Monday of September and 1st of March. Terms, $85 per term.

In addition to the other educational institutions of Morris, there is located an Academy under the charge of the Sisters of the Holy Cross, being a branch of the famous Academy of St. Mary’s, at South Bend, Indiana. It was founded by Mother Angela, in 1857, Sister Ambrose being the first Superioress, and serving in that capacity from 1857 to 1861, when Sister Arsene took charge, continuing there until 1867 when Sister Francis relieved her, and discharged the offices and duty of Superioress until the year 1875, when Sister Claudine took charge, being the present Superioress. The Academy is located in the northeastern part of the city, and is very beautifully situated, overlooking the same and great stretches of prairie. The views to be obtained here are the finest in the city. The Academy buildings are large and commodious; the grounds are lain off with taste and neatly kept, making a pleasant home for the young ladies attending. The Faculty consists of ten Sisters, with four assistants. The course consists of Scientific, English and Classics, French and German taught by native teachers, Painting, both water and oil, also upon silk and satin, Drawing upon the perspective plan, Crayon and Pastille, Modeling, Plain and Ornamental Needlework, Music, &c. There are two sessions per year, commencing the first Monday in September, and the 1st of February. Terms, including board, washing, tuition and entrance fee, $85 per term. Music, Drawing and Painting, Latin, French and German extra. The success of St. Angela’s, and the many living testimonials to the thorough skill in teaching, and completeness of its course of instruction, that are scattered over this and adjoining States, renders any comment upon our part superfluous. Its graduates are everywhere recognized as ornaments of society, and as accomplished ladies. The citizens of Morris may well congratulate themselves that St. Angela was moved to found this Academy in their city. May its beneficent influence never cease.

Source: Lawrence & Thompson’s Grundy County Directory, 1877-1878


  1. Lucille Fisher

    are there records of students who attended St. angela’s academy in the 1870;s

    • John Zappia

      Hi Lucille, the Grundy County History Museum in Morris, Illinois may have records for St. Angelas Academy. You can contact the museum to see if they have records. I volunteer at the museum and I will also check our records.

    • John Zappia

      Lucille, I am working on a history of St. Angela’s Academy. So far, I have a list of those who were attending there in 1870. I can send it to you via email.

    • Thomas C Smith

      Contact the archivist for the sisters. Check their website for details.

  2. Janet OLaughlin

    Hi, I’m in possession of a gold cross emblem from a relative who graduated in English in 1875 from St. Angela’s academy. Her name was Maggie Maguire from what I can see on the etching. I’m looking for more information about her. Not sure if you have records.
    Also there’s a etching on front of medallion. I can’t make out what it says, so any insight would be helpful. I can send a pic if you have a historian who can help.

    • Tina Atkinson

      I would be honored to do some research on your relative, Maggie Maguire! Please send picture of what you have, and any more information you may have. I’ll have to look around some, but I may even have a picture.

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