Lawrence & Thompson's
Grundy County Directory

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Page 173

AGARD R. M., jeweler, 16 Depot; res same

ALEX Philip, butcher, Depot; res same

ALLISON JOHN, prop. Exchange Bank, Depot; res Elm

ANDERSON Mrs. (wid), res s Jackson

ARMITAGE SCOTT, highest price paid for all kinds of poultry and furs; fancy fowls a specialty, 19 Liberty; res Main

ARMITAGE E., United States Express agent, office Liberty opp depot; res Main

ARMITAGE B. F., insurance agent, office with E. ARMITAGE; res Kankakee county

ARMITAGE A. A., salesman C. J. WESCOTT's

ATKINSON R., grain merchant, Depot, res cor Jefferson and Elm

AUSTIN Isaac, peddler, res n Jackson

BASCOE Thomas, coal miner, Washington ave

BENSON I. F., general agent, res Monroe nr Washington ave

BLAKE A. I., clerk, res East nr Main

BLAKE Miss Ida, teacher Braceville school, res with Mrs. Mary BLAKE

BLAKE Mrs. Mary (wid), res Cedar

BLANCHARD Peter, farmer, res Main

BLANCHARD E. S., farmer, res s East

BOOKWALTER Michael, farmer, res Main

BOOKWALTER Frank, farmer, res Main

BOOKWALTER David, teacher, res Main

BOWER REV. AARON, pastor Methodist Episcopal Church; res s Jackson

Page 174

BOWER Osmon A., printer, bds with Rev. Aaron BOWER

BOWER Charles V., student, bds with Rev. Aaron BOWER

BOYLAN Mrs. Mary (wid) res Washington ave

BREWSTER E. S., farmer, res cor Jefferson and Monroe

BRIGGS V. J., farmer, bds P. A. STACY's

BRIGGS E. J., meat market, Liberty, res Main, 2 e of Elm

BROWN ______, res n Jackson

BULL Mrs. Elizabeth, (wid), res Main

BULL Henry, butcher, bds Mrs. E. BULL's

BULL Jesse, farmer, res cor Jefferson and Center

BURLEY M., gen agent C. & A. R. R. for Gardner

BURNS Mrs. Mary (wid) res Railroad

CAIRNS J. D., groceries, Liberty, res same

CAMPBELL W. H., harness maker, bds with P. A. STACY

CAMPBELL A. J., salesman O. P. STUMPH; bds with same

CARTER John, farmer, res s Gardner

CARNES Mrs. Agnes (wid) res 6 Liberty

CASSINGHAM Henry, farmer, res Railroad

CHAPPEL Benj., lab., res opp public school

CHAPPEL Mrs. C., (wid), res Railroad

CLARK B. F., drayman, res Main

CLARKIN Thomas, coal miner, res Cedar

CLOVER HON. AMOS, member of Legislature, dealer in stock, office and yards Depot; res cor Lincoln ave and Railroad (See advt)

CLOVER John L., stock buyer with A. CLOVER, res with same

COATS Josiah, farmer, res Railroad

COOKE Dr. John, physician and surgeon, res 14 Depot

COLBY E., grain elevator, Depot, res cor Jackson and Main

Page 175

COLE James, shoemaker, res s Jackson

COLEMAN Pat, lab, bds Harpham's restaurant

COLES J. H., justice of the peace, insurance agent, conveyance and collection agencies, and dealer in boots and shoes, store Liberty; res cor Lincoln ave and Railroad (See advt)

COLESTOCK David, wagon maker, res Elm, bet Main and Jefferson

COMMERCIAL HOTEL, the only first-class hotel in the city; Mrs. Nancy A. WILSON, proprietoress; cor Depot and Division (See advt)

