Prairie Farmer's Directory of Grundy and Kendall Counties Illinois

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Complete Directory of the Farmers of Grundy and Kendall Counties with valuable information about each farm.

Breeders' Directory, giving full classified list of breeders of purebred livestock and poultry.

Business Directory, giving list of all business houses in Grundy and Kendall Counties.

Compiled and Published by Prairie Farmer Publishing Co., Chicago, Illinois

Abbreviations Used in this Directory




T--Tenant or Renter

R--Rural Route


Maiden name of wife follows directory name in parentheses ( )

Figures at end of information--year became resident of county.

Name of farm follows names of children in quotation marks.

In case of a tenant, the farm owner's name follows the figures giving size of farm.

Page 33

ADAMS, Fred (Hattie McGILL), Gardner R1 Maine Sec30 O100a Sec31 T200a John ADAMS (1869) Tel. Gardner

ADAMS, Fred G. (Mary WEIS) Ch Walter, Katherine, Adolph, Frederick, Beatrice, Emma; Mazon R1 Mazon Sec19 T320a Malichi WALSH (1913)

AHERN Bros. Kinsman R1 Highland Sec7 O160a T80a Mrs. RYAN (1879)

AHERN, John J., Dwight R4 Highland Sec30 O80a (1885) Tel. Ransom

AHERN, Thomas (Mary McGRATH) Ch Lawrence, Thomas, Russell, Madaline, Viola; Kinsman R1 Highland Sec7 O160a T80a Mrs. RYAN (1879)

AKER, Alex Verona R1 Vienna Sec5 O80a (1849)

ANDERSON, Andrew (Bertha JOHNSON) Ch Oscar, Martha, Bertha; Verona R2 Highland Sec10 O160a (1893)

ANDERSON, Andrew S. (Carrie G. JOHNSON) Ch Myra, Ariel; Gardner R2 Good Farm Sec26 T80a SCULLY Est. (1909) Tel. Farmers' Line Gardner

ANDERSON, Axel (Emma HENDRICKSON) Ch Helen, Richard Plauck; "Homewood Farm" Morris R5 Wauponsee Sec26 O80a (1886) Chicago Tel. Co. Morris'

ANDERSON, A. B. (Amy ANDERSON) Mazon R1 Mazon Sec35 T120a W. W. WHITMORE (1914)

ANDERSON, A. E. (Helen KIMBAK) Ch Florence, Ralph; Morris R1 Goose Lake Sec34 T160a J. R. and O. E. COLLINS (1885) Bell Tel.

ANDERSON, Carl (Bothilda THYGESEN) Ch Marie; Gardner R2 Garfield Sec8 T30a Mrs. Andrew BUTT (1902) Tel. Farmers' Line Gardner

ANDERSON, C. L. (Mollie ANDERSON) Seneca Erienna Sec18 T160a S. T. HOLDERMAN (1884) Bell Tel.

ANDERSON, Edgar (Anna ANDERSON) Ch Leonard, Gordon, Roy; Morris R3 Erienna Sec6 T240a Mary O'CONNOL (1888) Bell Tel.

ANDERSON, Edward (Hanna TOFTY) Gardner R1 Garfield Sec8 T160a Joe LOUCH (1877)

ANDERSON, Edward (Bertha LARSON) Ch Edwin, Elmer, David, Joseph, Burton, Helen; Verona R1 Vienna Sec17 T187a Mike MALLANEY (1912) Tel. Verona

ANDERSON, Emil, Morris R3 Erienna Sec3 T180a Mrs. M. B. WILSON (1816) Bell Tel.

Page 34

ANDERSON, Hans M. (Emma C. JACOBSGAARD) Ch Dorothy M.; Gardner R2 Garfield Sec8 T160a A. J. ANDERSON (1903) Tel. Farmers' Line Gardner

ANDERSON, Harrison V. (Ella AMUNDSON) Ch Edith B.; Stockdale Erienna Sec11 T120a C. E. HATCHER (1888) Bell Tel.

ANDERSON, Jensen (Julia SORENSEN) Ch Iva, Lloyd; Gardner Greenfield Sec15 T80a Anna ANDERSON (1887) Tel. Farmers' Line Gardner

ANDERSON, John (Hattie WALKER) Morris R6 Saratoga Sec4 O40a (1905) Bell Tel. Morris

ANDERSON, John, Morris R3 Erienna Sec9 T160a HOLDERMAN Est. (1884) Bell Tel.

ANDERSON, M. T. (Nellie O. NEWTON) Ch Harrison V., Mabel C., Beatrice S.; Stockdale Erienna Sec1 T200a C. E. HATHER (1878) Bell Tel.

ANDERSON, T. F. (Ida MELBOURN) Ch Lillie, Pearl, John, Charles, Mabel; Morris R4 Saratoga Sec33 O39a (1902) Bell Tel. Morris

ANGELO, Louisa, Coal City R1 Felix Sec36 O80a T80a (1910)

ANSELMENT & FREDLER; William ANSELMENT and Joe FREDLER, Kinsman R2 Highland Sec18 T280a PHALEN Est. (1907) Tel. Independent Line

ARNOLD, Albert (Clarise ARNOLD) Ch Irene; Dwight R2 Good Farm Sec16 Farm Hand Herbert BURKHART (1916) Tel. Farmers' Line Dwight

ASH, Edward (Jennie GILBERT) Ch Roy, George, Cora, Howard, Gilbert; Verona R2 Highland Sec25 O80a T40a Charles W. ASH (1870)

ASHTON, James Jr., Ch Raymond; Morris R4 Saratoga Sec29 T180a James ASHTON Sr. (1884) Bell Tel. Morris

ATKINS, George (Clara JOHNSON) Ch Wendell, Gladys; Minooka R2 Aux Sable Sec6 T80a D. HUTCHSON (1907) Bell Tel.

BABCOCK, Alfred (Minnie JACKSON) Ch Vena, Wayne, LaVerne; Gardner R1 Good Farm Sec15 T200a Fred PFEIFER (1872) Tel. Farmers' Line Dwight

BABCOCK, Allen (Ida WHEELER) Ch Ralph R., Gordon B., Blanche E., Verl L.; Coal City R1 Maine Sec4 T160a Mrs. CHVATAL (1874) Tel. Coal City

BABCOCK, Sanford (Emily STOWELL) Ch Edna, Hazel, Merle, Bernice, Lottie; Mazon R1 Mazon Sec15 T110a Will VINER (1867)

BACHELOR, W. W. (Mary E. LINDSAY) Kinsman R1 Vienna Sec33 O160a (1890) Tel. Kinsman

BAKER, Edward (Lila KEITH) Ch Raymond, Gordon, Maybelle, Virgil; Verona R1 Mazon Sec18 T120a Chris BRENNEMAN (1910)

BAKER, George R. (Nora HOLLENBECK) Ch Russell, Reuben; Verona R1 Vienna Sec22 T240a Hugh WALSH (1877) Chicago Tel. Co. Verona

BAKER, Harry D. (Theresa JACKSON) Morris R5 Wauponsee Sec26 T160a Frank BAKER (1910) Chicago Tel. Co. Morris

BAKER, Henry J. (Odella BUSH) Ch Frederick W., Jesse G., Louis E., Clara M., Lena C., Irene A.; "Meadow View Farm" Kinsman R1 Vienna Sec31 O240a T60a George McCAMBRIDGE (1867) Tel. Farmers' Line Kinsman

BAKKE, Bjarne (Stasia O'BRIEN) Morris R1 Goose Lake Sec30 T172a Charles MIGHELL (1889)

BALAS, George (Mary ONDECK) Ch Mary, George, Mabel; Braceville R1 Maine Sec17 O80a T80a ROBERTS Est. (1900)

BARCHDORF, Charles (Christens BARSSER) Ch Charles, Bertha, Annie, Ida, Henry; "Sulphur Spring Farm" Mazon R2 Maine Sec7 O79a (1879)

BARGER, J. R. (Ida M. COLEMAN) Ch Luella, Carl P.; Morris R4 Saratoga Sec27-34 T120a L. J. NELSON (1903) Bell Tel. Morris

BARGO, Elmer (Margaret PERRY) Ch Rowland, Mildred, Alice, Joseph; Morris R1 Goose Lake Sec17 T160a J. R. COLLINS (1876)

BARGO, Joe (Sarah CARPENTER) Ch Will, Elmer, Ella; Morris R1 Goose Lake Sec12 T200a COLLINS Est. (1848) Bell Tel.

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BARKER, Byrl A. (Hazle THOMAS) Ch Carolyn; "Prairieview Farm" Mazon R2 Mazon Sec8 T237a Joel H. BARKER (1892) Tel. Mazon

BARKER, Joel H. (Maud ROBINSON) Ch Helen M., Ernest C., Ruth M.; Prairieview Farm" Mazon R2 Mazon Sec8 O237a (1861) Tel. Mazon

BARR, James C. (Teresa TYNAN) Ch John, Veronica, James, Francis, Catherine; Mazon R1 Mazon Sec35 O667a (1877)

BARRETT, B. G. (Merle KINGMAN) Ch Beryl, Everett, Wendell; Gardner R1 Maine Sec31 O160a (1901) Tel. Gardner

BARRETT, F. P. (Mabel NELSON) Ch Yvonne, Rhea; Gardner R1 Maine Sec30 O160a (1901) Tel. Gardner

BARSCHDORF, Henry (Laura BOLS) Ch Henry, LaValle, Gladys; Morris R2 Saratoga Sec25 T156a James McCANN (1886) Bell Tel. Morris

BATES, James (Margaret VOTA) Ch Joseph, Marie; Braceville R1 Braceville Sec15 T140a James RYAN (1902)

BATES, William & Bros. Mazon R2 Mazon Sec11 O40a (1892)

BAUDINO, Anton (Elizabeth HOWARD) Ch John, Elizabeth, Anna Marie; Coal City R1 Felix Sec28 O80a T80a John HOWARD (1894) Bell Tel.

BEASLEY, Edward (Nora SARGENT) Ch Russell, Mary, Earl, Maurice, Laura, George; Minooka R3 Aux Sable Sec3 O195a (1857) Bell Tel.

BEASLEY, Russell (Elsie NIELSEN) Ch Harold; Minooka R3 Aux Sable Sec3 T240a P. A. BRADY (1890) Bell Tel.

