Prairie Farmer's Directory of Grundy and Kendall Counties Illinois
Business Directory

Compiled and Published by Prairie Farmer Publishing Co., Chicago, Illinois


ALLEN, Geo B., Wholesale Confectioner

BATH, Frank, Harness Repairer

COLES, Alfred, Blacksmith

LAGERQUIST, Andrew, Jr., Lumber & Hardware


MALSKY, Alice, Livery

McGAHY, James T., Confectionery, Cigars, etc., Postoffice

MILL, August J., Bottler


PROFFIT, John A., Grocery

RAISBECK & THURIAWAY, Ice Cream Manufacturers

REES, Thos. T., Tea & Coffee

STEWART, Alice (Mrs. Thos.), Confectioner


TARRIZO, Mary, Grocery

TROTTER, Benj. R., General Store

VERONDA, Anton, Confectionery & Notions

VIDONA, John, Grocer & Confectioner


AGAT, Jacob, Confectionery & Cigars

ALBRECHT, Frank, Meats

ANDERSON Oil & Lumber Co.

ARTHUR, James, Barber, Confectionery & Cigars

ASHAMY, Lizzie (Mrs. N. F), Dry Goods

AUSTIN, Thomas W., Pianos & Musical Instruments

BOGGIO, Charles, Jr., General Store

BONER, Frank, Livery & Undertaker

BROOKE, Jos., General Store

BROWN, Ewing G., Notions & Hardware

BRUNO, Antonio, Grocery

CHADA, Matthew, Dry Goods & Groceries

CINOTTA, Anton, Photographer



CUMMINGS, Dr. C. E., Dentist

CUSHING, J. S., Auctioneer, General Store & Lumber

DAVITO, John, General Store


HUEGER BRICK & TILE CO., Manufacturers

HARTLEY, George, Variety

HAZEL, Lennie Elouise (Mrs. E. J.), Printer

HERMAN, Frank, Dry Goods & Bakery & Shoes

HERMAN, Mrs. Pauline, Groceries & Dry Goods

HILL, Chas. A., Candy & Cigars

KANOSKI, Edward, Blacksmith & Harness Repairer

KAPLAN, Zamack, Clothing, Dry Goods, Bakery & Shoes

KAUZLARIC, Anton, Hardware, Implements & Blacksmith

KHURI, A. T., Confectionery & Fruit

MADDAIENO, Peter, General Store

MAJOR, Dr. J. C., Physician

MASSRO, Joseph, Clothing & Shoes

MILL, B. O., Hardware & Furniture

MILLER, Mary, Millinery, Dry Goods & Notions

MILLER, Orville A., Drugs

O'HARE, Joseph, General Store

PIAGNO, Peter, Est., General Store

REDMOND, Chas., Confectionery & Cigars

ROSS & VILT, Garage

SAUELATTI, Peter, Grocery

SCHIMANDLE, Frank, Jewelry, Musical Instruments & Dry Goods

SELLO, John, Grocery

SHELLY, Thomas, Blacksmith

SKINNER, Thomas L., Shoemaker & Repairs

SMITH, J. B., Ice Cream Manufacturer & Confectionery

STEWART, George, News, Tobacco & Cigars

STOCKER, Eli, Bakery

TENN, Anton, Dry Goods, Clothing & Shoes

TOGILATTI, Anton Co. (Not Inc.) Grocery

TROTTER, Benj. R., General Store

TROTTER, John, Meats

TROTTER, John & Sons, Grain

TURIGLIATI, Joseph, Grocery


VERCELLONO, A. M., General Store

WATSON, Mrs. Susan, Dry Goods, Notions & Shoes

WHARRIE, David, Blacksmith

WILMINGTON STAR MINING CO. of Wisconsin, Coal Miners & Shippers

STOCKDALE, Dr. Frank A., Physician


BARR, Charles, Grocery

BARRON Sisters, Restaurant & Confectionery

BOOTH, Dr. L. E., Veterinarian

BOOTH, Nicholson & Gilchrist, Road Contractors

BULL, Isaac, Groceries & Meats

CUMMING, Chas. S. & Bro., Well Drillers

EDMONDS, Ed. M., Grocery



GOODMAN, Max, Dry Goods & Clothing

GREEN, Thos. S., Agricultural Implements & Vehicles

GUIZZETTI, Charles, Variety

HADER, George, Bakery

HANSEN, Martin A. & Sons, Pianos & Furniture & Undertaking

HAYNES, John, Restaurant & Confectionery

HOLMES, J. H. & Co. (Inc.), Lumber, Coal & Silos

HORRIE, Tracy E., Cigars & Barber

KENNEDY, Benjamin F., Garage & Auto Supplies

KERWIN, Robert T., Auto Tires & Repairers

LARSON, L. H., Furniture & Undertaking

LAURITZEN, H., Garage & Machinery

LOCKREM, E. J., General Store

MADSEN, Louis, Merchant Tailor

MALEK, William, Billiards

MARTIN, Lou, Billiards & Cigars

MULLER, Gustave, Harness

PARK, Eda A., Printer

PECK, Walter F., Jewelry

PLUMIEY, Mrs. Frances H., Hotel

ROAGER, Louis, Manufacturer Cigars

ROBERTSON, Edward, Blacksmith

SARGENT, Hiram, Garage

SCOGGIN, John F., Implements & Vehicles


SHAW, I. E., Plumbing & Heating

SPILLER, Frank H., Drugs

STROUT, Benjamin C., Hardware

THOM, Alex, Groceries & Meats

THORNTON, J. W. & Son, Grain

UNDERWOOD, Chas. C., General Store

WAGNER & ROOT, Manufacturer, Sweeping Compound Groceries, Confectionery & Garage

