Lawrence & Thompson's
Grundy County Directory
Braceville Township

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Page 141

ANDERSON John, farmer, res sec 1.

ANDERSON Fred, tracklayer Bruce Coal Co.

ANDERSON C. F., miner.

ANDERSON August, miner, Coal City.

ANDERSON Robt., miner, Diamond.

AUGSMAN Ed, miner, Diamond.

AUGUSTINE GEO. P., postmaster, Braceville.

AUGUSTINE W. H. H., justice of the peace, res Braceville.

AUGUSTINE Mrs. Mariah, w hf sec 23.

AXLIN Israel, miner, Braceville.

BABCOCK Johnson, s 3-qr w hf s w qr sec 5.

BABCOCK Frederick, 80 acres n e qr sec 17.

BAILEY D. B., e hf n w qr sec 33.

BAILEY Levi, miner, Braceville.

BAILEY Geo., coal trimmer, Diamond.

BARR Robt., foreman Wilmington Coal Co., Diamond.

BARR John, miner, Diamond.

BARR Andrew, miner, Diamond.

BAXTER Geo., miner, Diamond.

Page 142

BEACH Frank, farmer, res sec 1.

BECKER Jay, miner, Diamond.

BELL John, miner, Diamond.

BECKINGO Nicholas, miner, Diamond.

BILLIARD Geo., miner, Braceville.

BLAIR B., miner, Diamond.

BLOLLOCK T., miner, Diamond.

BLUE James, miner, Diamond.

BOGART Martin, s e qr n e qr sec 30.

BOTTCHER August, miner, sec 1.

BOTTCHER Herman, miner, Diamond.

BOTTCHER Henry, miner, Diamond.

BOOKWALTER Benj., s hf s e qr sec 31.

BOOTH George R., on n e qr sec 32.

BOOTH Edward R., jr., e hf s w qr sec 30.

BOOTH George W., s e qr sec 29.

BOOTH E. R., n e qr sec 29.

BOYD John, miner, Diamond.

BRADBUR Samuel, n e qr sec 32.

BRADFORD Thomas, w hf s w qr sec 36.

BRANKRAT John, miner, Diamond.

BRAUGHHAM James, miner, Diamond.

BRIDLE William, n hf sec 18.

BRINKIN John, miner, Diamond.

BROCKMAN John, miner, Diamond.

BROWN William, miner, Diamond.


BRUCE Alexander, miner, Diamond.

BUCKHARDT Ed., miner, Diamond.

Page 143

BULLOUGH William, miner, Braceville.

BURKE Patrick, w hf n w qr sec 13.

BURKE John, miner, Diamond.

BURSON Dr. M. L., physician and surgeon; office and res Coal City.

CAIRNS John, miner, Diamond.

CALLAHA Dennis, miner, Diamond.

CALHOUN Wm., miner, Braceville.

CALLIS Frank, farmer, res sec 1.

CAMERON Alexander, n w qr sec 21.

CAMPBELL James, miner, Diamond.

CANTY John J., miner, Diamond.

CARRIGAN Hugh, miner, Diamond.

CARMICHAEL Alexander, miner, Coal City.

CARROLL JOHN & CO., dealers in dry goods, clothing, hats and caps, boots and shoes; general store - Braceville.

CARROLL JOHN, (John Carroll & Co.).

CARTER Giles, miner, Diamond.

CASTOR Arnold, miner, Diamond.

CERNG John, miner, Diamond.

CERNG James, miner, Diamond.

CHERRY James, miner, Diamond.

CHRISTY Wm., miner, Diamond.

CHRISTESON James, miner, Braceville.

CLARK John, miner Braceville.

CLARK John, miner, Coal City.

CLARK John, miner Coal City.

CLASH Peter, miner, Coal City.

COLLETT Frank, farmer, res sec 1.

COLQUEHAN Wm., miner, Diamond.

COOK James, prop. Ludington House, Coal City.

COOPER Joseph, switchman, Diamond.

Page 144

DALY Michael, miner, Coal City.

DAVIES Daniel, miner, Braceville.

DAVIS Evan, miner, Braceville.

DAVIES Daniel, miner, Braceville.

DAVIS Wm., miner, Diamond.

DAVIS John, miner, Diamond.

DAVIS Tim, miner, Diamond.

De GRUSH _______, n w qr sec 26. (page 144)

Page 145

DELAMETER Smith, s e qr sec 33.

DENT James, miner, Braceville.

DEVLIN Peter, miner, Diamond.

DEVIT Anthony, blacksmith, Coal Ciy.

DEVIT Thomas, groceries, Coal City.