BECK, John (Laura ROEDER) Gardner R2 Good Farm Sec22 T160a Walter ROEDER (1914) Tel. Farmers' Line Dwight

BELDING, W. M. (Margaret M. KELLY) Ch Fred C.; Mazon Mazon Sec15 O80a (1848)

BELL, James (Jeannette MITCHELL) Ch Alexander, Anna, Laura; Morris R6 Saratoga Sec34 O30a (1867) Bell Tel. Morris

BELLM, Herman Ch Frank, Loretta, Francis, Herman, Grace, Edward; Morris R2 Aux Sable Sec29 T200a WILSON Est. (1882) Bell Tel.

BELT, Grant S. (Hattie M. ROGERS) Ch Roger Grant, Rodnal Kendall; Morris R2 Saratoga Sec34 T160a W. L. WAINRIGHT (1889)

BENNETT, L. W. (Bertha) Ch Mary Frank; Verona R1 Norman Sec3. O239a Sec 35 T200a GLOVER & SMITH (1872)

BENSON, B. (Carrie OLSON) Ch Russell Mabel, Lillie, Noble, Caroline Bertha, Byan, Dorothy; Morris RI Saratoga Sec8 O160a (1882) Bell Tel. Morris

BENSON, E. B. (Jessie MULVANIE) Ch Marjory; Verona R1 Vienna Sec T240a James MULVANIE (1878) Chicago Tel. Co. Verona

BENSON, J. R. (Elizabeth BORN) Ch Violet, Floyd; Morris R1 Wauponsee Sec13 O120a (1886) Bell Tel

BENSON, Lewis, Kinsman R1 Highland Sec20 T160a Mike LAMB (1916) Tel Kinsman

BENSON, L. Ch Dennis, Henry, Tena Morris R6 Saratoga Sec5 O79; (1866) Bell Tel. Morris

BERGE, Severt (Walbarg JESSEN) Ch Milford, Sanford M., Wilford S.; Morris R3 Nettle Creek Sec2 T160a A. E. HOGE (1913) Bell Tel

BERKENES, Peter (Carrie PEARSON) Ch Gladys, Gaylord; Ransom R6 Highland Sec7 T160a John GARLAND (1914)

BERKLAND, Andrew (Martha TESDAD) Ch Gertrude, Silas; Morris R5 Wauponsee Sec21 T160a P. A. JOHNSON (1881) Chicago Tel. Co. Morris

BERKLAND, Andrew Jr. (Dora MAHLE) Ch Margaret A., Alvin P., Donald A.; Gardner R2 Good Farm Sec22 T80a J. J. M. BERGER (1916) Tel. Good Farm

BERKLAND, Jacob (Susie TORKELSON) Ch Milford, Chester; Morris R5 Mazon Sec3 T204a Fred PFEIFFER (1888)

BERKLAND, Ludwig (Emily ENDERSON) Morris R5 Wauponsee Sec34 T160, S. F. SMEDDLEY (1905) Chicago Tel Co. Morris

BERLICH, Fred (Lizzie HOENSHELL) Ch Catherine, Cora M.; Morris R3 Erienna Sec3 T125a Mrs. M. WILSON (1884) Bell Tel.

BERTA, James (Mary ROLANDO) Ch Henry, Margaret, Kate, Anton; Coal City R1 Felix Sec36 O53a (1895)

BERTA, Joseph Jr. (Jessie FALETTI) Ch Verna, Joseph; Coal City Braceville Sec1 O100a Felix Sec36 T16a Mrs. Elizabeth STRICKLAND (1890)

BERTELSEN, Chris (Mary KEWIN) Gardner R2 Garfield Sec7 T200a T. DeLaMATTER (1900) Bell Tel. Gardner

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BERTINO, Joseph, Coal City Braceville Sec1 T100a BERTINO Est. (1887) Tel. Coal City

BEYER, George, (Anna CHRISTOPHER) Verona R2 Highland Sec35 T160a SCULLY Est. (1912) Tel. Dwight

BEYER, Hans (Mary FREDERICK) Ch Esther, Milton; Dwight R4 Highland Sec34 T240a SCULLY Est. (1907) Tel. Dwight

BEYER, Nicholas Gardner R2 Garfield Sec19 T160a SCULLY Est. (1884) Tel. Farmers' Line Gardner

BEYER, Louis (Lena HANSEN) Ch Lloyd; Gardner R1 Good Farm Sec13 T80a Alfred JEPSEN (1889) Tel. Farmers' Line Gardner

BIANCHETTA, Peter (Catherine CAVALETTO) Ch Domic, Joseph, Louis; Coal City R1 Goose Lake Sec14 T300a Carper MORRIS (1890)

BIROS, Thomas (Mary PETRO) Ch Agnes, Frances; Braceville R1 Maine Sec21 O80a (1915) Tel. Gardner

BISKEY, George (Edna LIPPOLD) Ch Marjorie; Gardner R1 Good Farm Sec14 T80a Herman LIPPOLD (1916) Tel. Farmers' Line Dwight

BISOUX, Adolph (Adeline FRANCOIS) Coal City R1 Braceville Sec10 O3a (1903)

BJELLAND, Knute (Guwhild SAMUELSON) Seneca R60 Nettle Creek Sec20 T180a GRAY Est. (1911)

BLAIR, G. W. (Maude DIBBLE) Ch Robert; Morris R3 Erienna Sec6 T100a J. HOGE Jr. (1889) Bell Tel.

BLAIR, Robert G. W. (Margaret GRAY) Ch George W., Euphemia; "Blair Nook Farm" Morris R2 Saratoga Sec35 O42a (1866) Bell Tel. Morris

BLEIFELD, Robert (Mary EVANS) Ch Minnie, John, Bertha, George, Charles; Mazon R2 Mazon Sec12 O40a (1882)

BLY, John W. (Libbie M. RANDALL) Ch Anna H., Ora M., William L.; "Sand Ridge Farm" Morris R2 Aux Sable Sec16 O78a (1866) Bell Tel.

BOETTO, James (Mary GEORGE) Ch Joe, Tony, John, Jim, Mary, Anna, Jenny, Rosy, Minnie; Gardner R2 Garfield Sec21 T160a CRANE Est. (1901) Bell Tel. Gardner

BOETTO, Joe, Gardner R2 Garfield Sec21 T160a CRANE Est. (1901) Bell Tel. Gardner

BOLLERO, Dominick (Marian NERETTO) Ch John, Joe, Mary; Gardner R3 Greenfield Sec12 T160a J. C. HETZ (1900)

BOLS, Hubert J. (Lydia M. PHILLIPS) Ch Harriett, Maria, Lloyd; Minooka R3 Aux Sable Sec15 T240a E. J. MATTESON (1891) Bell Tel.

BOLS, Louis (Selina BLAMPIN) Ch Hubert, Laura, Mary, Lucy, Desire, John; Morris R2 Saratoga Sec26 T320a Mrs. J. A. WILSON (1890) Bell Tel. Morris

BONIN, John (Cora BROWN) Ch Alfred R., Irene J.; Verona R1 Mazon Sec19 T100a Theodore ZIMMERMAN (1878)

BONNER, David (Edith MARSH) Ch Ione, Maxine; "Village View Stock Farm" Verona R2 Vienna Sec35 T80a R. J. GLENN (1883) Private Line

BONNER, James (Nellie HANLON) Ch Helen; Dwight R2 Highland Sec13 T80a Margaret BONNER (1891) Tel. Farmers' Line Private

BOOKWALTER, Abraham, Ch Ben, Dick, John, Florence, Charles, Ira; Gardner R2 Garfield Sec5 O240a (1862) Bell Tel.

BOOKWALTER, Benjamin B. (Mammy L. BARRETT) Gardner R1 Garfield Sec6 T160a Abraham BOOKWALTER (1885) Bell Tel.

BOOTH, Ben D. (Eleanor POPE) Ch Mildred, Maurice; Gardner R1 Good Farm Sec3 T160a L. BOWER (1876) Tel. Gardner

BORCHERT, Wiley (Fannie PAUL) Ch Henry, Arthur, Gladys, Newman; Minooka R2 Aux Sable Sec9 T237a H. NEWMAN Est. (1911) Bell Tel.

BOSONETTA, Natale (Angelena QUEIRO) Ch Anna, Tony, Lena, Johnny, Natale, Katie, Dominick, Joe; Coal City R1 Felix Sec35 O1a (1895)

BOTH, L. A. (Therese BURGER) Ch Olivia, Elmer; Dwight R2 Good Farm Sec17 T200a BOTH Est. (1877) Tel. Farmers' Line Dwight

BOWEN, E. M. (Hattie WISE) Verona R1 Vienna Sec21 T160a Farm Hand Mrs. Lavina HYSLOP (1917)

BOWER, Leonard (Barbara BURKHARDT) Ch Frances E.; Gardner R1 Good Farm Sec3 080a (1889) Tel. Mazon

BOYLE, Mrs. Isabella, Ch Robert, Catherine, Augusta B., Andrewell, John B.; Morris R2 Aux Sable Sec20 O250a (1884) Bell Tel.

BRADLEY, James A. (Marie KAUCKA) Ch Hughie; Verona R1 Vienna Sec4 T440a Farm Hand William GONNAM (1910) Chicago Tel. Co. Verona

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BRADLEY, M. S. (Helen WILSON) Ch Ellen, Edith; Seneca R61 Norman Sec32 T100a G. W. RAYMOND (1909) Bell Tel.

BRADT, Fred, Morris Wauponsee Sec22 Resident Mrs. C. A. LYNN (1880) Chicago Tel. Co. Morris

BRANNICK, Ambrose (Mary A. FEEHAN) Ch William Michael, Veronica Anna, Mildred Helen; Minooka R3 Aux Sable Sec11 O236a (1854) Bell Tel.

BRANNICK, John (Catherine REYNOLDS) Ch Michael, Charles J., Minnie, Margaret; Minooka R3 Aux Sable Sec13 O198a (1865) Bell Tel.

BRANNICK, Michael (Margaret O'BRIEN) Ch Mary H.; Minooka R3 Aux Sable Sec13 T320a John BRANNICK (1876) Bell Tel.

