Goold Family of Grundy County Illinois

H. C. GOOLD, Druggist

Goold Mausoleum Photo

Goold Mausoleum Photo

The above named gentleman, is one of the citizens of Morris deserving especial mention, as much of his life has been passed in Morris, and he has been largely identified with its history, growth and prosperity. Mr. GOOLD came to Morris in the year 1848, and soon entered into partnership with his brother C. H. GOOLD, they opened a bank and began a real estate business. Their transactions in the latter were very extensive, and there is probably no one firm that ever transferred(sic) more real estate in the northern part of the State of Illinois, than that of C. H. & H. C. GOOLD. In 1867, H. C. GOOLD sold out his interest to his brother, and soon after engaged in the drug business, which he has since followed, being very successful in the same. He has been once elected Alderman of the city, and three consecutive times County Superintendent of schools, defeating at each of these elections some of the best men in Grundy county, which simple fact testifies to the estimation the people have of him, and the confidence they repose in him. Mr. GOOLD is the proprietor of the fine block of buildings upon the corner of Washington and Liberty streets, comprising the four stores occupied as follows: upon Washington st., his own drug store, the corner store occupied by Reinhard, Meyer & Co., the one upon Liberty st., by MEYER Bros., and the one adjoining which Mrs. Carrie MEYERS now occupies as a millinery store. But the work he has accomplished and upon which he has expended the closest and most careful thought has been the building up of the Congregational Church and Society, he has contributed of his means liberally has ever taken an active part in the Sabbath School and Bible class connected with the church, and is today one of the most active members in the society. There are few men in the city of Morris more universally respected than H. C. GOOLD.1

Hon. C. H. GOOLD, Banker

After searching through our long list of business men, we came to the conclusion, that we cannot open our editorial department in a more appropriate manner than by presenting to our readers a sketch of the business life of the above named gentleman, as he has been identified with the growth and prosperity of Grundy County since the days of its first settlement.

C. H. GOOLD was born in Churchville, Monroe county, New York, July 16th, 1816. His father was a clothier, and C. H. received only the meagre advantages afforded at the time in the common schools by way of an education. Soon he quitted these to Commence business life as a clerk in a dry goods store in Genesse county, New York, where he remained until in 1841, when he took a stock of goods successively to Louisiana, to Hannibal, Missouri, to Rock Island, Illinois, and to Flint, Michigan, where he disposed of the same. He was successful in most of these transactions, which were, however, mainly in the interests of other parties, the chief advantage to himself being the experience and knowledge of the world which he gained. In 1845, he moved to Lamont, Illinois, and entered the service of contractors engaged in constructing the Illinois & Michigan Canal. In November of that year he came to Morris, and has ever since remained here. In 1846 he married Miss Laura A. BAKER, of Genessee county, New York, and in 1847 entered into a partnership with J. P. CHAPIN, of Chicago, and erected the first warehouse in Morris, the one at present occupied by George W. LANE. They also erected the first store of any size in Morris. Mr. GOOLD bought the first grain and pork purchased and shipped in the town, and also sold the first exchange upon New York and Chicago, as well as the first foreign exchange. In 1851 Mr. GOOLD sold out his interest in the grain business, and engaged in a regular land and real estate business; also engaged in banking. Himself and brother founded the first bank in the county in 1851. We do not exaggerate when we say that there are few men in Illinois who have conveyed more land than C. H. GOOLD. He has been long engaged in the insurance business, being one of the most prominent insurance men in the State. There have been no enterprises undertaken for the improvement of Morris, or of Grundy County, that have not received his hearty cooperation and support. He was largely interested in laying out and building Gardner, Braceville, and Coal City; in bridging the Illinois at Morris, and is now President of the Bridge Company. He has been a stockholder in the Grundy County Bank since its organization, and in 1871 was made President of the same, which office he still retains.

Our space being limited, this sketch must of necessity leave many points and interesting features connected with Mr. GOOLD’s life unnoticed. Certain are we that no one man has contributed more to the prosperity of Morris than C. H. GOOLD, and his name is, and will continue to be mentioned with pride and affection by her citizens.2

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