DIX R., miner, Diamond.

DOBSON James, s w qr w qr sec 6.

DONOHOE James, miner, Diamond.

DORG R., miner, Diamond.

DOUD D. R., w hf n w qr sec 31.

DOUGHERTY T., miner, Diamond.

DROWN Oliver, e hf s w qr sec 3.

DUMBRILL James, miner, Diamond.

DUNLAVY John, n w qr sec 17.

DURNEY A., miner, Diamond.

DYER George, s w qr sec 24.

EASTON C. C., n w qr n e qr sec 30.

ELKINTON Samuel, e hf n e qr sec 34.

ERICKSON Augustus, miner, Braceville.

EVENS REV. G. R., pastor Welch Congregational Church, Braceville.

FEELY Andy, miner, Diamond.

FERGUSON Alexander, miner, Diamond.

FINSTERBUSH Julius, miner, Diamond.

FIRR Fred, miner, Diamond.

FOLLINER Fred, miner, Diamond.

FRANKENSTEIN A., cager, Diamond.

FRANCIS HENRY, farmer and township assessor; res n hf n e qr sec 22, Braceville.

Page 146

FREDERICK Fred, miner, Diamond.

FREW Thomas, miner, Diamond.

FRASEY Alvin, insurance agent, res Braceville.

FRIBBINS Thomas, miner, Diamond.

GAFFNEY John, miner, Diamond.

GALLAGHER John, miner, Diamond.

GALLAHER Wm., tracklayer, Diamond.

GARDEN GEO., book-keeper Bruce Coal Co., and of the firm of John Carroll & Co., Braceville.

GARDEN Wm., engineer Bruce Coal Co., bds with John Carroll.

GILLIN Peter, miner, Diamond.

GILTNER Charles, miner, Diamond.

GILTNER _____, w hf n w qr sec 26.

GILROY Edward, miner, Diamond.

GLASGOW A., fireman, Diamond.

GLASGOW James, coal dumper, Diamond.

GLECKEN John, s e qr sec 2.

GLEGHORN Wm., e hf s e qr sec 35.

GLENDENNING Robert, miner, Diamond.

GOETTER, Frank, miner, Diamond.

GOLDEN Thomas, miner, Diamond.

GOLDEN John, miner, Diamond.

GRAFF John, hotel, Diamond.

GRAY Thomas, clerk Wilmington Coal Co., Diamond.

GRIFFITHS Evan, miner, Braceville.

GROGAN Philip, s w qr sec 17.

HAMILTON Thomas, miner, Diamond.

HARLEY Anthony, n qr w hf n e qr sec 27.

HARDY James, miner, Coal City.

HAUK James, miner, res Diamond.

HAWLEY Lyman, n hf s e qr sec 31.

HEENAN John, miner, Diamond.

HENNESSY Mrs., w hf n e qr sec 14.

HENICH Fritz, miner, Diamond.

Page 147

HERRICAN James C., miner, Diamond.

HERRITY John (Tipperary Jack), miner, Braceville.

HICK Conrad, miner, Diamond.

HICKS Tim, miner, Diamond.

HICKEY James, miner, Diamond.

HIGGINS William, 60 acres s w qr sec 12.

HILL H. D., e hf s e qr sec 8.

HILL Hugh M., w hf e hf s e qr sec 6.

HILL William, e hf s e qr sec 8.

HILTON George, miner, Coal City.

HITE William, miner, Diamond.

HOCKET Charles, miner, Diamond.

HOLLEY SANFORD B., farmer, Braceville.

HOLLEY D. R., farmer, Braceville.

HOLMES Charles, way boss Bruce Coal Company.

HOMAN William, n w qr sec 8.

HOMAN Joseph, hardware, Coal City.

HORAN Owen, s w qr sec 32.

HORAN John, n qr s e qr sec 22.

HOSFORD Cullen, 44 acres e hf s w qr sec 35.

HOYER Jacob, n e qr sec 4.

HUFF John G., w hf s w qr sec 9.

HUFF Henry, n e qr sec 5.

HUFFMAN Nicholas, carpenter, Diamond.

HUGHES DAVID, dealer in dry goods, groceries, boots, shoes, hats, caps, general store, Braceville.

HUGHES Richard, Superintendent Bruce Coal Company, Braceville.

HULA Frank, miner, Diamond.

HUSTON William, s w qr sec 26.

HUSTON Robert, e hf n e qr sec 35.

HUSTON Alexander, e hf n e qr sec 35.

Page 148

IGNAZ Casper, miner, Diamond.

ISRAEL Jeff, miner, Diamond.