BRAY, C. J. (Augustine GAUTHIER) Ch Charles, Violet, Myrtle; Gardner R1 Mazon Sec36 T120a NEFF Est. (1878)

BRAY, James (Cora CRAGG) Ch Rachel; Mazon R2 Maine Sec19 O100a Sec18 T120a Mrs. CHRISTLER and M. Z. BUTTON (1880) Tel. Gardner

BREIMER, Ernest (Jessie HARDGROVE) Ch Arlene, Maxine; Mazon R2 Maine Sec8 T240a Mark ANTHONY (1912) Tel. Coal City

BREIT, Peter (Bessie SMITH) Ch Dorothy; Morris R2 Saratoga Sec23 T210a C. G. COLLINS (1888) Bell Tel. Morris

BRESSNER, Frank (Ada SMALL) Ch Everett, Frederick, Robert; Verona R2 Highland Sec1 T120a John BRESSNER (1913)

BRESSNER, John (Mary E. SEFTON) Ch Kermet; "Buff Rock Poultry Farm" Verona R2 Highland Sec21 O80a (1870) Tel. Independent Farmers' Line

BRETZ, Philip (Dorothy SCHROEDER) Ch Elmer; Verona R1 Vienna Sec4 O160a Sec9 T80a Mrs. Carrie SCHROEDER and Minnie KNOLL (1903) Tel. Verona

BREWE, E. T. (Nora JOHNSON) Seneca R60 Nettle Creek Sec30 O138a (1880) Bell Tel.

BRIDDICK, William (Annie WOOD) Braceville Braceville Sec25 T70a Braceville Coal Co. (1894)

BRIGHT, Fred (Margaret MORAN) Ch Margaret; Morris R3 Nettle Creek Sec6 Farm Hand P. M. MORAN (1894)

BRISCOE, M. J. (Mayme HANDLON) Ch Harriet, Mary, Dean, Earl; Minooka R3 Aux Sable Sec15 O211a (1905) Bell Tel.

BRISCOE, N. P. (Annie KELLY) Ch Mary K., Margaret J., Anna P.; Minooka R3 Aux Sable Sec24-25 O132a (1902) Bell Tel.

BRISCOE, P. H. (Margaret A. BURK) Ch Johnny, William, Henry, Madeline, Loretta, Irene, Andrew, Catherine, Richard, Monicco, Anna L.; Morris R2 Aux Sable Sec21 T220a Joe FEEHAN (1853) Bell Tel.

BRODERICK, James (Mary CONDON) Ch Bernice, Agnes, James, Colletta; Dwight R2 Highland Sec14 T112a Mr. WAIT (1914)

BRODERICK, Thomas (Katie DRINAN) Ch Nora, Mary, Thomas, Sereta, Geraldine; Verona R2 Highland Sec14 O120a Sec23 T100a Mary BRODERICK (1877) Tel. Kinsman

BRODERICK, William H. (Nellie CASEY) Ch Mary, Willie, Joseph, Cecelia, Lorette, Thomas, James, Edmond, Rosella; Verona R1 Highland Sec22 O225a (1870) Tel. Independent Line

BROOKS, E. B. (Edna WELTON) Ch Ralph, Bernice; Morris R5 Wauponsee Sec36 O80a (1886) Chicago Tel. Co. Morris

BROOKS, George T. (Edith E. TILLEY) Ch Maggie, Minnie, Jemima, George, Willard, Clyde, Mildred, Bernice, Della, Florence; Gardner R2 Garfield Sec17 T160a D. R. KEEPERS (1865) Tel. Farmers' Line Gardner

BROWN, Charles A. (Jennie CLAYPOOL) Ch Evelyn, Johnnie; Morris R1 Wauponsee Sec30 T20a Will BARTLETT (1903) Chicago Tel. Co. Morris

BROWN, Conrad (Barbara WONDER) Ch Maggie, Minnie, John, Louis, Henry, Mary, James; Morris R2 Saratoga Sec35 O10a (1873)

BROWN, E. W. (Sadie GRAVLEY) Ch Julia, Eleanor; Morris R6 Nettle Creek Sec12 T160a Mrs. H. PAGE (1917)

BROWN, Henry (Laura LARSON) Ch Wilbur; Morris R1 Goose Lake Sec33 T160a COLLINS Est. (1879)

BROWN, John P. (Bertena LARSON) Ch William J.; Morris R1 Goose Lake Sec5 T200a COLLINS Est. (1871) Bell Tel.

BROWN, Raymond (Mabel C. COLLINS) Ch Helen Mary; "Maplewood Farm" Morris R2 Aux Sable Sec7 O450a (1917) Bell Tel. Minooka

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BRUCE, H. A. (Etta DARLING) Ch Fred, Edward, Eunice, Chester, Paul, Erma; Verona R1 Vienna O57a T160a C. H. FELLINGHAM (1866)

BRUNNER, Fred (Alice WILLIAMSON) Ch John, Roy; Coal City R1 Felix Sec22 O20a T80a E. WILENOW (1884) Bell Tel.

BRUSNIGHAN, William T. (Elizabeth HAYES) Ch Mamie, Anastasia, Elizabeth, Margaret, Martha, Irene, William J., John D., Frances E.; Gardner R3 Greenfield Sec22 T160a R. THORNTON (1877) Bell Tel. Gardner

BRYANT, Duane (Florence McINTOSH) Ch Harold A.; "Cool Ridge Farm" Verona R1 Vienna Sec12 T140a Genevieve and Althea BISHOP (1894) Tel. Verona

BRYANT, Joe (Mary CRYER) Ch Ray, Louise; Mazon R2 Mazon Sec9 O120a (1872)

BUCHWALTER, Michael (Mary KENELINE) Ch Chester A., Amanda, Minerva, Grace; Gardner R1 Garfield Sec4 O40a (1854)

BUCK, A. E. (Emma SCHOFIELD) Mazon R2 Mazon Sec1 O170a (1870) Tel. Morris

BUCK, C. E. (Carrie DRAKE) Ch Edward, Ella, Laura, Hazel, Thelma, Adaline, Henry; Morris R3 Nettle Creek Sec36 T160a Joe OSWOOD (1868) Bell Tel.

BUCK, J. A. (Emma CHRISMAN) Morris R3 Saratoga Sec31-32 T280a Mrs. T. BUCK (1880) Bell Tel. Morris

BUNDY, D. O. (Myrtle May WIER) Ch Evelyn, Royce, Geraldine, Pauline; Mazon R2 Mazon Sec16 T200a Theodore ZINGREBE (1901)

BUNTON, Joseph (Maud GUSTIN) Ch Leo, Clyde, Vera, Loretta, Clifford, Francis, Elton, Grace; Mazon R2 Mazon Sec11 T320a Fred MULFORD (1917)

BURGER, G. P. (Lucy SIELAFF) Ch Ethel, Gertrude, Anita, Erich; Dwight R2 Good Farm Sec28 O160a (1882) Tel. Farmers' Line Dwight

BURGER, Joseph J. (Mary Ellen Phillips) Ch Verl A., Ellis J., Wayne; Dwight R2 Good Farm Sec32 T200a Ed. McWILLIAMS (1915) Tel. Farmers' Line Dwight

BURGER, Martin G. Jr. (Louise E. HAHN) Ch Helmuth; Dwight R2 Good Farm Sec28 O80a T80a J. J. M. BURGER (1889) Tel. Farmers' Line Dwight

BURGESS, William H. (Rose HENRY) Ch Henry, Frances; Minooka R2 Saratoga Sec1 O79a (1900) Bell Tel. Minooka

BURGWALD, Henry (Agnes HAMANN) Ch Florence; "Scott Farm" Dwight R4 Highland Sec27 T160a SCULLY Est. (1914) Tel. Dwight

BURGWALD, Peter (M. JENSEN) Ch Peter, Bertha; Verona R2 Highland Sec27 T180a SCULLY Est. (1914) Tel. Dwight

BURK, G. H. (Sophia SIMANTEL) Ch Adolph, Esther; Dwight R2 Good Farm Sec20 O120a T30a Christoph KLUGHART (1879) Tel. Farmers' Line Dwight

BURKHARDT, Edward (Grace JONES) Ch Ellis, Merwyn, Margaret; Gardner R1 Good Farm Sec3 O80a (1880) Tel. Gardner

BURKHARDT, Fred J., Gardner R1 Good Farm Sec10 O280a (1857) Tel. Gardner

BURKHART, Herbert (Maggie DIEFENBACH) Ch Edna, Melvin, Raymond; Dwight R2 Good Farm Sec16 O140a T80a Mrs. Anna BURKHART (1877) Tel. Farmers' Line Dwight

BURKHART, John L. (Florince TILLMAN) Ch Maurice J.; Mazon R1 Good Farm Sec5 O80a T80a Mrs. Anna BURKHART (1862) Tel. Mazon

BURKHART, William M. (Louisa DITTUS) Ch Howard L., Clara E., Estella, Viola, Andrew, Roy, Eleanor, Louisa; Dwight R2 Good Farm Sec8 O140a T160a Andrew BURKHART Est. (1868) Tel. Good Farm

BURKNESS, S. H. (Ella FOSS) Ch Merlene; Morris R3 Nettle Creek Sec25 T160a A. E. HOGE (1910) Bell Tel.

BURMEISTER, J. H. (Laura COWAN) Ch Will, John, Vivian, Everett; Morris R2 Saratoga Sec13 T180a J. R. COLLINS & Bros. (1877) Bell Tel. Morris

BURNS, John, Dwight R4 Highland T160a SCULLY Est. (1875) Tel. Kinsman

BURNS, Patrick (Mary LEACH) Ch Ellen, Leo, Cyril, Mary, James, Agnes; Dwight R4 Highland Sec33 T160a Thomas O'NEILL (1878) Tel. Kinsman

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BUSH, George (Lizzie KRUG) Ch Leo, Gertrude, Manda, Lela; Dwight R1 Good Farm Sec36 O200a (1876) Tel. Farmers' Line Dwight

BUSH, John (Anna CHRISTMAN) Ch Clarence; Dwight R1 Good Farm Sec36 O200a (1880) Tel. Farmers' Line Dwight

BUSKOV, John O. (Carlina NELSON) Ch John, Olla, Mattie, Carrie, Anna; Gardner R2 Good Farm Sec25 T157a SCULLY Est. (1878) Tel. Farmers' Line Dwight

BUTTON, M. Z. (Jennie N. CRAGG) Mazon R2 Maine Sec19 O185a (1860) Tel. Mazon

CAHILL, William (Dora WHALEN) Ch Arthur, William, Clarence, Philip; Ransom R64 Highland Sec30 T240a Mrs. COOK (1915) Tel. Kinsman

CALHAN, Robert (Ellen BERRY) Ch Bernard, Robert; Seneca Erienna Sec16 O320a (1887) Bell Tel.

CALVIN, C.H. (Alice M. TABLER) Ch Nellie M.; Morris R2 Aux Sable Sec17 T117a Mrs. H. TABLER (1884) Bell Tel.

CAMPBELL, J. D. (Jennie WEAVER) Ch Lloyd, Lawrence, Gratia, Audrey; Coal City R1 Felix Sec25 T1200a L. M. LOOMIS (1916) Bell Tel.