WEBER, Jacob B., Grocery

WHEELER, Frederick F., Hardware & Blacksmith

WILSON, Daisey E., Millinery

WRIGHT BROS., Contractors & Builders



DUNN, Edward W., General Store

HARLY, John T., Groceries & Confectionery

HARTY, Wm., Hardware & Implements


MAHAFFEY, James, Implements

McGOEY, Dr. J. A., Physician

McMANUS, Harry, Grain & Coal

MYERS, W. E., Barber & Made to Order Clothing

PAXTON & SON, Garage

REHBEIN, John, Groceries, Confectionery & Meats

RYAN, Thos. & Son, Grain & Coal

YABSLEY, Dr. F. C., Veterinary

WHITE & CO., General Store


BRAY, John F., Restaurant & Confectionery

BUNDY, A. J., Grocery

CAMPBELL, Andrew J., Drugs & Wall Paper

CLEMONS, Mrs. L., Hotel

DAVIS, Frank T., Bakery & Confectionery

DENTON, W. L. & Son, General Store & Garage

DUNKLE, A. N., Confectionery

DUNLAP, Effie L. (Mrs. Clarence), Meats

DUNLAP, W. I., Printer

GILCHRIST, Albert F., Grain & Coal

HAAG, Fred, Harness

HANSON, Chris J., Blacksmith


JEWETT, Manning W., Cigars & Confectionery

LARSON, Charles G., Men's Furnishing & Tailor

MAZON ECONOMY CO. (Not Inc.) Hardware & Implements


MURRAY, Louis Ross, Publisher

PHILLIPS, G. H. Cigars & Confectionery

SMITH. George W., Hardware

WATKINS, Frank, Tinner

WESTON, Orange W., Implements


CAMPBELL, Walter J., Harness

CLARK, W. A., General Store

COADY, J. J., Drugs

FERGUSON, Samuel A., Blacksmith

HALL & FORD, Meats

HANSON & VAN ASDLEM, Autos & Garage

HOOPER, G. I., Cigars & Tobacco

KAFFER & BRANNICK, General Store

KOECH, Joe, Blacksmith

MINOOKA GRAIN, Lumber & Supply Co.

O'PATTON, Albert, Plumbing & Heating

SHEARER Bros., Hardware & Implements

THAYER, W. A., Blacksmith

WALSTROM & COOP, Groceries & Meats


ALLAN, W. R. Jr., Grocery

ANDERSON, Anthony, Manufacturer of Pop

ANDERSON, George, Coal

BAHNER, T. R., Meats

BAKER, Chas. A., Contractor

BANNON, Edward T., Grocery

BANNON, Ray E., Musical Instruments

BARTOLI, E. & Co., Ice Cream & Fruits

BAUM, Henry H., Dry Goods

BEATTY, I. N. R., Lumber

BEDFORD, George, County Judge

BERG, Chas. W., Meats

BISHOP BROS., Vulcanizing & Repairing

BLACK, Michael, Cigars & Tobacco

BRAUN, August A., Contractor

BROWN, Harry E., Electric Supplies

BUCK, Richard, Manufacturer Tile

BURMEISTER, Joseph, Painter

BUTTERFIELD, Ether (Mrs. I. G.), Restaurant

CAMPBELL & PHELAN, Clothing & Hats

CAREY BROS. & MEYER, Clothing & Shoes

CARLSON, Elmer W., Photographer

CENTRAL GRAIN, Lumber & Supply Co.


COCKBILL, Wm. T., Restaurant

COHN, Sam, Clothing & Dry Goods

COLEMAN HARDWARE CO., Manufacturer Hardware Specialties

COLLINS, J. R. & O. E., Grain

COLLINS & CO., Stationery, Etc.

CONDON, Frank D., Manufacturer Cigars


COOPER, Frank, Hardware

CRONIN, Daniel G., Hardware & Implements

DAHL, Harry, Hotel

DATERMAN, Wm. C., Restaurant

DAVIS, U. C. & Sons, Furniture & Undertaking & Pianos

DAWSON, James B., Groceries & Drugs

De PAYSTER, Geo. B., Auto Supplies, Garage, Groceries, Etc.

DICKMAN, Chas., Auto Director

DIX, George R., Farm, Mill & Implements

DIX, Wm. O., Livery & Feed

DIXON, Wm. H., Cigars & Tobacco

ERICKSON, O. & Son, Dry Goods & Carpets


ERLBACHER, Leonard, Tailor


FARMERS' SQUARE DEAL GRAIN CO., Grain, Lumber & Implements


FESSLER, Wm., Plumbing

FEY SHOE STORE, Boots & Shoes

FLEYNN BROS., Manufacturer Cigars

FOSEN, Chris, Wall Paper & Paint


GABEL & SON, Groceries & Meats

GEBHARD, Wm., Brewer

GERMAIN, Fred H., Garage

GLEGHORN. A. H., County Clerk

GOLDSTEIN, Nathan, Boots & Shoes

GOODE, Frank, Bicycles & Repairing

GOODE, Walter, Autos


HAITZ, Philip, Cigars, Confectionery, Etc.

HAMILTON, J. F. & Son, Meats & Groceries

HANSEN, Thorvill, Blacksmith

HARDER, Josephine (Mrs. Jacob), Hotel

HARNEY, John, Grocery

HARROD, Harry H., Grocery

HAYWOOD, G. S., Cigars, Etc.

HENGE, Phillip, Merchant Tailor


HIGGINS BROS., Crockery & China

HINDS, James B., Manufacturer Cigars

HITCHCOCK, Bernard C., Plumbing

HOGANSON, Tyler A., Furniture & Undertaking

HOGE, Samuel, Auto Director

HOLDERMAN, Wm. Byron, Grocery

HOMSBY, Wm. T., Confectionery

HORRIE, John C., Jewelry

HORRIE, Robert C., Blacksmith, Etc.