COONEY John, lab, res Cedar

COSKEY John, restaurant, cor Liberty and Jackson

COSKEY Fred W., farmer, bds Coskey's restaurant

COUGHLIN O. H., section foreman C. & A. R. R., res cor Railroad and Depot

COWLES B. W., salesman Pratt & Martin, res cor Main and Railroad

CRANBY Augustus, barber, res Grundy

CRUSE Thomas, railroad lab, res Carter

CUMMINS Robert, res Railroad

DALEY Thomas, baggage master C. & A. R. R., res Monroe

DeWITT John L., carpenter, res Main

DODD A. E., (Hart & Dodd), res Main

DODD Alfred, wagonmaker, res East

DONALDSON Henry, agricultural implements, Liberty; res same

EASTON Dr. C. M., physician and surgeon, office and res Jefferson, nr Elm

EASTON Cyrus, farmer, res w Gardner

EATON Mrs. M. (wid), res Main

EDMUNDS H., carpenter, res cor Monroe and Lincoln ave

EDMUNDS Justin, carpenter, res Monroe, 2 w of Washington ave

Page 176

EDMUNDS Arnold, carpenter, res Monroe, 2 w of Washington ave

EDMUNDS Arnold, carpenter, res Monroe

EDMUNDS James, carpenter, bds with H. EDMUNDS

EISINGER John, shoemaker, Liberty; res same

ELDRED H., furniture and undertaker, cor Jackson and Jefferson

ELDRED Eli, salesman J. C. LUTZ

ERWIN S. K., blacksmith, res Gardner

EVANS E. D., saloon and billiard hall, Depot; res same

FELLERS John, lab, res n Gardner

FIELDER Wm., farmer, res s Gardner

FINLEY Martin L., drayman, res s Jackson

FINLEY Robert, farmer, res s Jackson

FOLEY Mrs. Ann, (wid), res s Gardner

FOSTER Robert, farmer, res Main

FRANCIS Perry, farmer, res Cedar, outside limits

FREDERICK Augustus, engineer W. D. SPEERS', res cor Jefferson and Railroad

FULLER A. B., farmer, res s e cor Main and Elm

FURMINGER James, railroad lab, res Jackson

GANDAL John, farmer, res s Jackson

GEORGE L. S., merchant, res with H. L. HILLYER

GERMAIN Louis, merchant, and assessor of Greenfield tp.; res Wilmington

GILLETT Leroy M., painter, res Gardner

GLASS Frank, farmer, res n of Gardner

GLEGHORN Wm., res Railroad

GOULD Thomas, meat market, Depot, res Main

Page 177

GRASS John, railroad lab, bds Coskey's restaurant

GRAY Stephen, railroad lab, res Depot

GREEN Mrs. Elizabeth, (wid), res East

GUYETT Mrs. Julia, res s Jackson

GUYETT Joseph, railroad lab, res s Gardner

GUYETT Frank, farmer, res s Jackson

GUYETT William, farmer, res s Jackson

HADDOCK Edward, farmer, bds with John ALLISON

HAMILTON Chas. V., hardware, Liberty, res Washington ave

HALTMAN David, farmer, bds with Jacob HALTMAN

HALTMAN Jacob, farmer, res cor Main and North

HART Rev. Wm., pastor Mazon Center Methodist Episcopal Church, res Railroad

HART H. C., (Hart & Dodd), res Monroe

HART J. F., general store, Liberty, opp depot; res cor Monroe and Washington ave

HART James, farmer, res with Rev. Wm. HART

HARPHAM Samuel, restaurant, Liberty, res same

HARWOOD W., butcher, res n Gardner

HAWLEY Frank, clerk E. Colby, res Main

HIGBY Rev. J., county superintendent of schools, also pastor Baptist Church; res cor Monroe and Washington ave

HIGBY Miss Caroline C., teacher, bds with J. HIGBY

HIGBY S., bds with Mrs. Mary HIGBY

HIGBY Mrs. Mary, (wid), res cor Main and Railroad

HILLYER H. L., merchant, res Jefferson, nr East

HOUSTON Robert, farmer, res cor Jefferson and Railroad

Page 178

HOUGHTON Joseph, saloon, Liberty

HOWLAND F. B., artist, bds with Mrs. Julia M. HULL

HOWLAND Geo. B., photographic artist, galley and res Depot

HULL J. W., city marshal and street commissioner, res Main, 2 w of Railroad

HULL Mrs. Julia M. (wid), res Washington

HUSS R. B., general merchandise, 3 Commercial blk, res Jackson (see advt)