CAMPBELL, Thomas (Nora PHILLIPS) Coal City R1 Maine Sec 5 O80a T40a Coal Co. (1888)

CAMPBELL, W. J. (Marie BROWN) Ch Collin, Lorene, Roy, James, Frederick; Morris R1 Wauponsee Sec10 T515a John CARLON (1881) Chicago Tel. Co. Morris

CANTERBURY, Albert (Ola CRUM) Ch Dayton, Callie; Verona R1 Norman Sec 35 T90a Anna WELSH (1909)

CAPET, Charles (Maude REGNAULD) Ch Charles, Leroy; Braceville R1 Braceville Sec11 T130a Milwaukee Coal Co.

CAPET, Moses (Oside DELABRE) Ch Mary, Laura A.; Braceville R1 Braceville Sec 14 T120a Milwaukee Coal Co. (1887)

CAPUCHIO, Batista (Mary BARRA) Ch Johnnie, Margaret, Mary; Coal City Felix Sec35 O75a Braceville Sec21 T67a Spirit BERTA (1892)

CAREY, Richard (Catherine TOBIN) Ch William, Michael, Mat, Vincent, Kathleen, Leo; Kinsman R1 Highland Sec28 O120a (1876) Tel. Dwight

CARKHUFF, Clyde E. (Mary REDCLIFFE) Ch George Lee, Lester E.; Morris R1 Goose Lake Sec20 T137a O. CARKHUFF (1890) Bell Tel.

CARLON, H. (Ellen BERRY) Morris R3 Norman Sec23 O415a (1866) Bell Tel.

CARLSON, Olof (Mary VILSON) Ch Martha, Henry; Dwight R4 Highland Sec36 T150a Mrs. GAGER (1911)

CARLSON, Oscar, Verona R1 Norman Sec35 H. J. McCARTY (1906)

CARLSON, Walter, Kinsman R1 Highland Sec7 T230a Theodore CARLSON (1909)

CARNEGIE, John M. (Mae EMILY) Ch William J., Andrew, Ruth; Morris R1 Goose Lake Sec34 T80a COLLINS Est. (1884) Bell Tel.

CARNEGIE, William (Josephine KAUZLARIC) Ch William, Annie, Harry; Morris R1 Wauponsee Sec25 T120a Frank SANFORD (1882) Chicago Tel. Co. Morris

CARNEY, Tim, Kinsman Highland Sec6 Farm Hand Michael CARNEY (1894)

CAROLAN, James, Morris R5 Norman Sec23 O273a (1857) Bell Tel.

CARSLEY, E. G. (Goldie TETER) Ch Clyde, Clare; Morris R5 Wauponsee Sec34 O160a (1866) Chicago Tel. Co. Morris

CARTER, Frank B. (Mary A. SHIELDS) Ch Maude A., Russell; Mazon R1 Mazon Sec35 T290a W. H. CARTER (1865)

CARTER, Henry J. (Amanda ULERICH) Gardner R1 Maine Sec31 T90a Dan HILL (1885) Tel. Gardner

CARTER, M. (Ella F. WILSON) Ch Wayne F.; "Meadow Brook Place" Mazon R1 Mazon Sec22 O157a (1854)

CARTER, William H. (Belle EDMONSTON) Mazon R1 Mazon Sec35 O220a (1863)

CASHEN, Michael (Mary E. HUTCHINGS) Ch Margaret, Frances, John, Emmett; Verona R1 Vienna Sec14 O160a T80a HUTCHINGS Est. (1855) Tel. Verona

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CHADA, Charles (Tessie PHILLIPS) Ch Helen, Charles; Coal City R1 Goose Lake Sec31 T120a Ben TROTTER (1889) Chicago Tel. Co. Coal City

CHERRY, A. S. (Jennie FRANCES) Coal City Braceville Sec12 O140a (1885)

CHRESTENSAN, Walter (Mada SORENSON) Ch Margaret, Anna, Roy; Gardner R2 Garfield Sec18 T320a Roy L. WEST (1903) Bell Tel. Gardner

CHRISTENSEN, Theodore (Julia ANDERSON) Gardner R3 Greenfield Sec10 T230a W. H. SMITH (1902) Bell Tel. Gardner

CHRISTOPHER, Andrew (Anna SMITH) Ch Elmer, Mildred; Gardner R1 Garfield Sec7 T160a Thomas CHRISTOPHER (1878) Tel. Farmers' Line

CHRISTOPHERSON, Sam, Morris R4 Saratoga Sec28 T4a Ole RAGNES (1859)

CIMA, John (Lena BERTA) Ch Bert, Josephine, John; Reddick R1 Greenfield Sec31 T80a Charles GINZZETTO (1895) Bell Tel. Gardner

CIMA, Mike (Mary Ann GARELLA) Ch Joe, Bert, John, Gusta; Gardner R3 Greenfield Sec23 T160a Jim BURN (1899) Bell Tel. Gardner

CLARK, William J. (Alice WEBER) Ch Vivian E.; Gardner R3 Greenfield Sec13 T80a August MARTINETTI (1916) Bell Tel. Gardner

CLAUDE, Julian J. (Ida RYERSON) Ch Lucile; Morris R3 Nettle Creek Sec30 T110a Ryerson Est. (1910) Bell Tel.

CLAUSON, Martin (Lillie JOHNSON) Ch Alice, Leonora, Manda, Edward, Lettie, Simon, Elva, Verna; Morris R3 Erienna Sec6 O140a (1897) Bell Tel.

CLAYPOOL, Daniel (Pearl HOLLENBECK) Ch Clarence, Lyle, Bernice; Morris R5 Wauponsee Sec19 T120a W. A. BROWN (1893) Chicago Tel. Co. Morris

CLAYPOOL, J. E. (Eva HARNEY) Ch Pearl, Victoria, Ethel, Helen, Roy, Mabelle; Morris R5 Wauponsee Sec20 O152a (1868) Chicago Tel. Co. Morris

CLAYPOOL, Nellie M., Seneca Norman T500a Mrs. Mary BURROUGHS (1895) Bell Tel.

CLAYTON, George (Nancy TERRY) Ch Marjorie, Leonard, Helen; "Maplewood Farm" Morris R2 Aux Sable Sec7 T400a Raymond BROWN (1917) Bell Tel.

CLENNON, C. J. (Veronica BRANNICK) Ch Howard, Clennon; "Plain View Farm" Minooka R3 Aux Sable Sec11 T200a J. P. CLENNON (1885) Bell Tel.

CLENNON, J. P. (Jennie KINSELLA) Ch Andrew, Cornelius, John, Leo, Gerald, Mammie, Catherine, Margarette; Minooka R3 Aux Sable Sec14 O1200a (1849) Bell Tel.

CLENNON, Mrs. Theresa, Ch Anna, Theresa, Frances, Raymond, Maurice; Minooka R3 Aux Sable Sec15 O450a (1891)

CLIFFORD, Benjamin, Kinsman R2 Highland Sec29 O120a (1876) Tel. Kinsman

CLITHERO, W. T. (Lily BARRETT) Ch Graydon, Russell, Loren; "Elm Row Farm" Mazon R1 Mazon Sec28 T140a Mrs. I. N. CLITHERO (1872) Tel. Mazon

CLUSTER Bros., Morris R4 Nettle Creek Sec24 O180a (1885)

CLUSTER, Joseph (Mattie LARSON) Morris R4 Nettle Creek Sec23 (1888)

COBLEIGH, C. Clifton, Minooka R2 Aux Sable Sec6 T190a George H. HALF (1905) Bell Tel.

COLE, Henry (Catherine READER) Mazon R2 Mazon Sec9 T160a Harry FRANCIS (1872)

COLETTA, Antonio (Kampo KATERINO) Ch Margaret, Mary, Lawrence, James; Coal City Braceville Sec2 O25a (1887)

COLLINS, C. (Emma WALSTROM) Ch Elva, Phillip; Morris R4 Saratoga Sec10-15 O540a (1854) Bell Tel. Morris

COLLINS, C. G. (Eunice HOGE) Ch Gordon; Morris R2 Saratoga Sec23 O640a (1889) Bell Tel. Morris

COLLINS, Frank (Margaret DONAHUE) Ch Alice Mae, Genevieve; Morris R1 Goose Lake Sec12 O540a (1882) Bell Tel.

COLMAN, C. S. (E. Constance WARD) Ch Mary Evelyn; Mazon R2 Mazon Sec8 T160a J. N. COLMAN (1893)

COLMAN, Guy (Nellie BOWMAN) Ch Rex; Verona R1 Vienna Sec12 O300a (1872)

COLMAN, H. J. (Mabel ANDERSON) Mazon R2 Mazon Sec8 T80a J. N. Colman (1891)

COLMAN, W. T. (Nettie WHITTEN) Ch Pearl, Vern; Verona R1 Vienna Sec12 O300a (1871)

COMERFORD, Thomas, Ch Mary, George, Frances, Marjorie, Florence, Clare, Joseph; Minooka Aux Sable Sec2 O160a (1860) Bell Tel.

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CONERY, Joseph (Henrietta CARKHUFF) Morris R1 Wauponsee Sec25 O58a (1847) Chicago Tel. Co. Morris

CONLEY Bros. (Catherine, Sister) Morris R5 Wauponsee Sec17 T625a Pat CONLEY Chicago Tel. Co. Morris

CONNERY, Elmer R. (Jeannette PHILLIPS) Ch Lola, Elsie, Bernice, Gerald, Audrey; Morris R1 Goose Lake Sec7 T170a COLLINS Est. (1875)

CONSTANTINE, Edward (Lena TRONC) Ch Mildred; Dwight R2 Good Farm Sec19 O80a T20a George HOFFMAN (1869) Tel. Farmers' Line Dwight

CONSTANTINE, Mrs. Mary, Ch Emma, William, David; Dwight R2 Good Farm Sec28 O160a Sec20 T80a (1850)

COOK, Ed. (Gertrude ROGUS) Ch Rosa, Ralph; Morris R3 Erienna Sec15 T280a William HOLLENBECK (1917)

COOP, Erwin (Irene BUSHNELL) Ch Lyla; Minooka R2 Aux Sable Sec8 T240a I. V. CRYDER (1876) Bell Tel.