HOYT BROS., Machinery

HULL, Willett B., Clothing for Men's Furnishings

HYNDS BROS., Boots & Shoes

HYNDS, C. H. & Co., Dry Goods

JOHNSON, C. W., Coal

JOHNSON, Clarence V., Grocery


KEIBEL, Frank J., Blacksmith

KENNEDY, Robert, Blacksmith

KILMER, Clyde A., Cabinetmaker

KINDLESPIRE, F. D., Manufacturer Ice Cream & Confec'ry

KOHL, P. H., Variety

LAMSON, S. C., Tinner

LEACH, Dr. G. A., Physician

LEE, Mrs. A. J., Grocery

Le RETTE, H. W., Jewelry

LOWITZ, Louis, Women's Furnishings

LYON, Alec W., Vulcanizing

MACKS, Harry S., Confectionery & Cigars

MANNS, Herman, Clothing & Shoes

MARTIN, Lee, Restaurant

MATTESON, Melvin, Ice


MAUS, Carl W., Bakery & Confectionery

McCORMICK, James A., Garage & Auto Supplies


METTHEWS, Raymond J., Garage

MILLER, Wm. H., Garage

MOORE, Chas. S., Furniture, Pianos, Rugs, Etc.

MORRIS DRUG CO., Manufacturers

MORRIS GRAIN CO., Grain, Implements & Autos




NAPE, Nellie R., Confectionery & Cigars

NEFF, A. J., Hardware, Etc.

NEILSON, Paul, Blacksmith & Garage

NELSON, Carl, Plater

NELSON, T., Florist

NESS, L. L., Honey, Comb and Extracted, Etc.

NEWPORT, A. R., Hardware & Plumbing

NICHOLS, John N., Hay & Grain

OHLENDORF, H. L., Manufacturer Cigars

OSMONSON, Hal, Implements & Autos

OSTREM, Wm. T., Jewelry

PAGE & YOUNG, Jewelry

PATTISAN, James L., Laundry

PETERSON, P. A., Breeder


PIKE, Edw. W., Millinery

PILAFAS, Louis A., Confectionery


RAUSCH, J. W., Lawyer

REARDON, Cornelius, Lawyer

ROBINSON, Harry, Cigars

ROHMER, J. H., Florist

ROTH, Bernard, Bakery

RUDOW, Wm., Blacksmith

RUSCH, Edward F., Garage

SACHSE, E. G., Electrician

SACHSE, Dr. Wm. G., Physician

SACKETT, Wm. L., Publishers

SANDERSON, Arthur H., Auto Director

SCHOBER, Wm., Plumbing & Heating

SIMERALL, L. E., Lawyer

SKAR, Martin, Feed

SMALL, Byron C., Garage


SMITH, Tracey M., Garage

SPARR, Wm., Boots & Shoes & Harness

SPECIE, Ben, Grocery

STALKER, John, Grocery

STEPHEN, Fred L., Lumber

THAYER, E. W., Auctioneer

TAYLOR, H A., Contractor & Builder

THORSON, Bert, Garage

UNDERWOOD, Sam M., Groceries & Dry Goods

WAGNER, L. N., Lighting Systems

WAGNER, Walter S., Drugs, Paint, Books, Etc.

WALKER, Ed S., Auctioneer

WALSH, P. J., Groceries & Crockery

WARREN, Dan & Son, Cigars & Tobacco

WHITE, Wm., Garage

WILSON, Edward, Feed Store

WILLIAMSON, Thomas, Grocery

WINDSOR, R. J., Manufacturer Cigars


WOOD, James, Garage

WOOD, Wm., Coal

WOOLSEY, Maggie H. Mrs. W. A.), Millinery

ZIMMERMAN, Elizabeth, Restaurant


AGAMY, Nick, Dry Goods, Clothing & Shoes

ALLEN, John B., Cigars, Etc.

BOTTINO, C. & Bros., General Store

CALEGORO, Lawrence, Grocery


CHIVOATERE, Geo., Groceries & Dry Goods

OSMONSON, Severt, Garage & Autos


FLOYD, Fred J., Confectionery

GOODMAN, Max, Clothing


HARRIS, Lewis, Undertaking

HUNTER, DRUNN & CO., Lumber, Brick, Lime, Etc.

JERBI, Hector, Grocery

LISH, Chas., Painter & Photographer

MARCHETTI, Batista, Grocery

MARK, Meyer, Dry Goods, Clothing, Boots & Shoes

McNULTY, Robert, Confectionery & Notions

MICKELS, James, Confectionery, Etc.

MINERS' SUPPLY CO., General Store

ROLLO, Amelia, General Store

RONCHETTI, Joseph, General Store & Meats

SERENA, Joseph, Boots & Shoes

TENN, Solomon, Dry Goods, Etc.

TESTA, Joseph, Bakery

WILSON, Archy C., Livery

YATUNI. James A., Groceries & Confectionery


NATURAL GUANO CO., Manufacturers Fertilizer

WEITZ, George H., Feed & Feeding Yards


BUNCH, Delia M., Bakery, Etc.

CODY, John F., Groceries, Meats & Hotel

GOODMAN, Alfred P., Postoffice, Notions & SchooI Supplies

HILL & YOUNG, Contractors

HUGGARD, Dr. J. S., Physician

LEACH, C. H., Barber

MCCORMICK BROS., General Store

OVERLY, Allison H., Groceries & Meats

SMALL, W. A., Blacksmith

SMITH, Hezekiah, Contractor

STILT, John F., Stationery, Notions & Garage

VAN DEUSEN, C. H., Manufacturer Grain Elevators

VERONA EXCHANGE BANK, D. S. Beal & Son, Proprietors

WALSH, Harford & Co., Hardware & Implements

WALSH, Wm. C., Grain, Lumber & Coal

WELSH, Mark T., Grain & Coal

WHITTEMORE, L. A., Boots, Shoes & Furniture


Some of these advertisements were condensed to save space.