JENKINS David, miner, res s Jackson

JOHNSON Fred, railroad lab, bds Coskey's restaurant

JOHNSTON J. W., farmer, bds with James JOHNSTON

JOHNSTON M. R., farmer, bds with James JOHNSTON

JOHNSTON James, farmer, res Grundy

KAUFFMAN J. H., agricultural implements, 32 Liberty; res Main

KEEPERS D. R., livery stable, cor Depot and Jackson; res same

KIMBER Charles, gunsmith, bds with R. KIMBER

KIMBER John, engineer, bds with R. KIMBER

KIMBER Fred, blacksmith, bds R. KIMBER'S

KIMBER Frank, butcher, bds R. KIMBER's

KIMBER Richard, gunsmith, res Gardner

KIMBER Thomas, blacksmith, res Gardner

KLOFT William, saloon and billiard hall, 8 Commercial blk; res same

LACORE Orville, Gardner, res Railroad

LACORE Mrs. (wid), res Railroad

LACORE Lemuel, gardner, res n Gardner

LA FORE Benjamin, res Jefferson, nr Railroad

LA FORCE Nelson, farmer, res Washington ave

LEE Mrs. Sarah (wid), res Grundy

Page 179

LETHERMAN Henry, farmer, res East

LEWIS George E., restaurant and variety store, Depot; res same

LIPPINGOOD T. F., clothing, boots, shoes, etc., 6 Commercial blk, res Gardner

LOVEJOY A. K., farmer, res s Jackson

LAW William, farmer, res outside city limits, s w

LAYMON William, farmer, res East

LUTZ J. C., (Snyder & Lutz), general store, under Commercial House; res cor Jackson and Main

McARTHUR John C., harness maker, bds with C. McARTHUR

McARTHUR A. C., harness, 14 Depot, res Jefferson

McCLUN, Isaac, broker, supervisor Greenfield tp, res Gardner

McCLUN Wm., res n of Gardner

McDALL James, coal miner, res cor Main and Railroad

McDANIEL Aaron, barber, res s Jackson

McGINNIS I. B., justice of the peace, notary public and collection agency, office, Liberty; res Monroe

McGINNIS John, res s Jackson

McMANN Dr. W. W., physician and surgeon, and dealer in drugs and groceries, 19 Depot, res cor Jefferson and Depot

McQUEEN Peter, livery stable, cor Division and Spencer, res Main

MACKEY T. D., prop. Eagle Hotel, Liberty; res same

MAGEE Miss Mattie A., millinery, and also postmistress, 17 Depot

MANEGOLD Justin, res with John MANEGOLD

MANEGOLD John, saloon and billiard hall, 3 Commercial blk; res same

MARTIN Mrs. Katie (wid), res Washington ave

Page 180

MARTIN A. S., (Pratt & Martin), res cor Washington ave and Monroe

MILLER F. G., broom maker, Liberty

MILLER George, clerk, res Liberty, over store

MILLEM Mrs. res Elm

MILLER Dr. James, druggist, Liberty

MULLOY J., carpenter, res Center

NEEDHAM D. L., butter buyer for J. C. LUTZ; res cor Main and Railroad

NEFF A. M., hay press, res cor Main and Jackson

OVERTON David, engineer Snyder & Lutz, res Gardner

PARKER Charles, clothing, 6 Commercial blk; bds Eagle Hotel

PARKER Miss Lottie, teacher, bds with Mrs. P. PARKER

PARKER Mrs. P. (wid), res s Jackson, nr Liberty

PARKER Bert, farmer, res n of Monroe

PECK John F., carpenter and house mover, res s Jackson

PECK Fred C., student, bds with John F. PECK

PERKINS Judson, principal Gardner public school; res Monroe, nr Lincoln ave

PERSELS I. C., wks Keepers' livery; bds S. PERSELS'

PERSELS S., salesman J. C. LUTZ, res Jefferson

PETIT C. W., res with A. S. PRATT

PHELPS Truman, wks Snyder & Lutz, res cor Main and Elm

PHILIP Truman, corn sheller, res East

POTTER S. W., general store, Depot; res Jackson

PRATT & MARTIN, hardware, &c., 7 Commercial blk

Page 181

PRATT Geo. W., (Pratt & Martin), res Jackson

PRINCE James, tailor, bds with Henry SCHOFIELD

PURVIS R., farmer, res s Jackson

PURVIS Miss F. B., principal Braceville school, bds with Robert PURVIS

REECE Miss Nellie M., millinery and fancy goods, Liberty

RICHEY Seth, mason, res Washington ave

RIGLER E. B., bar-tender Henry SMITH's; bds same

RICHARDSON Stephen, tailor, bds Eagle Hotel

RODEE Charles, farmer, res Monroe

ROGERS S. M. (Smith & Rogers), res Railroad

ROGERS Mrs. T., (wid), res with Mrs. Mary HIGBY

RYAN John, railroad lab, bds with Harpham's restaurant

SCHOFIELD Henry, tin and sheet iron ware, cor Depot and Division; res with William SCHOFIELD