COOP, Frank (Jessie HAMPSON) Morris R2 Saratoga Sec1 T240a Fred COOP (1882) Bell Tel. Minooka

COOP, Fred (RIPLEY) Ch Erwin, Wilbur, Frank, Ray; Morris R2 Saratoga Sec1 T240a (1872) Bell Tel. Minooka

COOP, Ray (Nettle HOGE) Ch LaVern, Lyle; Morris R2 Saratoga Sec1 T240a Fred COOP (1886) Bell Tel. Minooka

COOPER, A. B. (Mary M. FUNK) Ch Laura. Howard B., Clinton T.; Verona R1 Vienna Sec4 O222a (1854) Tel. Verona

COOPER, F. H. (Florence McGORGLE) Ch Ursula, Raymond, Clayton, Aldene; Wilmington R3 Goose Lake Sec1 T200a William OSBORN (1907)

COPP, J. H. (Sarah COVELL) Ch Harry, Joseph; Seneca R61 Vienna Sec32 T139a Belle O'LAUGHLIN (1906) Tel. Seneca

CORAH, F. E. (Fern WELTON) Morris R5 Wauponsee Sec34 O80a (1916) Chicago Tel. Co. Morris

CORLETT, John (Georgietta CONKLIN) Mazon R2 Mazon Sec15 O110a (1864)

CORNALE Brothers and Sister Louis, Mike, Jennie; South Wilmington Greenfield Sec15 T230a J. LUTZ (1905)

CORSINI, Flaviano (Angel BERTA) Ch Frank, Dominick, Alfred, Clementa, Louise, Irene; Gardner R3 Greenfield Sec34 T240a Henry LEACH (1913) Bell Tel. Gardner

CORSINI, Frank (Clementina PIRACO) Ch Flaviano, Serafino, Egasto, Siro, Luciano, Isidori, Sophia; Gardner R3 Greenfield Sec23 O160a (1913) Bell Tel. Gardner

COSGROVE, J. R. (Johanna WARREN) Morris R5 Wauponsee Sec21 T170a R. COSGROVE (1886) Chicago Tel. Co. Morris

COSGROVE, J. W. (Margaret WARREN) Morris R5 Wauponsee Sec21 T80a R. COSGROVE (1884) Chicago Tel. Co. Morris

COTTON, C. H. (Elizabeth WHEELER) Ch Edwin, Ida M., Pheba A.; Coal City R1 Maine Sec9 O80a (1855) Tel. Coal City

COTTON, D. E. (Sarah A. CLAYTON) Mazon R2 Mazon Sec1 O12a (1875)

COUGHLIN, C. D. (Margie GRINAN) Ch Emmett, Eugene, Celia, Edna, Joseph, Maxine; Kinsman Highland Sec15 O160a (1868)

COUGHLIN, C. J. (Mary HANLEY) Ch Mildred, Helen; "Box Elder Grove Farm" Kinsman R1 Highland Sec19 O120a (1867) Tel. Kinsman

COUGHLIN, Thomas (Mamie DONORAN) Ch Nora, Margaret, Ray, Hildegard, Timothy; Verona R2 Highland Sec14 O80a (1871) Tel. Kinsman

COVELL, Frank (Mabel LOGAN) Ch Velma; Verona R1 Vienna Sec18 T140a Farm Hand Curtis HOLLENBECK (1912)

COVENY, John V. (Mary MAGNER) Ch John, Thomas, Francis; Verona R2 Highland Sec10 O20a (1875) Tel. Independent Line

COVENY, Lorengo (Julia CURTIN) Ch Monica, R. Geraldine; Verona R2 Highland O200a (1877) Tel. Independent Line

COVENY, William (Lizzie MAGER) Ch Marie, Veronica, William, Joseph; Verona R2 Highland Sec8 O240a (1863) Tel. Independent Line

COYNE, M. D. (Frances A. MALADY) Ch Francis A., M. Hildegarde, Angela M., A. Teresa, John J., Lawrence E., Richard J., Frances V.; Morris R5 Norman Sec27 O120a T120a T. J. COYNE Est. (1861) Bell Tel.

CRAIG, Mrs. Rachael, Gardner R1 Maine Sec19 O140a (1847) Tel. Gardner

CRAIG, J. S. (Grace MATTESON) Ch Donald, Ione; Morris R2 Saratoga Sec2 O160a (1870) Bell Tel. Morris

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CRAIN, J. H. (Louise M. OSMON) Ch Christine, J. Hubert; Morris R4 Saratoga Sec16 O80a (1912) Bell Tel. Morris

CRAMER, William F. (Mary A. HENKER) Ch Florence, Robert, Ralph; Morris R2 Aux Sable Sec16 T100a Mrs. Nella TABLER (1891) Bell Tel.

CRANE, Harry V. (Myrtle PROVANCE) Ch Hazel, Mae, Nellie, Pearl, Marion, Frank, Dorothy; Mazon R1 Good Farm Sec4 O160a (1873) Tel. Mazon

CRELLIN, Walter, Morris R5 Wauponsee Sec26 O15a T65a CRELLIN Est. (1868) Chicago Tel. Co. Morris

CREWES, James (Louise BRESSNER) Ch Chester, Lillie, Orville, Grace, James A., Myrtle, Jesse; "Oakdale Farm" Dwight R2 Good Farm Sec7 O160a T360a Mrs. Eva LEWIS and F. B. BAKER (1885) Tel. Farmers' Private Line

CROFT, Frank (Helmer NELSON) Ch Herbert; Morris R5 Norman Sec27 T290a Dr. HARRISON (1886) Bell Tel.

CROFT, W. H., Ch Hepsey, Jesse, Bertha, Lizzie, Frank; Morris R5 Norman Sec22 O130a (1870) Bell Tel.

CROMWELL, John (Anna DUNLAP) Ch Evelyn, Margaret; Mazon R2 Mazon Sec14 T200a (1880)

CROMWELL, Thomas (Theresa SAVAGE) Ch Lizzie, Thomas; Mazon Mazon Sec15 O246a (1860)

CROWLEY, D. E. (Maggie) Ch Eileen, Mechtildes, Irma, Lucille; Seneca R61 Norman Sec31 O242a (1875)

CRUM, T. J. (Anna SPURLOCK) Ch Lillie, Montie, Oran, Arnold; Seneca Norman Sec21 W. M. WELSH (1913)

CRYDER, E. G. (Jennie E. SMITH) Ch Maude, Raymond; "The Maples" Morris R6 Saratoga Sec27 O420a (1860) Bell Tel. Morris

CRYDER, Ed. T. (Elizabeth BOYER) Ch Alven, Edwin, Arthur, Dema L., Charles B.; Morris R6 Saratoga Sec27 O331a (1865) Bell Tel.

CRYDER, F. A. (Margaret McKANNA) Ch Henry, Florence M.; Minooka R2 Aux Sable Sec6 O271a (1858) Bell Tel.

CRYDER, M. H. (Allie PETERSON) Ch Eunice, Maurice, Dorothy; Morris R6 Saratoga Sec27 T40a E. T. CRYDER (1889) Bell Tel. Morris

CRYER, Albert G. (Nellie CLAYPOOL) Ch Ethel, Ralph, Hazel; Morris R5 Wauponsee Sec29 T160a Abel CLAYPOOL (1881) Chicago Tel. Co. Morris

CRYER, D. J. (Emma CRELLIN) Ch Alta; Morris R5 Wauponsee Sec35 T160a Mrs. SWARTZ (1877) Chicago Tel. Co. Morris

CURRAN, James (Rose BRODERICK) Ch Olive M., Landis J., Vernadine, Joseph L.; Verona R1 Vienna Sec16 T240a Mrs. Ellen SHERIDAN (1891) Tel. Verona

CURTIN, John (Martha LAMPING) Ch Julia, Catherine, John, Maud, Nellie, May, Loretta; Gardner R3 Greenfield Sec27 O120a (1865) Bell Tel. Gardner

CURTIN, Mrs. Margaret, Ch Mollie, Margaret, Catherine, Norine, Mildred, Thomas; Verona R2 Highland Sec23 O120a (1879)

CUSHING, Frank T. (Hannah FRANKLIN) Ch Francis, James, Robert, Katherine; Morris R1 Goose Lake Sec26 T320a L. WINWRIGHT (1883) Bell Tel.

CUSHING, J. R. (Mary PHILLIPS) Ch Anna Vivian, Mae; Morris R6 Saratoga Sec34 T315a W. L. WAINRIGHT (1892) Bell Tel. Morris

CUSHING, J. S. (Nellie HOGAN) Ch Mae, Frank, James, Anna, Robert, Elva, Matt, Ella, Tom, Willie, George; Coal City R1 Goose Lake Sec13 O280a (1864) Bell Tel.

CUSICK, John (Gertrude DIEFENBACH) Dwight R2 Good Farm Sec17 T280a William CUSICK and Anton DIEFENBACH (1889) Tel. Farmers' Line Dwight

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DACHECKO, Mrs. Sante, Ch Anto, Lewis, John, Lizzie, Mary, Emma; Coal City R1 Felix Sec36 O1a (1901)

DAILY, W. F. (Jennie MARTIN) Morris R1 Goose Lake Sec7 T160a COLLONS Est. (1891) Bell Tel.

DALY, W. L. (Louise KEEHNER) Morris R1 Wauponsee Sec15 T70a CARLON and ROBINSON (1879) Chicago Tel. Co. Morris

DANIELSON, Melvin (Enger JOHNSON) Morris R6 Saratoga Sec7-8 T160a T. DANIELSON (1884) Bell Tel. Morris

DANIHER, William, Kinsman Highland Sec10 O160a (1889) Independent Tel. Kinsman

DANKER, Rev. Paul J. (Minnie DABELSTEIN) Ch Paul H., Alvin A., Alfred E, Irma D.; Dwight R2 Good Farm Sec27 O2a (1917)

DARBY, S. C., Seneca R61 Vienna Sec19 O135a (1885) Tel. Seneca

DAULTON, Earl (Martha STROBEL) Ch James, Ida; Kinsman R1 Highland Sec8 T160a Geo. LOWERY (1917)

DAVIDSON, Robert M. J. (Mary A. KING) Ch William, Samuel, Max J., Thomas, Truman, Elmer, Morris, Leslie, Mary; Morris R2 Saratoga Sec35 O70a (1855) Bell Tel. Morris

DAVIES, Mrs. Jemima, Ch Cora, William, Lloyd; Mazon R1 Mazon Sec31 O720a (1860)

DAVIES, John J. (Nellie M. BENSON) Ch Robert, Parker; Morris R5 Norman Sec36 O145a T200a Mrs. E. E. BENSON (1897) Bell Tel.