ALDRICH & WORCESTER, Lawyers (Nathan J. ALDRICH, Theo. WORCESTER) Chicago Phone 119, Inter-State Phone 1208, Second National Bank Building, Aurora, Illinois

ANDERSON Oil & Lumber Company - Distributors of Texas Company Products - also oils and greases for every purpose - Residence 35R - Telephones - 26J, Coal City, Illinois

BAIER Bros. Mfg. Co. - Cissna Park, Illinois

Blair Harper & Co. - Plant Breeders of Aurora, Illinois - Seed Merchants of Aurora, Illinois - Identified Seeds - Write us.

Dr. L. E. BOOTH, Assistant State Veterinarian - Farmers' Phone - Office and Residence Phone, 36M, Gardner, Illinois

CAREY Bros. & Meyer - Value Plus Service - "The Store that Satisfies" - 209-211 Liberty Street, Telephone 263-R, Morris, Illinois

Central Grain, Lumber and Supply Co., C. J. WHITE, Manager - grain, lumber, coal and cement and all kinds of building materials - Telephone Lisbon 35-R2, Yards Central Illinois, Morris, Illinois

COLMAN Bros. - Percheron Horses - J.J. Perfection 51645, Roscoe L. 106261, - Shorthorn Cattle - Buff Rock and Black Langshan Chickens - R.R. No. 2 - three miles south of Verona on the Santa Fe R.R. Half mile south Wauponsee on Big Four R.R., Verona, Illinois

COUGLE Brothers, General Commission Merchants - Established in 1873 - Specialities: Veal, poultry, hides, rabbits, butter, eggs - 150-152 West South Water Street, Chicago - References: First National Bank - Long Distance Telephone Main 2334

COVENY Bros. - Belgian Horses - Stock for Sale - Visitors Welcome - Tel. 96-R6, Kinsman - Verona, Illinois

U. C. DAVIS & Sons - Motor Hearse and Motor Ambulance - Horse drawn hearse if desired - Morris, Illinois

DAVIES & MISENER (W.E. DAVIES and I.N. MISENER) Owners of Belgian Horses - Arthur 7377, Avon 9577 - Visitors always welcome, Telephone 1409 and 1405, Mazon, Illinois

Geo. R. DIX - Grain, Flour and Feed - Miller of "Flavo" Brand Flour, Phone 172, 210 West Illinois Avenue, Morris, Illinois

Eureka Supply House - Poultry Supplies - 30 Island Avenue, Box P, Aurora, Illinois

Farm Exchange Bureau - N. M. FIDLER, 449 Mercantile Block, Aurora, Illinois - See me for life, accident, fire and automobile insurance and loans.

Farmers' Square Deal Grain Co. (I. V. CRYDER, President; Thos. PETERSON, Secretary; Charles MOON, Treasurer; J. H. SCHUMACHER, Manager) Grain, coal, lumber, flour, feed, seeds - Directors: I. V. CRYDER; E. G. CRYDER; E. J. MATTESON; Thos. PETERSON; C. H. MOON; L. K. WICKS - Main Office, Morris, ILL

FINCH & DIX - Percheron Horses - Hereford Cattle - Duroc Jersey Hogs - Stock for Sale - Farm Two Miles from Town - R.R. No. 2 - Tel. 32 M 1, Verona, Illinois

The First National Bank (William CAMPBELL, Pres., John TROTTER, Vice-Pres., L. K. YOUNG, Cashier) Coal City, Illinois - 3% on Savings Accounts - $1.00 Starts an Account

James F. GALVIN, Law Office, Chicago Phone 376, Brady Block, Aurora, Illinois

A. F. GILCHRIST, Dealer in Grain and Coal, Office Phone 57-M, Residence Phone 20-R, Mazon, Illinois

Goose Lake Farm, William OSBURN and Everett OSBURN, Breeders of Berkshire Swine - Rose-comb Rhode Island Reds - Buff Turkeys - Early Yellow Dent Corn - Turkey Red Wheat - White and Yellow Kherson Oats - Beardless Barley - Farm Ten miles east of Morris - Phone No. 544 W1, Address: Morris, Illinois

Fred HAAG, All kinds of harness and saddlery goods - Mazon, Illinois

T. A. HOGANSON, Funeral Director and Licensed Embalmer - First Class Service - Up-to-date Equipment - Private ambulance - Office Phone 138, Residence Phone 284R and 327, Morris, Illinois

J. H. HOLMES, Manufacturer and erecter of cement stave silos - Phone 18 J, Gardner, Illinois, Playford patent - Our reference is to call or write these users: Geo. P. AMENT, Yorkville, 4 silos; HOLT Bros., Minoka[sic], 4 silos; L. ISHAM, Mazon, 2 silos; W. R. DREW, Dewight[sic], 2 silos; WILLS Bros., Coal City; L. H. HOLLMEYER, Gardner, 2 silos; Fred BLODGETT, Lockport, 2 silos.