JACKMAN Horace, 70 acreas s w qr sec 33.

JAH Henry, miner, Diamond.

JOHN Henry, miner, Diamond.

JAMES Jonathan, miner, Braceville.

JAMES Wm., miner, Diamond.

JAMES D., miner, Coal City.

JARVIS I., miner, Braceville.

JENKINSON Thos., miner, Braceville.

JOHNSON Christ, busher Bruce Coal Co.

JONES W. R., miner, Braceville.

JONES Henry, miner, Braceville.

JONES D. P., miner, Braceville.

JONES Thos., miner, Braceville.

JOYCE Wm. J., ticket agent C. & A. R. R., res Coal City.

JOYCE Miles, peddler, res Coal City.

KALLIS Henry, miner, Diamond.

KALLIS Joe, miner, Diamond.

KANE Peter, miner, Diamond.

KEAG Wm. S., drugs and notions, Coal City.

KELSO Wm., miner, Diamond.

KERN Charles, clerk Wilmington Star Mining Co., res. Coal City.

KEWIN Edward, engineer, Coal City.

KILPATRICK _____, n w qr sec 24.

Page 149

KIMBER James, 1st engineer Bruce Coal Company.

KING Mike, miner, Diamond.

KLINE Peter, miner, Braceville.

KOPPLEMAN A., miner, Coal City.

LADLAW Archie, miner, Diamond.

LAMB M. A., farmer, Coal City.

LAMB John, miner, Diamond.

LAMB William, miner, Diamond.

LAMB Curtis A., brookmaker, Coal City.

LAMB Charles H., miner, Coal City.

LANCASTER Joseph, miner, Diamond.

LANG Pat, miner, Diamond.

LANGDON Pat, miner, Diamond.

LANGEN Patrick, miner, Braceville.

LANGRART Frank, miner, Coal City.

LAWRENTZ Anton, 80 acres n w qr sec 4.

LAYMAN _____, s w qr sec 10.

LAYMAN Maria, s w qr sec 10.

LAYMAN Thomas, w hf s e qr sec 4.

LENEY Mike, miner, Diamond.

LEER Ed., miner, Diamond.

LEES Edward, weighman, Coal City.

LEWIS David, miner, Braceville.

LEWIS Edward, miner, Braceville.

LEWIS Charles, miner, Diamond.

LEWIS L., miner, Braceville.

LEWIS John W., miner, Braceville.

LEWIS William, miner, Braceville.

LIDDLE H., miner, Diamond.

LIDDLE Fred K., miner, Diamond.

Page 150

LIDDLE Wm., miner, Diamond.

LILLY John, sr., miner, Diamond.

LILLY John, jr., miner, Diamond.

LILLY T., miner, Diamond.

LILLY Jos., miner, Diamond.

LIMBARTY John, miner, Diamond.

LINDHOHN John, miner, Diamond.

LITTLE Frank, n e qr sec 26.

LITTLE John G., s hf s w qr sec 21.

LIVE John, miner, Diamond.

LIVE Wm., miner, Diamond.

LORD Charles, miner, Braceville.

LLOYD Richard, miner, Braceville.

LLOYD Morgan, miner, Braceville.

LOUX Nicholas, miner, Diamond.

LUCKHER Henry, miner, res sec 1.

McCANNA Ed, miner Diamond.

McCUSCAN Jas., miner Diamond.

McFADE M., miner Diamond.

McFAYDEN M., jr., miner Diamond.

McGINLEY Mike, miner Diamond.

McGUIRK John, miner Diamond.

McILRAITH Wm., miner Diamond.

McKENNA Charles, miner Diamond.

McKINNEY Samuel, miner Diamond.

McKINTEY James, e hf s w qr sec 6.

McLEAN James, miner Diamond.

McLELLA Mal, miner Diamond.

McMANNUS John, miner Diamond.

Page 151

MADDSEL William, water hauler, Coal City.

MACKIE D., foreman Wilmington Coal Mining Co., Diamond.

MACKIE Matthew, miner Diamond.

MALCOLM William, track layer, Diamond.

MALINA John, miner Diamond.

MALONEY Timothy, miner, Braceville.

MARKRAFF Albert, miner Diamond.

MARSH THOS. C., wagonmaker, blacksmith, horseshoeing and general repairing done on short notice and at low prices, Coal City, Ills.

MARTON Thomas, w hf s w qr sec 35.

MATHIAS John, merchant, Braceville.

MEEHAN Peter, miner Diamond.

MEISNER J. H., groceries, Coal City.

MEISNER Joseph, n e qr sec 31.

MEISNER Mary, e hf s e qr sec 19.