SCHOFIELD William, tinner, res e Gardner

SCHOVILLE James, farmer, bds with William SCHOFIELD

SCOTT E. S., clerk Exchange Bank, bds with John ALLISON

SHEA John J., salesman R. B. HUSS, bds Eagle Hotel

SHERWOOD Frank, hostler P. McQUEEN, bds same

SLADE Fred, bakery, Liberty

SLUTTER Jesse, painter, bds with J. SLUTTER

SLUTTER J., carpenter, res cor Monroe and Lincoln ave

SMITH Harry, saloon and billiard hall, Division; res same

SMITH William, salesman, res cor Jackson and Dwight

SMITH & ROGERS, carriage and wagonmakers, etc., Depot

Page 182

SMITH Walter L. (Smith & Rogers), res cor Elm and Dwight

SMITH George (Smith & Rogers), res cor Elm and Main

SMITH James, farmer, res n Gardner

SMITH Mrs. D. (wid), res Washington ave

SMITH Joseph, farmer, res n Gardner

SMITH C. H., bds Eagle House

SNYDER & LUTZ, dealers in grain, lumber, and proprietors of Gardner Mills, cor Main and Grundy

SNYDER Chester K., (Snyder & Lutz), res Jackson, 2 s of Jefferson

SNYDER Elmer W., bookkeeper Snyder & Lutz, bds C. K. SNYDER's

SPAULDING Aldric, farmer, res East

SPEER W. D., Gardner Mills, prop. of elevator, dealer in grain, Depot; res Joliet (see advt)

SPILLER Thomas, farmer, res Jefferson

SPILLER John, farmer, res Jefferson

STACY O. M., res Washington ave

STACY P. A., harness maker, res Gardner

STANLEY Samuel B., farmer, res Dwight

STEVENSON Rev. ___, pastor Presbyterian Church, bds with James ERWIN

STEVENS Wm., carpenter, res Jackson, outside limits

STEINMEYER Lewis C., bakery, Liberty

STERMLE J. N., music teacher, res with J. C. LUTZ

STONE Mrs. Nancy L. (wid), res Jackson

STORES John, road commissioner Greenfield tp; res outside city limits, south

STRAHL D. L., drayman, res Grundy

STUMPH O. P., drugs, &c., 4 Commercial blk; res Washington ave

SUTTON George, miner, res s Jackson

SUTTON Thompson, res cor Jefferson and Grundy

TAFT Clark C., peddler, res n Jackson

TAXIS G. R., collector Greenfield tp; res Monroe

TAXIS Dr. J. B., physician and surgeon, office, Liberty; res Jackson

TAYLOR Samuel S., farmer, res Elm

Page 183

THATCHER A. W., watchmaker, res East

THOMPSON Lewis, lab, res East

TUCKER C. L., carpenter, res Main, nr Elm

TURNER J. I., clerk R. ATKINSON; bds Commercial Hotel

UNDERHILL Dr. J., homeopathic physician, office, Liberty; res Gardner

UNDERWOOD Charles C., clerk R. B. HUSS; res East

VON QUELLEN Peter, railroad lab, res Gardner

WALKER John, res south of city limits

WALKER Mrs. S., res Dwight

WAYNON John, carpenter, res cor Jefferson and Railroad

WELDON Charles S., wagon maker, bds with George SMITH

WESCOTT E. J., dry goods and groceries, Liberty; res cor Jackson and Price

WESTERN UNION TELEGRAPH CO., office at depot, M. BURLEY, operator

WETMORE A., salesman J. C. LUTZ; res Jackson, 2 s of Main

WETMORE Ezra, hay press, res s Jackson

WHEELER J., farmer, res East, outside city limits

WHEELER John, lab., res n Gardner

WHEELER Mrs. Phebe Ann (wid), res Monroe

WHITE Miss Eliza, teacher, bds with Mrs. P. PARKER

WILBER John, railroad lab, bds Harpham's restaurant

WILLIAMS John, farmer, res n of Gardner

WINAN John, carpenter, res Jefferson

WILSON Mrs. N. A., proprietress Commercial Hotel, res same

WILSON Andrew, feather renovator, res e Main

WILSON Robert P., (col'd), porter Commercial Hotel, res same

YOUNGS Mrs. Jane (wid), res Railroad

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