W. D. HOWLAND - Breeder of Chester White Hogs - Member of the Chester White Record Association - Chester Whites - Best of individuals from State Fair prize-winning strains - Stock for sale. Chicago Telephone 96 M 3. Gardner, Illinois

Philip JAEGER - Established 1858 - Long Distance Telephone: Monroe 362 - General Commission Merchant - Wholesale Market - Stalls: 1 and 3 Fulton Street, Chicago, ILL

Ray C. JUDD - Dealer in High Grade Dairy Cattle - References: First National Bank, Elgin, Ill.; Stewart State Bank, St. Charles, Ill. - Holstein's a specialty. Roadsters and Heavy Draft Horses. Special prices in carload lots. Sales yards C. G. W. Ry. - Office phone, 213-W; Residence phone, 213-J, St. Charles, ILL

John N. KAMES, Attorney at Law, Chicago Phone 1725 - Residence: 290 Spring Street, Room 104 Coulter Block, Aurora, Illinois

Kendall County News, Established 1872 - Prints all the news of the county as well as outside happenings - Geo. S. FAXON & Son, Publishers, Plano, Illinois

S. C. LAMSON, The Sheet Metal Man, Home of the Round Oak, Telephone 120, 122 W. Washington St., Morris, Illinois

Dr. G. A. LEACH, Specialty, Chronic Diseases, General Consultant, Office and Residence, 321-327 E. Jackson St., Morris, Illinois

Harry J. LEACH, General Insurance, Morris, Illinois

Locust Lodge Stock Farm - Percheron Horses - Shorthorn Cattle - Berkshire Hogs - Mastoc, at head of Percheron Stud, is one of the best breeding horses in the county - Imp. Master of Orange heads my herd of Scotch and Scotch Topped Shorthorns - Symboleirs Premier 2d, No. 234769, at head of herd of Berkshire Hogs - Stock for sale - Visitors welcome - Vernon WHEELER - Telephone 99-R1, Mazon, Illinois

A. F. LOHMANN & Company - Memorials of every description - Office Phone 60 - Residence Phone 1061-W - Lake St., near Downer Place, Aurora, Illinois

LOWITZ Cloak and Suit Store - The only exclusive ladies' and childrens' garment house in Grundy County, L. LOWITZ, Prop., Phone 311, Morris, Illinois

Frank MALE - Breeder of - Exhibition and Utility - Columbian Wyandottes - Stock of both sex for sale at all times - Visitors welcome - Two and One-Half Miles from Town - Telephone Gardner 104J1, R. R. No. 3, Gardner, ILL.

Maple Grove Stock Farm - V. L. WILKINSON, Prop. - Breeders of Belgian Horses, Shorthorn Cattle - Young Stock For Sale at All Times - Address Route No. 1 - Tel. 1414 - Mazon, Illinois

Maple Hurst Farm - P.A. PETERSON - Brown Swiss Cattle - Come to see my herd or write for more information. - Phone 528-R1, Morris, R.F.D. 1, Newark, Illinois

D.J. McCARTHY - Waupekan Herd of Chester Swine - White Rock No. 1881 at Head of Herd - Nelly Gray No. 98040 Grand Champion Sow of 1917 Grundy County Fair - Young stock of both sex for sale, also White Rock Chickens - R. R. No. 1, Kinsman, Illinois, Telephone 95 R 3

MENAUGH Bros. (R.D. MENAUGH and G.E. MENAUGH) Breeders of Registered Duroc Jersey Hogs and Polled Durham Cattle - Buff Rock Poultry-Buff Turkeys - Leading families represented - Visitors welcome. Farm one and one-half miles west of Gardner, on C. & A. and Big Four R.R. Visitors will be met at train by giving notice on arrival. Telephone 53 J 3, R. R. No. 1, Gardner, ILL.

Metzger's Ladies' Haberdashery and Gift Shap[sic] - METZGER's Ladies Shop, Ottawa, ILL.

MIGHELL, GUNSUL & ALLEN (Lee MIGHELL, Harvey GUNSUL, Olney ALLEN) - Attorneys at Law, Phones: Chicago 105, Inter-State 105, Second Floor Coulter Block, Aurora, Illinois

B. O. MILL, Dealer in Hardware, Furniture, and Farm Implements - Main Store Telephone 67-J, Branch Telephone 23-M, Coal City, Illinois

I.N. MISENER & Son (I.N. MISENER and G.C. MISENER) Breeders of Belgian Horses and Shorthorn Cattle - Young stock for sale - come and see us - visitors are welcome - Telephone 1405, Mazon, Illinois

Morris Grain Company (J.R. COLLINS, President; O. T. WILSON, Sec. & Mgr.; C. COLLINS, Treasurer) Grain and Farm Implements, Railroad Office Telephone 19, Canal Office Telephone 44, Morris, Illinois

Morris Lumber Company, Lumber, hard coal, building materials of every kind, Telephone 68, Morris, Illinois

Morris Motor Company, 115-117 Jefferson Street, Phone 353, Morris, Illinois

Paul NIELSON, General Blacksmith and Horse Shoeing Shop, Auto Truck Bodies made to order, all kinds of wood work, 109-111 Wauponsee Street, Morris, Illinois

Hal OSMANSON, Farm Machines and Implements, Residence Phone 244-J, Business Phone 355, 624 Liberty Street, Morris, Illinois

RAYMOND & NEWHALL (John M. RAYMOND, John K. NEWHALL) Attorneys at Law, Sherer Block, 18 Fox Street, Aurora, Illinois

J. W. RAUSCH, Attorney and Counsellor, Office Telephone 72, Residence Telephone 153, Morris, Illinois

Office of Cornelius REARDON, Attorney at Law - Telephone: Office 176, Res. 433R, 101 West Washington Street, Morris, Illinois

Recherche Stock Farm - Breeders of Percheron, Belgian and French Coach Horses - Shorthorn Cattle - Big Type Poland China Hogs, Duroc Jersey and Chester White Hogs - The Largest Breeders of Pure Bred Stock in the County - Call On Us Any Time for Stock and Prices. Visitors Welcome - Farm Two Miles South of Mazon, Ill. - E. W. WALKER & Sons, Telephone 98-R-1, Mazon, ILL.