DAVIES, K. S. (Grace C. QUIGLEY) Ch Earl, Laurel, Lila, Grace; Verona R2 Mazon Sec31 T116a W. E. DAVIES (1890)

DAVIES, L. S. (Mary E. PAXTON) Ch Adah; Mazon R1 Mazon Sec31 O155a (1867)

DAVIES, W. E. (Mary ISHAM) Ch Clyde, Irene, Rose, Willie; Mazon R1 Mazon Sec32 O116a (1863)

DAVY, Ernest H. (Amanda WATSON) Gardner R1 Garfield Sec8 T120a J. A. ARNOLD (1890) Bell Tel.

DAVY, John (Elizabeth SWANSBROUGH) Ch Ernest, Clarence, Royal, Bertha; Gardner R2 Garfield Sec5 T160a W. S. ALLISON (1880) Bell Tel.

DAVY, Thomas H. (Elizabeth SPIRES) Ch Viola, Samuel, Arthur, Ida, Myrtle, Leonard, Leora, Gordon, Mabel; Braceville R1 Braceville Sec15 T430a William RYAN (1880) Tel. Coal City

DEAN, George (Fannie HANMELT) Ch Mae, George E., Arthur L., Olie, Ruth, Myrtle; Minooka R2 Aux Sable Sec8 T200a Jack MURPHY (1882) Bell Tel.

DECKER, H. E. (Adeline WHIPPLE) Ch Stanley H.; Morris R3 Saratoga Sec31 O73a (1855) Bell Tel. Morris

DECKER, Stanley H. (Stella FERRY) Ch Henry L.; Morris R3 Saratoga Sec31 Farm Hand H. E. DECKER (1882) Bell Tel. Morris

DeGRUSH, Forrest (Luella STEINBERGER) Ch Vernon, Burnette, Lyle, Wayne, Kenneth, Howard, Gladys; Morris R5 Mazon Sec1 T100a Gifford Est. (1882) Chicago Tel. Co. Morris

DELL, John (Sadie JOHNSON) Ch Selma, Herman; Morris R5 Wauponsee Sec26 T80a C. D. YOUNG (1912) Chicago Tel. Co. Morris

DELL, Ole (Caroline FLATNESS) Ch Marian, Genevieve; Morris R3 Saratoga Sec33 T160a I. N. R. BEATTY (1909) Bell Tel. Morris

DEMPSEY, Mrs. Anna; Ch William, Lawrence, Elizabeth, Mary; Morris R5 Norman Sec24 O450a (1867) Chicago Tel. Co. Morris

DENKER, August (Hulda KONRAD) Dwight R2 Good Farm Sec17 T160a George KONRAD (1910) Tel. Farmers' Line Dwight

DEPPING, Louisa, Morris R2 Saratoga Sec35 O2a T14a William DADTERMAN (1895)

De VANEY, Frank E. (Elizabeth C. CASEY) Seneca R6 Vienna Sec117 T132a Felix De VANEY (1883) Bell Tel. Seneca

DEVOS Bros., Coal City R1 Goose Lake Sec15 T320a HARPER Est. (1910) Bell Tel.

DEWEY, A. A. (Susie WHITE) Ch Lawrence, Fred; Morris R1 Goose Lake Sec16 O80a (1865) Bell Tel.

DEWEY, Charles (Alice FOX) Ch De Etta, Hazel, Mildred, Dale; Mazon R1 Mazon Sec34 O160a (1893)

DEWEY, C. H. (Carrie MEIERS) Morris R5 Norman Sec28 O80a (1876) Bell Tel.

DEWEY, Lawrence (Edith M. EISINGER) Coal City R1 Goose Lake Sec15 T80a George MARSHALL (1892)

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DEWEY, Marion (Florence READER) Ch John, Josephine; Mazon R2 Mazon Sec14 T80a Burt NICHOLSON (1892)

DICKMAN, Albert, Morris R5 Norman Sec36 O80a (1887)

DILLON, William (Ida LILES) Gardner R2 Garfield Sec 21 O80a Bell Tel. Gardner (1873)

DINGMAN, E. P. (Mrs. Mary A. DINGMAN, Mother, and Anna, Sister) Morris R5 Wauponsee Sec27 O380a (1865) Chicago Tel. Co. Morris

DIRKER, Albert (Agnes HUGHES) Ch Esther, Ethel; Morris R1 Goose Lake Sec36 T66a William MELBOURN (1909) Bell Tel.

DIRKER, John (Ella Mae CUSHING) Morris R1 Goose Lake Sec2 T175a William OSBURN (1910) Bell Tel.

DITE, Ernest (Stacia VILT) Coal City R1 Braceville Sec10 T160a SKINNER Est. (1882)

DITTUS, William (Dagmar OSTERMANN) Mazon R2 Mazon Sec9 T220a Edward McWILLIAMS (1911)

DIX, F. L. (Elizabeth J. WALSH) Ch Wilfred, James; Verona R2 Vienna Sec22 T360a T. WALSH and M. DIX (1869)

DOERING, George, Ch Thomas, May, Ethel; Morris R1 Goose Lake Sec13 (1888)

DOLAN, James (Catherine MALLON) Ch Genevieve; Mazon R2 Mazon Sec15 T200a WEED Bros. (1865)

DOLAN, John (Catherine McCRORY) Ch Edwin F., Catherine M., John L.; Mazon R3 Mazon Sec12 T160a David TYNAN (1883) Tel. Mazon

DOLAN, William, Mazon R2 Mazon Sec10 T300a Mrs. C. A. MILLER (1887)

DONAGAL, Henry (Lucy Gerots) Ch Raymond, Melvin; South Wilmington Greenfield Farm Hand (1902)

DONAGALA Bros., Joseph, Mike and Tony; Gardner R3 Greenfield Sec14 T320a L. L. BENNION (1891) Bell Tel. Gardner

DONELSON, C. (Alice SHEEAN) Ch Susie, Harold; Kinsman Highland Sec6 O156a (1888) Bell Tel.

DONOVAN Bros., Kinsman R1 Highland Sec21 T320a Jerry DONOVAN (1870) Tel. Kinsman

DONOVAN, Timothy (Agnes NELSON) Ch Timothy; Verona R1 Highland�Sec15 Farm Hand Micheal RALPH (1917) Independent Tel. Kinsman

DORHEIM, John (Bertha KALDHEIM) Morris R4 Saratoga Sec20 T164a James ASHTON (1908) Bell Tel. Morris

DOSKEY, John (Anna BIALK) Ch Vincent; Verona R2 Highland Sec15 T160a John DOSKEY Sr. (1890) Tel. Kinsman

DOSKEY, John L. (Catherine CAFENOSKE) Ch Joe, Frank, John, Nellie, Rosa, Pauline, Tresa, Michael, Peter, Edmond, Celia; Kinsman R1 Highland Sec4 O160a (1876)

DOSKEY, Joseph (Mamie WALSH) Kinsman R1 Highland Sec20 T240a Celia and William CAREY (1883) Tel. Kinsman

DOSS, M. G. (Fannie ROOP) Ch Clarence, Mary, Granville, Raymond; Morris R6 Saratoga Sec34 T2a Edward CRYDER (1903)

DOWNEY Bros., Seneca R61 Norman Sec32 O240a (1868) Bell Tel.

DOWNEY, E. J. (Rosa ROSS) Ch Chester, Orlan, Lulu; Morris R1 Goose Lake Sec34 Farm Hand W. L. WAINWRIGHT (1895)

DOWNING, J. D. (Nellie FLYNN) Ch Ruth, J. Doyle, Theresa, Edna; Wilmington R3 Goose Lake Sec12 O172a (1912)

DRANSFELDT, Fred (Frances HOLLAND) Ch Garland, Roy, Earland; Verona R2 Sec27 T160a Scully Est. (1883) Tel. Farmers' Line

DRESCHSEL, Henry (Mary LOREY) Ch John, George, Christian, Ada, Carrie, William; Gardner R2 Good Farm Sec27 T160a John BURGER (1910) Tel. Farmers' Line Dwight

DRINAN, Patrick (Clara A. DUNN) Ch Helena, Margaret, Gertrude, Edmond, Camilla, Ethel, Joseph; Kinsman R1 Highland Sec21 O160a (1890) Tel. Independent Line

DRINAN, Thomas (Julia HARTY) Ch Eugene T., Parnell J., Raymond T., Hildegard; Kinsman R1 Highland Sec17 O80a Sec18 T160a PHELAN & HARTY (1890) Tel. Independent Line

DUDGEON, Isrial (Lenoria LEWIS) Ch Florence, Bernice; Morris R1 Goose Lake Sec30 O186a (1859) Chicago Tel. Co. Morris

DUNLAP, Howard (Maybelle BILLARD) Ch Beulah, Thomas; Gardner R1 Maine Sec19 T120a F. L. ROOT (1885) Tel. Gardner

DURKEE. A. H., Jr., Morris Saratoga Sec25 T65a H. H. DURKEE Est. (1866) Bell Tel. Morris

DYE, Mose E. (Telitha WILLIAMS) Ch Cleda, .Paul; Mazon R1 Good Farm Sec5 T160a Floyd DAVIES (1914) Tel. Mazon

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EASTON, R. J. (Winnie SMALL) Ch Ray; Gardner R1 Maine Sec30 O100a (1876) Tel. Gardner

EBSEN, Louis (Mary HANSEN) Ch John; Gardner R1 Good Farm Sec24 T80a Scully Est. (1909) Tel. Farmers' Line Gardner

EDMONDSON, Martin J. (Mae DEAN) Ch Francis, Allen, Helen; Minooka R2 Saratoga Sec2 T160a Edward EDMONDSON (1884) Bell Tel. Minooka

EGAN, B. J., Seneca R60 Nettle Creek Sec31 T256a Thomas EAGAN (1872) Bell Tel.

EIDE, Edward (Elizabeth HAUGE) Ch Ansker, Mildred, Bernice; Gardner R2 Garfield Sec6 T240a W. S. ALLISON (1904) Bell Tel.

EIRCKSON, Gust (Emiley PEARSON) Ch Elmer, Harry, Carl; Morris R3 Erienna Sec8 T200a S. D. HOLDERMAN (1888)

EISINGER, John H. (Vinnie ANDREWS) Ch Edith; Gardner R2 Garfield Sec4 O8a (1866)

ELAM, J. T. (Lucy UTTER) Ch Dorothy, Mabel; Mazon R2 Mazon Sec7 Farm Hand William B. HADDEN (1914)

ELTERVOOG, Helge (Dena JOHNSON) Ch Eleen, Helen, Herbert, Elizabeth, Marie; Morris R3 Nettle Creek Sec29 O160a (1902) Bell Tel.

