William F. Severns
Feb 3, 1843 - Nov 10, 1913

William F. Severns was born February 3, 1843 in Indiana. In August 1861 he enlisted at Morris in Company G of the 36th Illinois Infantry. He re-enlisted about December of 1863 in Eastern Tennessee. He was discharged October 8, 1865 in New Orleans. On January 10, 1911, he applied for admittance to the Illinois Soldiers' and Sailors' Home in Quincy, IL. He listed blindness as his disability. He was admitted on January 14, 1991 receiving registered number 9375. He received a pension, certificate number 152,395, of $24/month. His pension was filed Oct. 27, 1877, in Colorado which provides his wife's name, Selina Marr.

Relatives listed on his paperwork:

Horace H. Severns, Brother, Morris, Ill.
Geo Edward Severns, Brother, Morris, Ill.
Georgia Miles, Sister, Sugar Grove, Ill.
William B. Severns, Son, Bullwinkle, Calif.
Wallace E. Severns, Son, Yager, Calif.

William F. Severns died of chronic enteritis at the Hospital at the Illinois Soldiers' and Sailors' Home on November 10, 1913. He was 70 years old. His body was shipped to Morris on November 11, 1913. He is buried at the Sample Cemetery, Wauponsee Township, Grundy County.

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