Phillip A. REITZ & Co., Commission Merchants - Cooling Rooms - Phone Monroe 861 - Poultry, veal, butter, eggs - Stall No. 11 - 843 Fulton St., Chicago

Frank H. RIDDLE - Offices 342-342 Coulter Block, Aurora, Illinois - Farm Mortgages - Farm Lands

The A. ROGERS Company - Call ROGERS if you live in Kendall or PETILLION if you live in Grundy - To Remove Your Dead Animals - Reverse phone charges to us - Positively highest prices - Dealer in hides, pelts, wool, furs and tallow - Manufacturer of Tankage 55 percent to 60 percent protein - Let us quote you on fertilizer - Phones, Office Bell 696, Inter-State 928 Aurora, Night phone Bell 2282

James RONAN, Commission Merchant - Telephone Monroe 508 - Established 1886 - 7 Fulton Market, Chicago - Specialities: Veal, poultry, hogs and rabbits - Cooling room for perishable goods - Tags and market reports sent as often as desired - Ask your local banker to look us up.

Dr. William G. SACHSE, Office Tel. 319, Home Tel. 499-J, Morris, Illinois

Sandwich Rendering Works, Elmer EVA & Co., Phone 39 to remove dead animals, reverse phone charges, Sandwich, Illinois

Saratoga Cafe, W. T. COCKBILL, The song of the Lazy Farmer was the happiest after he found the Saratoga Cafe, It's the right place to eat, 213 Liberty Street, Morris, Illinois

William SCHOBER, Plumbing, Steam and Hot Water Heating, Phone 303, 224 W. Washington St., Morris, Illinois

SEVERSON Bros., Dealers in General Merchandise, P.O., Newark, Illinois, R. F. D. 1, Nettle Creek, ILL

Fred B. SHEARER, Attorney-at-Law, Phones: Office 424, Res 3468, 223-224 Coulter Block, Aurora, Illinois

Wm. P. SHERMAN, M.D., Office 53 S. LaSalle, Phone Bell 10, Office hours, 2 to 4 and 7 to 8 p.m., Res.: Hotel Aurora, Phone 3862, Aurora, Illinois

L. E. SIMRALL, Lawyer, Phones: Office 312, Res. 484-J, Baum Bldg., 217 Liberty Street, Morris, Illinois

SMITH & DAVIES (Ivan L. SMITH, Glenn H. DAVIES) Real Estate, Insurance, Renting, Loans, Surveying, Conveyancing - Phone 20, Plano, Illinois

SMITH, SMITH & SMITH (Henman B. SMITH, Edith M. SMITH, Austin J. SMITH [deceased]) - Attorneys at Law - Phones: Office 49, Res. 29, Morris, Illinois

F. H. SPILLER - Drugs, stock remedies, toilet articles, rubber goods, stationery, etc. - Gardner, Illinois

Standard Oil Service Station - Severt OSMANSON, 620 Liberty Street, Morris, Illinois

B. C. STROUT - Hardware, stoves, painting and fencing - Chicago Phone 32-M, Gardner, Illinois

Bert THORSON, The Chandler Six is the best popular-priced car on the market, giving you the finest of design, construction and equipment - Telephones 568 M. I. or 246 W., Morris, ILL

Thomas THORSON - Registered Dutch Belted Cattle and Airedale Dogs for Sale - Route 2, Gardner, Illinois

B. R. TROTTER, Dealer in General Merchandise - Telephone 77-R, Coal City, Illinois, and Carbon Hill, Illinois

John TROTTER, City Meat Market - Fresh and smoked meats - game and oysters in season

John TROTTER & Sons, Coal City, Illinois - Hay, grain, seed, cottonseed meal - Breeders of Welsh ponies

S. A. TROTTER, Authorized Agency and Service Station - Goodrich tires, Champion spark plugs, Ever-Ready dry cells, Texaco gas and oil - 

M. O. VINT - Big Type Poland China Hogs - Defender the Great, No. 556233, at the head of the herd - Second Prize Boar under six months, Illinois State Fair 1916; he and litter mates won $200 in Premiums. He is a monster. A grand lot of pigs sired by him for sale, out of dams that have no equal in individuals and breeding. Also Pure Bred Barred Rock Poultry. The Big Layer and Big Weigher. Tel. 94-R-13 - Kinsman, Ind. Line - Kinsman, Illinois

Ed. S. WALKER, Auctioneer - Morris, ILL, R.R. No. 3 - Have sold all kinds of Live Stock and Real Estate - Write me for terms and dates - Telephone 525-R1

Edward WILSON, Livery, Feed and Sales Stable, 208 East Washington Street near court house, Morris, Illinois

WOLF-PARKER Co. - Farm implements, general hardware, harness, carriages, seeds - 56-58 South La Salle St., Aurora, Illinois

Politicians and Misc. Info Obtained from the 1917 Farmers Directory for Grundy & Kendall Counties


President, Woodrow WILSON

Vice-President, Thomas MARSHALL

Secretary of State, Robert LANSING

Secretary of Treasury, William G. McADOO

Secretary of War, Newton C. BAKER

Attorney General, Thos W. GREGORY

Postmaster General, Albert S. BURLESON

Secretary of Navy, Josephus DANIELS

Secretary of Interior, Franklin K. LANE

Secretary of Agriculture, David F. HOUSTON

Secretary of Commerce, William C. REDFIELD


Governor, Frank O. LOWDEN

Lieutenant Governor, John G. OGLESBY

Secretary of State, Louis L. EMMERSON

Attorney General, Edward J. BRUNDAGE

Treasurer, Len SMALL

Secretary of Labor, William B. WILSON

Auditor of Public Accounts, Andrew RUSSEL


Illinois Senators, Lawrence Y. SHERMAN and James Hamilton LEWIS

Congressmen-at-Large, William E. MASON, Medill McCORMICK

Congressman, 12th Dist. (Counties of LaSalle, Kendall, Grundy, De Kalb, Boone and Winnebago), Chas. E. FULLER, Belvidere

