Cinotto Family

Cinotto Family Photo

Cinotto Family Photo

The attached photograph has the entire Cinotto Family plus my grandfather August Odille and his son Louis Odille. Louis Odille was born in 1902 and appears to be 4 or 5 in the picture. Therefore, the photo was made about 1906. Seated in the photo left is Catherine Cinotto, Antonio Simone Cinotto, Louis Odille, Jesse Cinotto and Mary Cinotto Odille Standing left to right is Louis Cinotto, Anton Cinotto (photographer of Coal City), John Cinotto, William Cinotto, Joseph Cinotto and August Odille.

Anton Cinotto arrived in the USA from northern Italy in 1881. His wife also came in 1882. Per 1910 Census, my great Grandparents, Jessie and Anton Cinotto were living in Braceville Township 3rd Precinct, Grundy Co., IL, with 4 sons Joseph, Louis, Anton and William. They also had a son John and 2 daughters Mary and Caterine. The picture may have been taken in Braceville Township. The picture was obtained from a postcard. The postcard was sent by my grandmother, Mary Cinotto, to my grandfather August Odille in 1915. The postcard indicated that Anton S. Cinotto was gravely ill. I believe he died in 1915. My great grandmother Jessie Cinotto, Anton’s wife, is seated in the middle of the five ladies. I assume that is where the picture was taken. Please note: The bio (Ref: History of Grundy Co IL 1914, pg 787) for Anton Cinotto posted on the board lists Mary “Odiele”, which is spelled incorrectly, it should be Mary Odille, who is my grandmother. Her husband, August, taught Anton photography. Anton or August probably took the above picture. Also some question as to Jessie Cincotto’s maiden name. Article has Pistocco, Marriage License has Pestote (which I think is correct) and Death Certificate has Peastock. Anton Jr. was called Tony. I am sure many of the people listed below are in the above picture. If you recognize anyone, please let me know.

Family of Anton Cinotto

Anton S. Cinotto, b abt May 1856 Northern Italy, d abt 1915. Married at Braceville, Grundy Co IL, Giacinta “Jessie” Pestote/Pistot, b abt Mar 1855 Northern Italy, d 7 Mar 1930.

  1. Louis Ramondo Cinotto, b 10 Jan 1884 Braceville, Grundy Co IL, d Mar 1973 Joliet, Will Co IL. Married Bertha Eckerley Reynolds, 26 May 1944 Braidwood IL.
  2. Joseph Cinotto, b 12 Feb 1885, d 13 Aug 1948.
  3. Anton Giuseppe Cinotto, b 27 Jan 1886; married Bessie Zip, b 1891, d 1999.
  4. Mary Cinotto, b 1887, d 6 Jan 1948 Marseilles, IL. Married Augustine Gustave Odille, b 31 Jan 1887 France, d 5 Jun 1945 Marseilles IL.
  5. John Batisty Cinotto, b 19 Mar 1889 Braceville, Grundy Co IL, d 2 Jul 1950 Elgin IL.
  6. William Cinotto, b 28 Nov 1909, d May 1973; married Anna J. Zib.
  7. Catherine Cinotto, b 4 Feb 1891 Braceville, Grundy Co IL, d 11 Jul 1969 Braidwood IL; married John Perino.


  1. Jessie and Anton renewal of their marriage vows on 12 Jan 1899 in Greenfield IL. License lists Anton’s parents as Joe Cinotto and Marcia Maria and Jessie’s parents as Loue Pestote and Catharine Young. Parents all born in Northern Italy.
  2. 1910 Census indicated Anton was a naturalized US Citizen and Anton immigrated to the USA in 1881 and Jessie in 1882. Unfortunately, I still have many unanswered questions regarding my Cinotto family. If anyone can help, please let me know.
  3. When and where did Anton S. Cinotto die? Someone unsuccessfully checked Grundy County. Perhaps Will County would know. Also looking for cemetery tombstones. Jessie Cinotto is at Mt. Olivet Cemetry in Braidwood.
  4. Per Census report Anton became US Citizen in 1900. Anton and Jessie renewed their marriage vows on 12 Jan 1899 in Greenfield, Grundy, Illinois. That is the area that he obtained his citizenship, but again no success in Grundy. I would like to find exactly where he came from in Northern Italy. Additional information just received: Antonio (Anton Cinotto) Cinotto was born in Canischio (a villiage in North Italy near Torino) in 1856. He was the son of Giuseppe Cinotto born in Canischio in 1829 and Maria Giovanna Marca born in Canischio in 1834. He married Giacinta (Jessie Pestote Cinotto) Pistot. Giacinta Pistot was born in San Colombano Belmonte (a village near Canischio) in 1853. Her parents were Luigi Pistot born in San Colombano in 1826 and died there in 1904 and Caterina Viano born in San Colombano in 1821 and died there in 1859.

Thanks for any assistance, Ralph Chick


Courtesy of Ralph Chick

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