ELY, Henry (Angie SIMANTEL) Ch Ruth, Earl, Viola; Gardner R2 Good Farm Sec34 T160a Mrs. L. HOFFMAN (1888) Tel. Farmers' Line Dwight

ELY, J. M. (Viola FULLER) Ch Beatrice, Mabel, Vernon, Myrtle; Mazon R2 Mazon Sec8 T160a P. E. FULLER (1876)

ELYEA, C. W. (Emma STINE) Morris R1 Wauponsee Sec15 O100a (1867) Chicago Tel. Co. Morris

EMILY, L. (Martha HOOK) Ch Gertrude; Morris R1 Wauponsee Sec15 T2a Robert William ROBINSON (1863) Chicago Tel. Co. Morris

EMRO, Andrew (Lizzie KOVAL) Ch Andrew, George, Mary, Rose; Mazon R2 Mazon Sec24 T160a John HAGAN (1890)

ENERSON, Ed. (Malinda HELLEN) Ch Amelia, Belle, Moigon, Jessie; Seneca R61 Norman Sec31 O20a (1911)

ENERSON, George M. (Anna OLSON) Minooka R2 Aux Sable Sec5 Farm Hand Mr. COOP (1915)

ENERVOLD, James (Martha HENDRICKSON) Ch Lester, Bernhard, Clara, Morris R6 Nettle Creek Sec1 O120a (1887) Bell Tel.

ENGER, Arthur K. (Clara MELBY) Morris R2 Aux Sable Sec18 T138a J. R. COLLINS (1886) Bell Tel.

ENGER, Herman J. (Hanna E. EMERSON) Ch Harvey B.; Minooka R3 Aux Sable Sec22 T240a COULAHAN Est. (1895) Bell Tel.

ENGER, Knute (Anna OLSON) Ch Edward, Eugene, Joyce, Olga, Gudrid; Morris R2 Aux Sable Sec17 T350a Price MATTASON (1895) Bell Tel.

ENGER, Ole (Bertha OLSEN) Ch Baylis, Thelma; Minooka R3 Aux Sable Sec21 T232a Al MATTESON (1864) Bell Tel.

ENRIETTA, Peter (Mary GANZ) Coal City Braceville Sec2 O10a T23a Martin ENRIETTA (1889)

ERICKSON, Edger (Everena ENERWOLD) Ch Spencer, Margrie, Evelyn, Gertrude, Sanford; Morris R4 Nettle Creek Sec23 T300a L. S. HOGE (1880) Bell Tel.

ERICKSON, Erick H. (Martha SHURSON) Ch Anna, Olga; Morris R4 Saratoga Sec15 T230a C. COLLINS (1902) Bell Tel. Morris

ERICKSON, Nelse E. (Elizabeth QUANTOCK) Ch Raymond, Pearl; Gardner R3 Greenfield Sec27 T40a (1873) Bell Tel. Gardner

ERICKSON, Peter (Celia OLSON) Ch Nels, Severn, John, Andrew, Amiel, Marvin, Susan, Sarah; Gardner R3 Greenfield Sec34 O80a (1861)

ERICKSON, Severt, Ch Edgar, Thor, Clarence, Silas, George; Morris R6 Saratoga Sec5 O80a (1887) Bell Tel. Morris

ERICKSON, Thor (Sarah ENERWOLD) Ch Sina, Marion, Thelma; Morris R6 Saratoga Sec5 T1 Halver JOHNSON (1892)

ESGAR, Mark (Elizabeth RAY) Verona R1 Vienna Sec3 O80a (1865)

ESGAR, W. J. (Alice HARPER) Ch George, Edward, Ralph, Charles H., William Jr.; Verona R1 Vienna Sec2 O120a (1872) Tel. Verona

ESTENSEN, Gilbert (Stena MALAND) Ch Theodore; Morris R6 Saratoga Sec4 O80a (1900) Bell Tel. Morris

EVANS, Michael (Mary MAGDA) Ch John, Anna, Marie, Michael, Margaret, Elizabeth; Braceville R1 Braceville Sec27 O167a (1887) Tel. Gardner

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FABRY, Charles (Mary LEEKMAN) Ch Annie, Lora, Ida, Charles; Mazon R2 Mazon Sec23 T120a Carrie BURNHAM (1888)

FACINELLI, Mrs. Bertha, Ch Frank, Frederick, Bertha, Selma, Agnes, Matilda; Coal City R1 Braceville Sec3 O80a T60a Miss CAMPBELL (1880) Tel. Coal City

FARRELL, J. L., Verona R2 Highland Sec15 T80a Samuel FARRELL (1881)

FARRELL, Samuel (Johanna LEATCH) Ch John, James, Mary, Margaret, Kathryn, Irene, Edna, Joseph, Thomas, William; Kinsman R1 Highland Sec22 O335a (1877) Tel. Kinsman

FEASLEY, Charles (Mary ANDREWS) Ch Marjorie, Freddie; Mazon R2 Mazon Sec2 T200a William SCHOFIELD (1916)

FEDDERSON, George (Olga SONDERGAARD) Ch Arnold, LaVerne; Dwight R2 Good Farm Sec29 T160a John RACHER (1915) Tel. Farmers' Line Dwight

FEENEY, Andrew (Mary HENNEBERRY) Ch Robert, Marie, Lucille, John, Harriet, Loretta; Minooka R3 Aux Sable Sec24 O133a (1912) Bell Tel.

FELLINGHAM, C. H. (Bertha BENSON) Verona R1 Vienna Sec23 O440a (1873) Tel. Verona

FELLINGHAM, John (Martha WATERMAN) Ch Susie; Verona R2 Highland Sec1 O120a Vienna Sec36 T135a Eva and Grace FELLINGHAM (1876) Tel. Verona

FELLINGHAM, Lew (Mary GLENN) Mazon R1 Vienna Sec25 T160a Robert GLENN (1891)

FERGUSON, William R. (Elizabeth BLAIR) Ch Clifford, Russell, Alfred, Irwin; Morris R2 Saratoga Sec35 028 (1871) Bell Tel. Morris

FERRIS, Joe (Verba THOMPSON) Ch Adrian, Infant; Morris R5 Wauponsee Sec17 T200a John CARLON (1916)

FERRY, Michael (Bridget NOLAN) Ch Ellen, Eliza, Mary, Maurice, John Patrick, Francis Joseph, Margaret Catherine; Morris R4 Saratoga Sec27-28 T160a J. P. McEVILLY (1859) Bell Tel. Morris

FINCH, C. A. (Mary FIFIELD) Ch Paul; "Locust Crest Farm" Verona R2 Vienna Sec25 O184a (1868)

FINCH, Edmund L., Verona R1 Vienna Sec26 T160a F. S. RANSLEY (1895)

FINCH, F. H. Verona R1 Vienna Sec24 O50a T90a George FINCH Est. (1873)

FINCH, John G. (Lora LARIMORE) Ch Edna, Fred, Genevieve, Velma, Gladys, Guy; Verona R1 Vienna Sec1 T200a N. G. NEWPORT (1882)

FINCH, W. J. (Clara DIX) Ch Erma, Edmund, George, Ernest, Matthew, Howard; Verona R1 Vienna Sec24 O50a T90a George FINCH Est. (1869)

FISHER, Albert L. (Lena M. TOWSLEY) Morris R5 Norman Sec36 T150a Henry GREER (1885) Bell Tel.

FISHER, Wilbur (Mamie JORDAN) Mazon R2 Mazon Sec18 T160a D. ROSE (1887)

FJELDE, Peter (Lizzie SEVERSON) Gardner R2 Garfield Sec19 T80a SCULLY Bros. (1915)

FLATNESS, R. T. (Nellie HALVERSON) Ch Rulth, Irene, Helen, Mary, Gordon; Morris R3 Nettle Creek Sec25 T369a A. E. HOGE (1898) Bell Tel.

FLOOD, James,"Shadow Lawn Farm" Mazon R1 Good Farm Sec4 O140a Sec5 T60a C. KLINEFELTER (1909) Tel. Mazon

FLOWER, Charles (Eliza A. WOODFORD) Gardner R1 Maine Sec29 Farm Hand John ADAMS (1907)

FOESTERLING, C. P. (Anna SIMANTEL) Ch Louise, Minnie, Carl, Florence, Mildred, Frank; Dwight R2 Good Farm Sec30 O60a T80a. C. E. FOERSTERLING (1871) Tel. Farmers' Line Dwight

FOERSTERLING, G. H. (Julia SIMANTEL) Ch Georgianna, Richard, Dorothy; Dwight R2 Good Farm Sec31 O340a (1873) Oak Line Dwight

FOSS, H. N. (Bertha ASKLAND) Ch Anita, May, Norman, Catherine, Henry, Ruth, Gordon; Morris R4 Nettle Creek Sec17 T160a Jane CUNNEA (1914)

FOSS, Peter N. (Enger CHURLETON) Ch Nellie, Ella, Anna; Morris R4 Nettle Creek Sec23 O30a (1884) Bell Tel.

FOSSE, Thomas S., Morris R4 Saratoga Sec9 T480a Mrs. Inger McMAHON Bell Tel. Morris

FOSTER, Orville, (Maud PETRY) Mazon R2 Mazon Sec8 T160a Farm Hand P. E. FULLER (1917)

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FOSTER, Wallie C. (Ida WOODS) Mazon R2 Mazon Sec16 O120a (1876)

FOSTER, W. S. (Clara D. BROWN) Ch Arthur N., Fred, K., Russel R.; Mazon R2 Mazon Sec9 T180a Fred KEITH (1887)

FOX, Will E. (Sarah NELSON) Ch Gilbert, Geraldine; Gardner R3 Greenfield Sec11 T80a Libby GIBBONS (1910)

FOX, William (Sarah DEETS) Ch Thomas, Charlie, Harriet; Mazon R1 Mazon Sec27 O12a (1913)

FRANCISCO, Frank, Gardner R3 Greenfield Sec26 T160a Ellen BURNS (1890) Bell Tel. Gardner

FRANCISCO, John (Anna ROZANSKI) Ch Anna, Mary, John, Rose; Gardner R3 Greenfield Sec12 O80a (1886) Bell Tel. Gardner

FRANCOIS, Alexis (Eudopie PIETTE) Ch Augusta, Margaret, Leonard, Angela, Laura, Theophile, Alex; Coal City R1 Maine Sec8 T231a SKINNER Est. (1888)

FRANDSEN, Louis (Anna SORENSON) Ch Egan, Kie; Verona R2 Highland Sec21 T120a E. UHERN (1914) Tel. Kinsman

FRY, Orville (Emma JOHNSON) Ch Robert, Clarence, Blanch, Orville Jr., Albert, Flora, Cecil; Morris R4 Nettle Creek Sec27 O160a (1903) Bell Tel.