MEMBERS GENERAL ASSEMBLY. 14th DISTRICT (Counties of Kane and Kendall):

Senate, Harold C. KESSINGER, Aurora

House, R. A. MILROY, Batavia; Wm. J. MYERS, Aurora; De Goy B. ELLIS, Elgin


County Clerk, A. H. GLEGHORN

County Treasurer, J. L. BONAR


County Judge, George BEDFORD

Circuit Clerk, F. S. JOHNSON

State's Attorney, F. H. HAYES

Supt. of Schools, C. H. ROOT

Coroner, Dr. W. G. SACHSE

Surveyor, John ROSENDAHL

County Agent, Anton VERONDA

County Mine Examiner, Alex THOM

Co. Supt. Highways, F. W. STINE

Co. Farm Advisor,


Township, Name, Postoffice

Highland, P. J. WALSH, Kinsman

Vienna, Dennis WELSH, Kinsman

Norman, Thomas DOWNEY, Seneca

Erienna, S. D. HOLDERMAN, Morris

Nettle Creek, Edgar S. HOGE, Morris

Nettle Creek, C. Band ROGERS, Morris

Goodfarm, Wm. M. BURKHART, Dwight

Mazon, I.N. MISENER, Mazon

Wauponsee, Chas. ELYEA, Morris

Morris, D. A. MATHEWS, Morris

Morris, James MACK, Morris

Saratoga, E.G. CRYDER, Morris

Garfield, J.R. SUFFERN, Gardner

Greenfield, C. VALIENTE, S. Wilmington

Maine, M. Z. BUTTON, Mazon

Braceville, John RED, Coal City

Braceville, Thos. REED, Braceville

Felix, Wm. LEWINS, Coal City

Goose Lake, C. E. ANDERSON, Morris

Aux Sable, J. J. HENNEBERRY, Minooka


Edgar S. HOGE, Chairman, Morris

Judiciary: D. A. MATHEWS, Chairman; Thomas REED, William BURKHART

Finance:� S. D. HOLDERMAN, Chairman; Thomas DOWNEY, P. J. WALSH, J. R. SUFFERN, Charles ELYEA

Promiscuous Claims:� E. G. CRYDER, Chairman; J. J. HENNEBERRY, Dennis WELSH, Charles VALIENTE, Thomas REED, I. N. MISENER, M. Z. BUTTON, S. D. HOLDERMAN, Thomas DOWNEY

Pauper Claims:� William LEWINS, Chairman; James MACK, John RED, Charles ELYEA, C. E. ANDERSON

Road and Bridge:� J. J. HENNEBERRY, Chairman; Thomas DOWNEY, E. G. CRYDER

State Aid Road :� Thomas DOWNEY, Chairman; E. G. CRYDER, S. D. HOLDERMAN

Erroneous Assessments:� Charles ANDERSON, Chairman; Thomas REED, M. Z. BUTTON

Printing:� I. N. MISENER, Chairman; John RED, J. R. SUFFERN

Judges of Election:� M. Z. BUTTON, Chairman; Dennis WELSH, Charles VALIENTE

Auditing Election Expenses:� P. J. WALSH, Chairman; J. R. SUFFERN, John RED

Rules of Order:� Thomas REED, Chairman; William LEWINS, S. D. HOLDERMAN

County Farm:� Charles ELYEA, Chairman; James MACK, William LEWINS

Mines and Mining:� John RED, Chairman; Charles VALIENTE, William M. BURKHART

Court House and Jail:� James MACK, Chairman; William BURKHART, J. J. HENNEBERRY

Approving Bonds:� J. R. SUFFERN, Chairman; William M. BURKHART, D. A. MATHEWS

Fixing Salaries County Officers:� Dennis WELSH, Chairman; I. N. MISENER, P. J. WALSH

Selecting Jurors:� William M. BURKHART, Chairman; D. A. MATHEWS, C. G. ANDERSON


Township, Name, Postoffice, Term Expires

Big Grove, Ira WEST, Newark, 1918

Bristol, H. P. BARNES, Bristol, 1919

Fox, J. S. BUDD, Millbrook, 1918

Kendall, George OHSE, Yorkville, 1919

Lisbon, I. V. CRYDER, Minooka, 1919

Little Rock, J. M. WHITFIELD, Plano, 1918

Na-au-say, John MURLEY, Oswego, 1919

Oswego, M. L. WORMLEY, Yorkville, 1919

Seward, Ellis H. JONES, Minooka, 1918


Jacob S. BUDD, Chairman

Edward BUDD, Clerk


Finance:� I. V. CRYDER, John MURLEY, H. P. BARNES, E. H. JONES, and the Chairman

Circuit Clerk:� Ellis H. JONES, M. L. WORMLEY, Ira WEST

County Clerk:� Ira WEST, I. V. CRYDER, John MURLEY

County Treasurer:� John MURLEY, Ellis H. JONES, Ira WEST

Superintendent of Schools: �J. M. WHITFIELD, Ira WEST, George OHSE

State Aid Road and Road and Bridge:� H. P. BARNES, John MURLEY, M. L. WORMLEY, and the Chairman


Courthouse:� M. L. WORMLEY, H. P. BARNES, George OHSE

Sheriff:� George OHSE, J. M. WHITFIELD, I. V. CRYDER


County Judge, Clarence S. WILLIAMS

Circuit Clerk and Recorder, Avery N. BEEBE

County Clerk, Edward BUDD

County Treasurer, John E. HENDERSON

State's Attorney, Oliver A. BURKHART

Sheriff, Samuel NORMANDIN

Superintendent of Schools, George ELLIOTT

Coroner, Arthur E. LORD

Surveyor, I. L. SMITH

Master in Chancery, C. A. DARNELL

Public Administrator, [blank]

Public Guardian, [blank]