MEYER Peter, miner Diamond.

MIDDLETON Jasper, miner Diamond.

MIDDLETOWN Jeff, miner, Braceville.

MILL JESSE, clerk Braceville tp., res n w qr sec 36.

MILLIGAN Thos. W., s w qr sec 7.

MORGAN Daniel, miner Braceville.

MORGAN John M., miner Braceville.

MORRIS Wm., general store, Braceville.

MORELEY John, miner Braceville.

MORRISON M., mule driver, Diamond.

MOON O. W., physician and surgeon; office and residence Braceville.

MOORE Patrick, driver, Bruce Coal Co.

Page 152

MORTON Alex., miner, Diamond.

MOSIER John, water tank, Coal City.

MUIR John, pusher, Coal City.

MURDOCK John, miner Diamond.

MURPHY James, miner Diamond.

MURPHY Bartlett, miner Diamond.

MURPHY Patrick, w hf n e qr sec 19.

NANCAVRO Wm., miner Diamond.

NAVEN John, miner Braceville.

NELSON Martin, miner Diamond.

NICHOLAS Thomas, miner Braceville.

NICHOLAS William, pit boss Bruce Coal Co.

NICODINE John, miner Diamond.

NOBLE John, mule driver, Diamond.

NOLAN William, miner Diamond.

NOLAN Thomas, miner, sec 1, Braceville tp.

NORAK John, miner Diamond.

NORAK James, miner Diamond.

NOVAKA Jacob, miner Diamond.

O'BRYAN Pat, miner Diamond.

OWENSON Peter, w hf n e qr sec 9.

PALMER David, prop. Palmer House, Coal City.

PARCELL Wm., miner, Braceville.

PARMELEE Frank, weigh boss, Diamond.

PATTEN Thomas, miner Diamond.

PATTEN John, miner Diamond.

PATTEN, John, miner Diamond.

Page 153

PATTEN William, miner Diamond.

PATTERSON William C., miner Diamond.

PATTMORE George, night watchman, Diamond.

PEARSON William, jr. miner Diamond.

PEARSON James, miner Diamond.

PEARSON William, miner Diamond.

PEARSON Joseph, miner Diamond.

PEAS A., s e qr n e qr sec 36.

PERRY R. H., s e qr sec 10.

PETERSON John, miner, Coal City.

PHELAN James, n e qr sec 12.

PIERSON William, miner Diamond.

PRICE Isaac, miner, Braceville.

PRICE John, miner, Braceville.

PRICE JOHN (Young & Price), Braceville.

PRICE William, night engineer Bruce Coal Co.

PRICKET Charles, s w qr sec 4.

POLTUSH Adam, miner Diamond.

RADFORD William, miner Braceville.

RAISBACK Joseph, miner Braceville.

RAISBACK, J., lab Bruce Coal Co.

RAY John, groceries, Diamond.

READER Charles, n w qr sec 3.

REDMOND Pat, miner Diamond.

REESE T. T., miner Braceville.

RETGAN Jos., miner Diamond.

RICHARDS Samuel, miner Braceville.

RIDER Andrew, farmer Coal City.

RITCHEY James mule driver, Diamond.

Page 154

ROBERTS David E., lab., Braceville.

ROBERTS Wm., s w qr sec 13.

ROBBINS Wm., miner Braceville.

ROBINSON E. R., s e qr sec 5.

ROGERS John, miner Diamond.

RODGERS John, miner Coal City.

RODGERS Sampson, miner Coal City.

RODGERS Thomas, pusher Coal City.

RODGERS Winfield, e hf n w qr sec 7.

ROSSELBERGER A., butcher, Coal City.

ROWAN James, s w qr s e qr sec 22.

ROY John, miner Diamond.

RYAN John B., e hf n w qr sec 10.

RYAN Charles, lab Bruce Coal Co.

RYAN Patrick, carpenter, Coal City.

SANDERS Mike, miner Diamond.

SAVAGE John, s hf n e qr sec 22.

SAYL John, engineer Coal City.

SEBLESKI John, miner Diamond.

SERVIS Charles, night dumper, Diamond.

SCHATZEL B., miner Diamond.

SCHELLENAN Charles, miner Diamond.

SCHMIDT Morris, miner Diamond.

SCOTT Thomas, miner Diamond.

SCHRAECK Frank, miner Diamond.

SCHROLL Charles, miner Diamond.

SCHULTS Charles, prop man Diamond.

SCHULTS Fred, wks John Graff's, Diamond.

SCHULTS Fritz, miner Diamond.

Page 155

SCHUTZ Frederick, meat market, Coal City.