FUNK, Albert (Etta SLAFER) Ch Vearle, Lavern, Clinton; Kinsman R2 Highland Sec19 O160a (1888) Tel. Independent Line

FUNK, George (Emma HANSEN) Ch Myrtle, Helen; "Evergreen Farm" Dwight R4 Highland Sec32 O80a (1891) Tel. Kinsman

GANTZERT, Elmer (Alice BOWER) Ch Maurice; Gardner R2 Good Farm Sec35 T190a Henry GANTZERT (1891) Tel. Farmers' Line Dwight

GANTZERT, Fred (Julia SCHROTBERGER) Ch Ralph, Dorothy; Dwight R1 Livingston Sec1 O60a Good Farm Sec35 T130a Henry GANTZERT (1885) Bell Tel. Dwight

GANZ, Anton (Eufemia) Ch Mary, Elvira, Tony, Elmina, Albert, Ethel, Paul, Josephine, Lydia, John; Coal City R1 Braceville Sec10 O2a Sec10 T4�a James RYAN (1903)

GARIFT, George (Nellie PANCIZA) Ch Salvatora, Maria, Lorenzo, Anne; Coal City Maine Sec9 T110a John SKINNER

GASS, Elmer (Margaret SMITH) Ch Marion, Lavere; Minooka R3 Aux Sable Sec3 Farm Hand Ed BEASLEY (1885)

GAVIN, Thomas (Catherine SMITH) Ch Virginia, Agnes, Hazel, Anna; Gardner R3 Greenfield Sec25 T240a W. S. STEVENSON (1887) Bell Tel. Gardner

GAY, W. R. (Eslie BROWN) Ch Thersa, Chan; Morris R5 Wauponsee Sec29 O900a (1867) Chicago Tel. Co. Morris

GIACOMETTI, Spirit (Christina SAVANT) Ch James, Margaret, Joseph, Anton; Coal City Braceville Sec11 T100a R. N. CARPER (1902)

GILBERTSON, Paul (Anna TWAIT) Ch Lillian, John, Elvin; Morris R6 Saratoga Sec22 Farm Hand C. COLLINS (1902) Bell Tel. Morris

GILL, John (Bertha FORELL) Ch Howard, Edward; Reddick R1 Greenfield Sec36 O80a T120a Tom CHAPPEL (1913) Tel. Farmers' Line Reddick

GILLESPIE, Walden (Ethel STICKROD) Ch Delbert, Carl, Lester, Roy, Margaret, Lloyd; Dwight R2 Good Farm Sec32 Farm Hand Fred ZABLE (1917) Tel. Farmers' Line Dwight

GILLETT, Fred L. (Emma KRIMMEL) Ch Orville J., Pearl, Anna, Arley; Dwight R4 Highland Sec32 O80a (1898) Tel. Kinsman

GILMOUR, Allan (Sarah LINDSAY) Ch Gordon, Mabel, Evelyn, Mattie, Lindsay, Allen, Paul; Coal City R1 Felix Sec36 O53a (1890) Bell Tel.

GINGERICH, P. G. (Ella R. LINDSAY) Ch Hazel E., Ethel A.; Kinsman R1 Highland Sec5 O160a (1907) Tel. Kinsman

GIROT, Gabe (Victoria FALETTI) Ch Charlie, Raymond, Irene; Coal City Braceville Sec1 T176a Mrs. Margaret GIROT (1883) TeI. Coal City

GLADDERS, Luke (Emily NICHOLSON) Ch Bessie, Luke Jr., Walter, Harriett, Warren; Morris R1 Goose Lake Sec1 T138a William OSBORN (1893) Bell Tel. Morris

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GLASGOW, George (Mabel HARRIE) Gardner R1 Maine Sec20 T320a Wallin Est. (1883) Tel. Gardner

GLASGOW, Henry (Lou JONES) Ch Gladwyn, Olalla, La Verne; Gardner R3 Maine Sec33 T320a Robert GLASGOW (1881) Tel. Gardner

GLASGOW, W. R. (Bessie HUSTON) Ch Laura, Elsie, Harold, Frank; Braceville R1 Braceville Sec35 O85a (1877)

GLASSE, Jacob (Amelia SCHARF) Ch Henrietta A., Karl; Morris R6 Saratoga Sec34 O20a (1885)

GLENN, Clayton (Edna JORDAN) Ch Grace, Earl, Allan; Verona R2 Vienna Sec27 T220a T. WALSH and Mrs. HUGHES (1913)

GLENN, J. H. (Elizabeth EVANS) Ch Carl O., Clifton O., Clester O., Corba, Carrie, Charlie, Celia, Claude, Chester; Verona R2 Vienna See21 T320a Tilden Est. (1908)

GLENN, R. J. (Sade DIX) Ch Robert, Melvin, Lloyd, Erwin, Mae; Verona R1 Mazon Sec30 T326a Robert GLENN (1875) Tel. Verona

GODWIN, Arthur (Eva M. OLSON) Seneca R60 Nettle Creek Sec19 T159a B. S. JOHNSON (1915) Bell Tel. Seneca

GONNAM, William (Laura COOPER) Ch Harvey, Mary, Byrl; Vernoa R1 Norman Sec33 O80 Vienna Sec4 T440a O. T. WILSON and Bruce COOPER (1900) Tel. Verona

GOOD, Thomas E. (Isabelle LONGACRE) Ch Thomas H., Myrtle, Raymond; "Lilly Dale Farm" Morris R2 Aux Sable Sec29 T80a Waller GOOD (Growers of Seed Corn) (1855) Bell Tel.

GOODIN, Frank, Mazon R2 Maine Sec8 T80a Mrs. B. GOULD (1901) Tel. Coal City

GOODMAN, A. P. (Alice GRAFFICES) Ch Byron; Verona Vienna Sec34 (1866)

GORE, Arthur (Lucy WIDNEY) Ch George Townsend, Harmon Carroll; Morris R4 Saratoga Sec30-31 O220a (1865) Bell Tel. Morris

GORHAM, Harry (Genevieve DEWAR) Ch Charles, Lucius, Elene; Verona R1 Vienna Sec1 T250a H. G. GORHAM (1882) Tel. Morris

GORHAM, H. G. (Clara A. LORD) Verona R1 Vienna Sec1 O400a (1850) Tel. Verona

GOSS, J. C. A. (Maryett HODGE) Ch George, Frances, Willard, Ada, Harold, Grace, Anna, Leota; "Prairie Home Farm" Morris R5 Norman Sec27 O200a (1870) Bell Tel.

GOSS, Mrs. Maggie, Ch Frank, Martin; Gardner R1 Good Farm Sec3 T120a Margaret MIER (1900) Tel. Gardner

GRANVILLE, A. T. (Hannah JOHNSON) Ch Karl, Ruth, Alice; Morris R4 Saratoga Sec22 O160a (1873) Bell Tel. Morris

GREEN, Charles (Nellie DUSKEY) Kinsman R1 Highland Sec7 T120a James SHEARIN (1908)

GREENE, Alvin C.,"Greenwood Dairy Farm" Morris R2 Saratoga Sec36 O215a (1913) Bell Tel. Morris

GREER, Henry E. (Mamie DAWSON) Ch Angela, Bernard "Glen View Farm" Morris R5 Vienna Sec1 O313a (1871)

GREER, Mrs. James, Ch Gertrude Verona R1 Vienna Sec2 O420a (1869)

GRENNAN, Thomas, Dwight R4 Highland Sec32 T160a Thomas O'NEILL (1913)

GRIEFF, Fred Sr. (Katie HERTZEL) Ch Edward, Otto, Harry, Elsie; Gardner R2 Good Farm Sec24 T133a SCULLY Est. (1896) Tel. Farmers' Line Gardner

GRIEFF, Fred Jr. (Anna DENKER) Ch Floyd, Dorothy; Gardner R1 Good Farm Sec21 T120a Will PFEIFER (1891)

GRIEFF, William (Randy OLSON) Ch Fern; Gardner R2 Good Farm Sec25 T156a SCULLY Est. (1888) Tel. Gardner

GRIGGS, George B. (Mollie BRADY) Ch Donald Morris R6 Saratoga Sec33 T159a William ALLEN (1889) Bell Tel. Morris

GRINTER, Albert (Anna TREASURE) Ch Charlie, Clarence, Thomas, Russel; "Pleasant View Farm" Gardner R1 Maine Sec32 O200a (1893) Tel. Gardner

GROVE, W. A. (Hattie BURGER) Ch Charles, Harold, Myrtle, Margaret; Morris R5 Mazon Sec2 T160a M. O. MATTHEWSON (1902)

GRUSH, Albert (Emma TOCK) Ch Albert J.; Dwight R1 Good Farm Sec35 T105a Ezra GRUSH (1910) Good Farm Private Line

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GUARD, Joe (Helen BOYD) Ch Severt, Herman, Chester, Anna; Morris R5 Wauponsee Sec28 T300a Charles WOOD (1903) Chicago Tel. Co. Morris

GUARDIA, Joseph (Pauline DALCOLMO) Ch Carlo, Leno, Eda, Atilio, Joseph; Braceville Braceville Sec35 T80a George STRITCHKO (1900)

GUDENAS, John (Pauline BUCAVAGE) Ch Susana, Joseph, Pauline; Braceville R1 Braceville Sec22 T120a Braceville Coal Co. (1887)

GUEST, Harry M. (Laura FORBS) Ch Marjorie, Levan; Reddick R1 Greenfield Sec35 T160a Mary GUEST (1900) Bell Tel. Gardner

GUEST, Oliver J., Harry M. REDDICK, R1 Greenfield Sec35 T160a Mary GUEST (1900) Bell Tel. Gardner

GUNDERSON, Arthur (Sadie BERKLAND) Morris R5 Mazon Sec3 T200a Frank McQUILLAN (1894)

GUNDERSON, Nels (Anna TOLLISON) Ch Olie, Tollef, Gehard, Gladys, Jurine, Cryder, Lillian, Irene, Gordon; Mazon R2 Mazon Sec 25 T220a Daniel HILL (1902) Central Tel. Gardner

GUSTIN, F. L. (Nora M KEITH) Ch Anita J.; Verona Vienna Sec26 Farm Hand Mr. HANSEN (1904)

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