Superintendent of Highways, J. D. RUSSELL

Probation Officer, Ella D. HILL


Deputy County Clerk, Eliza DELANCY

Deputy Circuit Clerk and Recorder, Frances E. LANE

Deputy Sheriff, Martin HEXTELL

Deputy Sheriff, A. A. ZELLAR


Jacob S. BUDD, Chairman, Millbrook

H. P. BARNES, Republican member, Bristol

B. A. COTTON, Democrat member, Yorkville


T. S. HUNTLEY, Elgin

CIRCUIT COURT - Judges of the 16th Judicial District:

Hon. Duane J. CARNES, Sycamore

Hon. C. F. IRWIN, Elgin

Hon. Mazzini SLUSSER, Wheaton

Counties in District:� DeKalb, DuPage, Kane and Kendall

Terms of Court in Kendall County:� First Monday in March and fourth Monday in October

Avery N. BEEBE, Clerk, Yorkville


Clarence S. WILLIAMS, Yorkville, Judge

Edward BUDD, Yorkville, Clerk

Terms of County Court:� Second Monday of March, September and December

Terms of Probate Court:� First Monday of Each Month

TOWN CLERKS:� Elected in 1916 for Two Years

Town, Name, Postoffice

Big Grove, Harry PAIGE, Newark

Bristol, S. R. DAVIS, Bristol

Fox, A. J. WHITFIELD, Millbrook

Kendall, J. ARMBRUSTER, Yorkville

Lisbon, Wm. E. MORRISON, Lisbon

Little Rock, Wm. BEST, Plano

Na-au-say, Alvin CHRISTIAN, Minooka

Oswego, L. R. INMAN, Oswego

Seward, R. J. CHURCHILL, Minooka

ASSESSORS - 1917, 1918:

Elected in 1916 for two years. Shall enter upon their duties the first day of January next following their election.

Town, Name, Postoffice

Big Grove, A. M. THOMPSON, Newark

Bristol, Harry C. ECCLES, Bristol

Fox, E. B. SLEEZER, Millbrook

Kendall, H. F. DHUSE, Yorkville

Lisbon, Nels JAGER, Yorkville

Little Rock, Ellen THOMAS, Plano

Na-au-say, Frank AUSTIN, Oswego

Oswego, Charles ROBERTS, Oswego

Seward, G. W. VANZANDT, Minooka


Town, Name, Postoffice

Big Grove, Harry PAIGE, Newark

Little Rock, Ellen M. SIMPKINS, Plano

Bristol, H. BRETTHAUER, Yorkville

Na-au-say, Frank M. SEELY, Yorkville

Fox, R. W. SCOGGIN, Millington

Oswego, L. F. BURKHART, Oswego

Kendall, Rae HARRIS, Yorkville

Seward, Arthur BURGESS, Minooka

Lisbon, Chas. E. FLETCHER, Newark


Township, Name, Postoffice, Term Expires

Big Grove, H. H. WICKS, Newark, 1918

Big Grove, Roy HOGE, Newark, 1919

Big Grove, Tom JOHNSON, Newark, 1920

Bristol, George B. RAYMOND, Bristol, 1918

Bristol, Charles LINDHOLM, Plano, 1919

Bristol, John F. WINDETT, Bristol, 1920

Fox, J. Sherman BUDD, Yorkville, 1918

Fox, Richard JOHNSON, Millington, 1919

Fox, Ole TENDALL, Newark R. D. 2, 1920

Kendall, F. H. HAGE, Yorkville, 1918

Kendall, George MOENKEMIER, Yorkville, 1919

Kendall, Thos. J PENMAN, Yorkville, 1920

Lisbon, Frank L. CARR, Minooka, 1918

Lisbon, William BARRON, Newark, 1919

Lisbon, A. O. ANDERSON, Newark, 1920

Little Rock, W. J. GRISWOLD, Millington, 1918

Little Rock, C. E. LASURE, Plano, 1919

Little Rock, Wm. ERICKSON, Plano, 1920

Na-au-say, Andrew CORNIELS, Yorkville, 1918

Na-au-say, Alvin KELLOGG, Yorkville, 1919

Na-au-say, H. B. CRYDER, Minooka, 1920

Oswego, James CAMPBELL, Oswego, 1918

Oswego, Fred BOWER, Oswego, 1919

Oswego, Chas. W. SORG, Oswego, 1920

Seward, Geo. S. BAKER, Minooka, 1918

Seward, Joseph KNUDSON, Minooka, 1919

Seward, John FINDLAY, Minooka, 1920

JUSTICES OF THE PEACE (Term Expires 1921):

Town, Name, Postoffice

Big Grove, Ole J. NESS, Lisbon

Big Grove, Dennis TORKELSON, Newark

Bristol, S.C. SLEEZER, Yorkville

Fox, Geo. L. HAY, Yorkville

Fox, C. E. SLEEZER, Millington, Oswego

Kendall, Charles L. GATES, Yorkville

Kendall, W. F. THOMPSON, Yorkville

Lisbon, E. C. THOMPSON, Morris

Lisbon, D. L. SHUFELT, Minooka

Little Rock, W. K. JONES, Plano

Little Rock, Charles A. STEWART, Plano

Na-au-say, S.C. GOODALE, Yorkville

Oswego, [blank]

Seward, [blank]


J. E. TURPIN, Plano, 1921

B. A. COTTON, Yorkville, 1921

H. S. BROWN, Newark, 1921

CONSTABLES (Term Expires 1921):

Big Grove, Nels K. NELSON, Newark

Little Rock, A. A. ZELLAR, Plano

Kendall, C. G. HARDEKOPF, Yorkville

Little Rock, George WRIGHT, Plano

Kendall, E. F. HAHNENSTEIN, Yorkville

Lisbon, Peter NICHOLS, Morris

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