SCHULTZ Wm., miner Diamond.

SCHULZ Carl, miner Diamond.

SCHULZ John, miner Diamond.

SHALKLE Anton, shoemaker, Coal City.

SHANAHAN John, miner, res sec 1.

SHANNAN Dennis, miner Diamond.

SHARP Montgomery, pit boss, Coal City.

SHELLING Geo., miner Diamond.

SHIRE Nicholas, n hf s w qr sec 15.

SHOOP, O. H., miner Diamond.

SIK Frederick, e hf n e qr sec 20.

SKEATH John, miner Diamond.

SKEATH Geo., miner Coal City.

SKINNER D., night foreman W. Co., Diamond.

SLACK Joseph, miner Diamond.

SMART John, miner Diamond.

SMITH William, w hf n e qr sec 32.

SMITH Tacy, n w qr sec 6.

SMITH David, miner, res sec 1.

SMITH Adrick, n hf n e qr sec 6.

SMITH D. W., miner, Diamond.

SPENCE J., miner Diamond.

SPEAR Robert, miner Diamond.

SPEAR Robert, miner Diamond.

STEWARD George, miner Diamond.

STINE James, miner Diamond.

STOCKWELL H., sec 8.

STONE _____, w hf n w qr sec 7.

STIRT William, miner Diamond.

STUM Mike, miner Diamond.

Page 156

STUM Simon, miner Diamond.

SUFFERN Wm. B. (Suffern & Bro.) Coal City.

SUFFERN & BRO., groceries and dry goods, Coal City.

SUFFERN James (Suffern & Bro.) Coal City.

SUFFERN Andrew (Suffern & Bro.) Coal City.

SUTTON Henry, s w qr s e qr sec 22.

SWANSBORO David, pusher Bruce Coal Company.

SWARTZ August, miner Diamond.

SWANSBERG J. L., cager Bruce Coal Co.

TALL Alfred, miner, Braceville

TAYLOR Alexander, miner, Diamond

TAYLOR Thomas, miner, Diamond

TAYLOR John, n e qr sec 3

TAYLOR J., butcher, Braceville

TAYLOR Job, miner, Braceville

THOMAS David, w hf n w qr sec 10

THOMAS Evan, miner, Braceville

THOMAS John, miner, Braceville

THOMAS John, miner, Diamond

THOMPSON John, miner, Diamond

THORNTON William, section boss C., R. I. & P. R. R.; res Coal City

THORNTON Thomas, miner, Diamond

TREASURE Thomas, miner, Braceville

TROYNA Joseph, miner, Diamond

TROYNER John, miner, Diamond

TUCKER John, miner, Diamond

TURNER Stephen, w hf s w qr sec 8

TUSKY Adam, miner, Diamond

Page 157

UNGER H., miner, res sec 1

UNGER Morris, miner, Diamond


VANDERVOORT Ever, miner, Coal City

WAHL John, miner, Diamond

WALLACE John, miner, Diamond

WASHBURN ____, s hf s w qr sec 34

WATERS Jonas, w hf n w qr sec 30

WATERS John, n e qr of n e qr sec 30

WATERS Jonas, w hf s e qr sec 18


WHALEN H. V., engineer, Wilmington Co., Diamond

WHALEN H. R., res Diamond

WHEELER Geo., jr., driver Bruce Coal Co.

WHEELER C. A., agent C. & A. R. R. and telegraph operator, Braceville

WHEELER Geo., sr., teamster, Bruce Coal Co.

WHITCOMB Frank, engineer, Diamond

WHITCOMB E., engineer W. Co., Diamond

WHITE Robert, miner, Diamond

WHITE Alfred, farmer, Coal City

Page 158

WHITE A. C., justice of the peace, Coal City

WHITTON James, e hf n w qr sec 13

WILLIAMS T., miner, Diamond

WILLIAMS F., miner, Braceville

WIEMAR Christian, miner, Coal City

WILLIAMS John O., miner, Braceville

WILLIAMS D. W., miner, Diamond

WILLIAMS ADAM, clerk Young & Price, Braceville

WILLIAMS E. O., miner, Braceville

WILLIAMS Jos., miner, Diamond

WILLIAMS James, miner, Braceville


WILLS Lawrence, s e qr sec 7

WILSON Robert, miner, Diamond

WIRTZ ____, n hf n w qr sec 14

WRISLEY John, miner

YOUNG Geo., miner, Diamond

YOUNG & PRICE, dealers in dry goods, groceries, boots and shoes, hats and caps - general store - Braceville

YOUNG THOS. A., (Young & Price), Braceville

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